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The Affair Season 2 Finale Recap

When the finale begins, we see Detective Jeffries (Victor Williams) returning to the murder scene. He scours around the ground near the boat and discovers a stone. Next, we switch over to Noah’s (Dominic West) point of view. He arrives at the pier and picks up Alison (Ruth Wilson). They travel back to the lobster roll and Alison’s temporary apartment. Noah reveals his desire to travel to France and he invites Alison and Joanie along. Alison doesn’t seem overly enthusiastic about the idea. Noah offers his assistance preparing for the wedding and the pair heads down to the restaurant. Before the scene changes, we see a table of stones, which have names written on them.

The Affair Finale Recap

Noah grabs a table, before he is joined by Margaret Butler (Kathleen Chalfant), who provides him with a Xanax. Margaret admits she is paying for the wedding, before Helen (Maura Tierney) arrives. The trio begins looking at pictures of Joanie, before Alison interrupts. As the others depart, Alison joins Noah and takes a look at Joanie’s video. Alison apologizes for being gone the entire summer, but Noah admits Joanie is his child, as well. Still, he concurs that Joanie needs his mother back. Next, Cole (Joshua Jackson) and Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) officially seal the deal. During their vows, Alison breaks down and rushes away. Noah hurries after her moments later.

the affair series 2 finale cole and luisa wedding

Noah finally get the truth from Alison. She admits she slept with Cole and the baby might not be his. Noah begins to assume that all of his past decisions were mistakes and pointless. He admits he never wants to see Alison again, before entering the Lobster Roll and consuming a little alcohol. He is stopped by Helen. Noah attempts to leave, but Helen refuses to hand over the keys. They pair leaves together. They head to the beach and drink, before Noah tells Helen that he never really wanted Joanie and felt Alison was attempting to trap him. He also reveals that he thought about returning to Helen in the past. Noah tells Helen that he figured they would’ve figured out substantially more, before they reached this age. The pair takes a dip in the ocean together. That night, they travel home together, with Noah driving.

noah and alison the affair finale

On the way to Helen’s parent’s house, Noah begins hearing Alison speak. He pulls to the side of the road and forces Helen to take the wheel. Moments later, she hits and object and insists it is a deer. Noah forces Helen to pull over and inspects the damage. He discovers Scotty bloody on the ground. After pulling himself together and staring off into the woods for a brief moment, Noah gets in the vehicle and rushes away from the scene. They arrive at Helen’s parent’s home and Noah tells Helen he wants her to go inside and forget about everything. He also tells her to tell Margaret that she took a cab home. Before she gets out, she tells Noah that he loves him.

the affair series 2 finale

Afterwards, we skip forward to the present and witness a conversation between Noah and Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff). Jon tells Noah about a piece of evidence, which arrives from Detective Jeffries today. Jon admits he was hoping he wouldn’t have to use it, before he pulls out the DNA test results. Much to Jon’s surprise, Noah admits he knew and confirms that Cole is the baby’s daddy. Jon attempts to convince Noah to point the evidence in Alison’s direction. Jon suggests the move could potentially get Noah off free of all charges. He questions Noah, if he would be willing to put Jeffries on the stand. Before we receive an answer, we switch to Alison’s perspective. Alison barters with the seaman, before Noah arrives and picks her up.

the affair season 2 finale alison

When they return to her apartment, she admits Luisa and Cole asked her to stay a little longer, so they can go on their honeymoon. Alison also tells Noah about her and Cole’s decision to try and keep the restaurant open the entire year. She admits she likes the work and offers to take Joanie, while Noah heads to Europe. Luisa arrives and interrupts the couple moments later. Next, Alison and Cole chat with one another on the beach. Cole reveals Luisa’s inability to get pregnant and begins doubting his decision, but Alison manages to convince him that he is making the right move.

alison and cole the affair finale

Back inside the Lobster Roll, Alison approaches the table, which holds the stones and grabs the one with her name on it. She sneakily puts it in her pocket, before noticing Noah sitting with Helen. Seconds later, Scotty (Colin Donnell) arrives. Noah sneaks up on Alison and asks to speak with her for a second. They find an empty table and Noah tells her this isn’t going to work for him. He admits he wants her to come home and desires to get married. Despite some hesitancy, Alison admits she wants to get married, as well. Quickly after, the wedding takes place. After everything is finished, Alison contemplates getting drunk, but doesn’t. Instead, she approaches and speaks with Scotty.

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They share a hug, before Scotty talks about his stint in rehab. He admits the Lobster Roll gave him hope. Cole joins the pair moments later and learns about Scotty’s intention to become a partner in the business. Neither Alison nor Cole seems interested in letting him in. Cole tells him to head back to the rehab and take a little bit longer, before they make a future arrangement. Once Cole departs, Scotty breaks his sobriety and begins chugging alcohol. They proceed outside and Scotty confronts Alison about the baby. Scotty insists that the baby is a Lockhart. She quickly rushes off. On the way inside, she passes Oscar, who has obviously heard the conversation. She joins Noah and Scotty takes to the stage. He begins performing Animals’ House of the Rising Sun, as a gift to Cole.

the affair scotty singing

During the performance, Alison breaks the news to Noah that Joanie isn’t his daughter. She attempts to escape the restaurant and eventually manages to make her way outside. She proceeds down the road, before running into Scotty, who is relaxing in the boat. The pair chat back and forth for a moment, before Scotty insists he wants Alison to cut him into the business and he’ll forget seeing Joanie. She agrees to think about it, but that isn’t enough for Scotty, who next asks for sex. They begin fighting back and forth, before Alison pushes Scotty into the road just in time to be ran over by Helen. Alison hides in the bushes, as Noah gets out and checks on Scotty. Alison emerges from the bushes and admits she pushed him.

the affair season 2 finale alison hiding

Noah says nothing and rushes off. Alison returns to the restaurant and begins cleaning up, as if nothing happened. Moments later, she is joined by Noah. They dance together, as Noah reveals he took the vehicle to a mechanic and told him that he hit a deer. Noah apologizes and tells Alison not to cry. They profess their love for one another, before we jump back into the future. Noah tells Alison about Jon’s offer. She admits she is worried that they’ll attempt to pin everything on her. Noah tells her he has to do something or they’re going to convict him. Alison attempts to get him to push the blame on Helen, but he refuses. Before they enter the courtroom, she tells him he has a decision to make. In the courtroom, Noah tells Jon to follow through with Jeffries and he calls him to the stand. Before he can take his seat, Noah stands and admits his guilty, despite his attorney’s wishes.


The Affair Season 2 Finale Recap

With the season 2 finale finally wrapped up, we now know the daddy and the killer. Of course, answers still remain and a third season is certainly a necessity. The good news is that a third season has already been confirmed. So, how was the finale? Personally, I thought it was fantastic. The finale left a lot to be desired, but in a good way. What needed to be concluded was concluded, while a whole new mystery awakened. Despite the season building up to turn Noah into a selfish scumbag, the finale flipped the script and taught us that nothing is as it seems.

In the end, Scotty wasn’t murdered in a horrific manner. A tragic set of events proceeded one another and led to the dramatic death, as so frequently happens in reality. Did the series kick the can down the road? Sure, but what shows do not nowadays? The finale was dramatic, intriguing, and despite a few slow moments, a success. The clever twist was satisfying and will forever interlink three of our main characters. How will that play out in the future? We can only wait and see. Until then, the finale deserves a 9 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of The Affair right!

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