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Showtime The Affair Recap Episode 5

We begin the episode from Alison’s (Ruth Wilson) point of view. She wakes up and calls Noah (Dominic West) to inquire about Martin, but gets the voice mail. After checking the clock, Alison hightails it to Yvonne (Joanna Gleason) and Robert’s (Peter Friedman) place. When she arrives, she discovers Yvonne reading Noah’s book. Today, Yvonne’s attitude has completely changed and she seems hostile towards Alison. When asked how the book is coming along, Yvonne insists it is fascinating, before sending Alison out.

The Affair Recap Alison

Next, Alison helps Robert with his knee exercises. They both reveal that they ended their marriages, due to affairs. Alison speaks about her initial reaction to Noah and Robert grows visibly aroused. Moments later, Alison retreats outside. She rides into town and finishes Yvonne’s errands. While there, a local asks her about the upcoming wedding. During the family dinner, Yvonne continues ridiculing Alison. Later, Robert pays a visit to Alison and tells her that they’ve found a new assistant. Alison insists she liked the position and doesn’t want to quit. Unfortunately, she has no choice.

the affair series 2 ruth wilson

Afterwards, Alison attempts to make contact with Yvonne. When she visits her office, Yvonne is already gone. She takes the opportunity to read through Noah’s book and the action turns out to be a mistake. The book makes Alison out to be a harlot. Alison loses it and trashes the office, before returning him and packing her belongings. Before leaving, she stops and stares at herself in the mirror. Surprisingly enough, she heads into the city and visits Helen (Maura Tierney).

The Affair Season 2 Episode 5 Alison and Helen

Their conversation quickly turns ugly. Alison learns that Noah isn’t around, but she apologizes. Helen explains that Noah seems to be the nicest guy in the world, until you really get to know him. After her explanation of Noah, Helen returns inside and Alison depart. Alison takes a train and leaves the city. She returns to Montauk. After that, we switch to Cole’s (Joshua Jackson) point of view. He pays a visit to Tory’s (Kelly Deadmon) place and is let in by Luisa (Catalina Sandino). Once he gets inside, he discovers Tory naked and ready to go. They have a little bit of fun, before Tory’s husband (Tom Galantich) busts in and socks Cole in the face.

The Affair Season 2 Joshua Jackson

Cole manages to escape, returns home and goes to sleep. When he awakes, he discovers a realtor showing off the property. She reveals that Scotty (Colin Donnell) told them about the property. Despite the realtor’s offer, Cole isn’t interested. He sends her away and pays a visit to Scotty. Upon his arrival, he discover Scotty has been sleeping around with Luisa. Scotty attempts to talk Cole into selling the house and going into business with him. He explains that Oscar (Darren Goldstein) lost his loan and they can buy the land. He wants to open a nightclub.

Luisa The Affair

Cole doesn’t seem interested. He leaves moments later and overhears several preppy boys buying drugs from Scotty. Luisa witnesses the exchange and goes off on Scotty. She enlists Cole’s assistance in getting her work clothes back from Scotty’s boat. Cole does and receives an ominous warning from Scotty not to sleep with Luisa. Afterwards, Cole agrees to drive Luisa to her workplace at The End, where she surprisingly works for Scotty. Cole learns that Luisa is undocumented. He informs her that she can still sue Scotty, if she desires.

the affair luisa and cole

Once they arrive at The End, Cole refuses to accept payment for the trip. He does follow Luisa inside though. He buys several drinks and ends up staying well into the night. Cole learns about Luisa’s history, but doesn’t tell much about himself. He does wind up revealing Gabriel’s demise. That night, Cole returns home and discovers Alison in bed asleep. She wakes up and cries about her horrible reputation. Cole insists he doesn’t look at her like a harlot. He tells her to spend the night, one thing leads to another and they wind up sleeping together.

The Affair Season 2 Alison and Cole

Afterwards, Cole sits outside and looks at Luisa’s number on his hand. Scotty arrives moments later and confront Cole. Scotty immediately accuses Cole of sleeping with Luisa. His accusations stop, when Alison steps outside. Afterwards, we flash forward and witness Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff) join Detective Jeffries (Victor Williams) for coffee. Jon tells the detective about his suspicion that Cole might’ve killed his brother. Jeffries gets angry and leaves, before Oscar approaches, speaks to Jon, and slips him some type of item.


The Affair Review

Noah is normally the most interesting character in The Affair, but I barely noticed his disappearance from this episode. Alison finally joined the rest of the cast and dropped to rock bottom. She may have made a far more fatal mistake than the others. Cole actually had a lucky streak, until his run-in with Alison, which will likely transform into a disaster. The show, especially the episode’s ending, is beginning to build the mystery, by making Cole appear to be the guilty party.

All in all, this was one of the best episodes of the season and likely the most impactful thus far. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous episodes of The Affair right now!

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