Stalker Review: Love is a Battlefield

The show opens with a fancy dinner for a company’s board members. A joke is made about Andrea Brown (Jessica Tuck) paying her bills, as the lights flicker and finally go out. Although the lights come back on, they continue flickering. In the background, Roxy, the pet dog, begins barking uncontrollably. As the lights go out again, we see all of the walls in fluorescent green. Someone has broken in and wrote derogatory comments about Andrea.

We next see Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) going for a run. He shows up at his son’s house and begins his stalking routine. Jack shares a conversation with Ethan (Gabriel Bateman), about the Halloween bullies, school and his mother. After he leaves, Ethan explains that Jack isn’t a stranger and lives around here.

Next, the team arrives at Andrea’s house, where they see the comments sketched on the walls. We discover that the group was a non-profit organization that collects many for a variety of different charities. It appears Andrea had a bad divorce and took everything from her former husband. Jack and Janie share a funny conversation about boobies.

Beth Davis (Maggie Q) begins interrogating Andrea. They begin discussing Andrea’s marriage to Kenneth and the divorce. She explains her husband began a relationship with a younger woman. She explains she got everything that was promised in the prenup, but her ex is still upset. She admits to being scared and having a restraining order on Kenneth. In a conversation with Andrea’s colleague, Janice finds hints of Kenneth’s anger.

Janice and Beth interview Kenneth (Alex Carter) and his new girlfriend, Melissa Barnes (Caity Lotz). They both provide Kenneth with an alibi, by saying he was home all night. The attention quickly begins to focus on Janice, who claims Andrea is harassing them. Kenneth explains Andrea went off the deep end, after the divorce. Kenneth explains that anyone who knows Andrea could possibly be interested in hurting her. The team discuss the song that played, during the night in question. Kenneth continues claiming his innocence and says he just wants Andrea out of her life.

The team begins breaking down the case and situation. They discuss the prenup and discover Kenneth’s attorneys claimed Andrea was mentally unstable. The team discuss the music they listened to on the way to work, which is definitely entertaining. Ben listened to The Carpenter’s Greatest Hits. Beth says it was a Pat Benatar day.

Back at Andrea’s, someone has delivered her a package. She reads an included bible verse, before opening it to discover blood, as we’re led into a commercial.

As we return, Andrea is in Beth’s office explaining the situation. She is baffled by the situation and suggest Kenneth wouldn’t have killed the dog. She begins suggesting Melissa Barnes had something to do with it. The team believe Melissa is a suspect, since her father is a priest, which could link her to the Bible verse. Jack is called out of the room by Amanda. The pair end up in an empty room and Amanda lashes out at Jack. She explains Jack slept with the key witness in the Robert’s trial. Jack says that the creep deserved to go to trial. Before leaving, Amanda says she warned Jack.

Melissa comes to visit and immediately questions her reasons for being there. The team was able to find a record for Melissa, which they use against her. Beth and Janice mention the dog and the bible verse. Of course, Melissa immediately denies everything and insists she’ll get a lawyer to stop her harassment.

Andrea is walking alone in a parking garbage. She begins feeling anxious and afraid. She gets into her car, but before she can close the door, she is attacked by a masked man. He wrestles her to the ground and begins choking her. Two men rush out from the elevator and save the day.

Andrea is adamant that Kenneth be put in jail. Of course, Beth insists the team doesn’t have enough evidence and can’t arrest him. Jack is told to stay away from Ethan and Amanda. Jack insists he won’t be a problem for Amanda’s new boyfriend. Of course, he doesn’t answer whether or not he is Ethan’s father.

Back at headquarters, the crew uses surveillance footage to zoom in on the car. They’re about to pinpoint the watch, which was passed to Kenneth in the divorce settlement. Janice and Beth arrive at Kenneth’s house and begin to hear crying from inside. They enter to find Melissa crying and Kenneth gone. She explains a video has been sent to her, which shows Kenneth and Andrea making out. They question Melissa about the watch. She goes to the counter and gets something from underneath. It is a brown paper bag. After Beth inspects it, she discover a bloodied cloth.

Beth exits, after telling Janice to contact Jack and tell him to meet her at the museum. Andrea is at the museum and is being followed by Kenneth. As she approaches a door to enter, Kenneth is shown behind her. The team arrives at the museum and begin asking about Andrea’s whereabouts. Andrea continues inside, before hearing the door shut behind her. She is confronted by Kenneth, who says he just wants to talk. It is revealed that Andrea was the one who sent the video.

As the pair begin fighting, Jack and Beth rush in and handcuff Kenneth. The suspense is definitely building up, as we enter another commercial.

As the show returns, Jack questions Andrea about her motivations for sending the video to Melissa. She explains she hasn’t been sleeping with Kenneth, aside from one time. Andrea is led off, before she can finish. Jack notices something strange at the museum. He notices a work of art, which features font very similar to that found within Andrea’s home.

Beth begins questioning Kenneth, who claims he doesn’t know anything. He continues denying everything and says he was working with clients last night. He provides Beth with his clients names for alibis. The group is able to confirm Kenneth’s alibi. They’re also able to find the graffiti artist, Damon Edmonds (Michael Roark). It appears Damon has a criminal history and also runs a massage service.

Damon is picked up and is interrogated by Beth. She questions his relationship with Damon and notices Damon’s watch. It seems like Damon is getting ready to break. Back to Jack, who is discussing the case with Ben and Janice. Jack discovers something on the video. Kenneth left his shirt behind at Andrea. It is discovered that Andrea paid Damon to attack her in the garage and even killed her own dog! WHAT?

Melissa arrives at Andrea’s place and tells her that she is cutting ties with Kenneth. Andrea is pleased and invites her inside. As she enters, Andrea knocks her out, before we go into a commercial break.

As the show returns, Andrea is standing over Melissa, who now has her hands tied behind her back. She begins begging for her release. Andrea is having none of it and blames Melissa for her relationship troubles for Kenneth. Andrea has the entire story setup and is prepared to kill Melissa and make it look like she snuck in to attack her. She explains she has been working on the scheme for a long time and had nothing else to do. Andrea says she killed her own dog and will have no trouble killing Melissa.

Andrea smashes herself in the head, before wrecking the house to make it look like a struggle ensued. Jack and Beth arrive to discover Melissa’s car. Andrea has the gun to Melissa’s face. She says she is going to untie Melissa and force her to walk towards her to make the shooting look legit. She hears Jack and Beth.

Beth and Jack are investigating the house. They hear Melissa’s cries and approach. Andrea has the gun to Melissa’s head. Jack explains that he understand why she is upset and that men cheat, including him. Beth and Andrea team up on Jack to discover why he cheated. He explains he is broken and cannot be fixed, before catching Andrea off guard and subduing her. Beth unties Melissa, as Jack arrests Andrea.

Beth and Janice share a moment and Beth says they had a great day. Ben is seen going through his files. He finds a CD from Jack, which contains Pearl Jam music, which Jack listened to on the ride to work. Jack and Beth share a conversation and Jack explains he has a problem including Amanda Taylor. He sits down.

Jack explains the pair had a relationship in New York and Amanda got pregnant and had a kid. He didn’t acknowledge the kid and the relationship was off and on for years. He explains that Amanda moved to get away from him, before talking about some mistakes he made in New York, which could potentially jeopardize his career. Beth insists he fix his mistakes and that the truth seems to be working for him.

The show’s ending music begins, as Amanda leaves and Jack approaches her. Jack tells Amanda his father died 3 months ago and that he wasn’t a good man, but neither is he. Amanda isn’t impressed and insists the blame rests solely with Jack. He insists he can change his life and promises to stay away from Ethan. Jack admits to being a bad father and insists change brings change. Amanda continues denying Jack, who insists he needs to stay and has nowhere else to go. Jack apologizes, before leaving. The show ends with Pat Benatar’s Love is a Battlefield.


Although last week’s episode revealed more information regarding plot lines, this was quite possibly the strongest and most interesting case to date. Although Caity Lotz was slightly overdramatic as Melissa Barnes, Jessica Tuck played the nutty role of Andrea Brown excellently. While we learned a lot about Jack’s history, there still seems to be something missing. The only downside of this episode is we didn’t learn more about Beth Davis and her previous identity as Michelle Weber.

Other than that, this was a good episode and definitely worth an 8.5 out of 10.

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