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The Affair Recap S2 E4

When the episode begins, we’re thrown into Helen’s point of view. We’re taken to the courtroom, as Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff) ridicules Noah (Dominic West) over his living situation. Judge Polk (Ron Canada) turns against Jon, when he learns about Helen’s expensive dwelling. After they exit, Jon tells Helen he will need to get together with her and her family to plan. When she returns home, Helen discovers that her mother, Margaret (Kathleen Chalfant), has gotten a new hairdo. Helen doesn’t care and quickly takes her horrible day out on her mother.

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Their conversation quickly turns to an argument, when Helen explains that Noah now wants money. She also learns Margaret has no idea where her husband is. Eventually, Margaret and the kids leave. Helen is left alone, but she is quickly joined by Max (Josh Stamberg). Max offers a reprieve and gives Helen vacation tickets. Max also reveals his gift to Noah and Helen instantly gets angry. The situation turns sour and Max insults Helen, before rushing out.

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After he leaves, Helen loses it, gets drunk and sings alone. She winds up taking some drugs and heading out. She visits her store and makes a fool of herself. Afterwards, she visits the hair salon and trips out. She complains about her day, before getting a phone call. Instantly, her terrible day only worsens. She mistook the day and left the children stranded. She freaks out, rushes to her van and drives off. She arrives at the marina and discovers the children waiting for her arrival.

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Once she gets the kids in the vehicle, an old gentleman urges her along and tells her to get out of his handicap parking space. When she floors it in reverse, she crashes into a vehicle and Stacey (Leya Catlett) ends up with a big bump on her head. A cop arrives and the situation worsens. The cop finds weed in Helen’s purse and puts her in cuffs. Helen goes berserk and tells the police officer she needs to get in touch with her husband. She is put in the back of the squad car and Noah arrives moments later.

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Afterwards, we see Helen in jail. She stills has the bleach in her air and is surrounded by potential lunatics. Next, we switch to Noah’s perspective and watch him get belittled in court. His attorney, Madeline Lim (Nadia Gan) tells the judge he is planning to live alone, but Noah tries to step in and tell the truth. When the judge steps in, Noah is forced to tell the truth. Unfortunately, his honesty lands him in trouble and the Judge files an order barring Alison (Ruth Wilson) from seeing the children.

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The judge sets another hearing 8 weeks into the future, but attempts to encourage Noah and Helen to work through their troubles outside of the courtroom. Afterwards, Noah joins Alison at a restaurant and learns about Alison’s apartment hunting venture. Noah breaks the news and insists they might not be able to live together for a few months. Their dinner is ruined, after Noah receives a call informing him about Helen’s arrest. According to Noah’s tale, Stacey’s forehead wound is much worse.

The Affair Noah and Children

Also, Helen is more aggressive and refuses to acknowledge Noah as her husband. Noah returns home with the children and discovers the mess Helen has left behind. He finds the flowers Max brought above, puts two and two together and rounds up the kids. They hit the road and eventually arrive at his sister’s house. Once he arrives, he quickly learns his father (Mark Margolis) is there, as well. Martin (Jake Siciliano) continues avoiding his father.

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Noah speaks with his father and learns about a time, when his will was tested. Unlike Noah, his father didn’t sleep with the other woman, despite his wife being up for it. Afterwards, Noah speaks with his sister, Nina (Jennifer Esposito). Noah insists Helen’s mistake could potentially help him gain full custody of the kids. Nina questions, whether Noah would even want that. This results in an argument and Noah leaves with the children once more. On the way out, Mr. Solloway tells Noah to tell Helen he is sorry.

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After the family arrives at a motel, Martin begins to have stomach pains. Alison calls and attempts to provide Noah with advice. Eventually Martin’s pain passes and he falls asleep. With the children asleep, Noah calls Alison. He discovers she is outside and has brought alcohol. Alison contemplates what is going to happen to them. Afterwards, we flash forward and see Jon attempting to get the trial moved, by speaking about Noah’s popularity. Unfortunately, he fails and the trial is set to begin in four months.


The Affair Review

In the fourth episode of The Affair, Helen finally lost her cool and it showed. She scared away Max, got herself arrested and potentially killed her own chances of gaining full custody. Despite Noah’s good fortunate, his future doesn’t look so bright. He is slowly being pulled away from Alison and his fantasy is quickly eroding away. After this episode, will he even seek full custody? It is doubtful.

Either way, the episode was good. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with the previous episodes of The Affair right now!

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