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vincent swan white gold s1 e3

White Gold Series 1 Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick) fires up the grill in the backyard. Seconds later, he is approached by Miss Barnes (Lorraine Bruce), who wants to talk about Vincent’s taxes. Vincent pretends to be the gardener. When Barnes leaves, Vincent burns her letter. Moments later, Vincent prepares for work. He is forced to change clothes after a quick… Read more →

brian and ronnie white gold s1e2

White Gold Series 1 Episode 2

As the second episode gets underway, Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick) argues with Tony Walsh (Nigel Lindsay). Vincent wants a company car, but Tony isn’t willing to budge. Vincent resigns. Moments later, Vincent heads to the pub with Martin (Joe Thomas) and Brian (James Buckley. They’re introduced to a few magazine advertising salesmen. Vincent listens intently as the men speak about… Read more →

brian and martin white gold

White Gold Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we’re introduced to Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick). It is clear that Vincent is a flamboyant conman, who loves getting under people’s skin. Swan makes his way outside and discovers that someone has craved the word “wanker” into the side of his car. He doesn’t seem to mind and actually agrees with the culprit’s assessment. Once Vincent… Read more →