Stalker: Secrets and Lies Review

When the episode opens, a package is transported to Mayor Hayes’s (Brett Cullen) office. Inside of the box, there is a jack in the box, which pops up a malicious looking clown’s head. Next, Janice Lawrence (Mariana Klaveno) speaks with Beth Davis (Maggie Q). Beth insists she doesn’t want to go in front of a court, since this would force her to testify, as Michelle Weber. Next, Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) and Beth head to the Mayor’s office, where they speak with him and question him about the gift. Jack instantly questions whether it could be an angry constituent. Cedric (Ryan Devlin) agrees to send over the office’s correspondence information.

Next, the crew watch a speech, by the Mayor and discuss his wife, Elaine (Andrea Roth), who also helps with his campaign. Ben Caldwell (Victor Rasuk) mentions Ken Buck (Don Harvey), who was previously beaten by police and threatened the mayor. He is brought in and Jack questions him. Ken insists he fights for change in the right way, with marches and rallies. Beth tells Ben that Ken likely isn’t the stalker.

Next, the Mayor finds a clown in his vehicle, with a note, which reads, “Stay away from her”. He is chased by someone, who is dressed up like a scary, evil clown. The Mayor manages to escape inside of a building. Beth and Jack interview the mayor and show him a picture of a jester, which resembles his actor. Jack questions what the Mayor was doing in that neighborhood so late at night. The Mayor speaks to Beth alone and tells her about his run for governor, before admitting to an affair, with a college aged girl. Ben reveals the doll came back with no prints. Janice speaks about Alice (Angela Gulner), who is the Mayor’s girlfriend and a prostitute.

Jack and Beth speak with Alice, who brings up Drew Summers (Raphael Sbarge), who grew angry, when she broke it off with him. Next, Janice speaks with Beth and shows her artwork from Perry Whitley’s (Erik Stocklin) hard drive, which features a cat and mouse, as if he is taunting them. Beth suggests calling Amanda Taylor (Elisabeth Rohm) and moving forward. Next, Ben and Jack speak with Drew, who was at Alice’s apartment the night before. He admits to this and insists he only wanted to talk, but denies attacking the Mayor. The group arrange for Drew to be watched, but don’t believe he is the stalker.

Next, Alice enters her apartment, which has been ransacked. She calls the authorities, but is knocked to the ground, by a jester. When the show returns, Ben reveals security footage revealed nothing, while Drew was at home all night. Jack shows the group a message left on the wall, which warns Alice to stay away from the Mayor. Afterwards, Janice interviews Perry. She questions him about the murderous drawings, which he denies. Amanda enters and offers Perry a plea deal, which will require him to plead guilty to stalking, but will get his assault charge dropped. He is not interested in pleading guilty and insists the police have nothing. Perry requests his father and his lawyer.

Afterwards, Beth and Jack interview Elaine. She insists her husband isn’t a cheater. Outside, Jack insists Elaine knows about Alice. Alice is brought back in and interviewed by Ben, who questions her about Elaine. Alice insists she and the mayor never had sex. Instead, he was only interested in talking. Ben discovers Alice’s mom was school teacher, who worked for Mayor Hayes. The Mayor began meeting with Alice, after her mother died. Jack discovers that Alice is actually the Mayor’s daughter.

Next, Amanda tells Beth that Perry has made bail. She insists the best they’re going to be able to do is probation. Jack, Janice and Ben fill Beth in on the details about the Mayor and his daughter, Alice. They return to the Mayor’s office and question him. The Mayor admits to the affair. He insists he didn’t know anything about Alice, until Sandra reached out to him in the last month and asked him to look out for Alice. He reveals he hasn’t told Alice the truth. Beth questions how upset Elaine was, when she heard the news. Beth and Jack confront her and question how far she would go. Elaine confesses to trying to scare Mayor Hayes. Elaine reveals her son, Craig (Benjamin Papac), is also involved.

Alice visits Craig, in hopes of making some money. Of course, he has other plans. Craig tells her he wants to talk about his father and admits his father ignores him. Craig insists he can stop all of the anger, by speaking to Alice like his father does, before he tells her that Mayor Hayes is her father. He apologizes, after she finds the Jester mask. When she attempts to escape, Drew arrives and stops her, before attacking Craig. When the show returns, Drew continues to assault Craig, with Alice tied up. Alice begs Drew to stop, but he asks her why she called the police. Craig attacks Drew from behind, as they get into a scuffle, before Drew begins to chase Alice.

Beth and Jack arrive and run into Craig, who points them in the direction of Alice, who is on a bridge, with Drew trying to toss her over. Out of nowhere, Jack knocks Drew down and saves Alice. The show’s final music begins to play. Janice speaks to Beth and tells her Perry has gone missing. Jack and Amanda speak, on the way out of the office. Amanda offers for Jack to come see his son this weekend, if he is interested. Next, a prisoner is led to the visitation center, where he encounters Perry. Beth tells Jack about her Stalker. Perry questions Beth’s original stalker, Ray (Eion Bailey), about Michelle Weber, to which he replies, “How is my old girl?”.


This was definitely a successful return for CBS’s Stalker. For starters, the Stalker, which turned out to be two individual people, was terrific and brought together an entire family. The political angle was interesting, until we discovered about the Mayor’s previous affair. Of course, Perry is the most compelling aspect of the show and it definitely showed here, as he grows ever so cunning. The ending of the episode was terrific and startling, since Perry has enlisted the help of Ray.

On the other hand, Beth’s day ended in a sobbing nightmare, which was bleak, but now Jack knows the truth. Will he be able to help? Good episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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