Stalker: Lost and Found Review

The show opens with the introduction of Coach Baker (Andrew W. Walker), who is being stalked. He heads under the bleachers to get his cellphone, which was mysteriously placed. He reads threatening messages, before the bleachers begin to close on him. Despite a close call, Baker is able to escape, with his life. Jack Larson (Dylan McDermott) discusses the case with Janice (Mariana Klaveno) and Ben (Victor Rasuk). It is believed Baker is being stalked, by a teen. Jack speaks to Beth (Maggie Q) and informs her that Perry’s dad supplied him with Perry’s credit card numbers and bank accounts. Jack agrees to work on tracking down Ray and Perry, while Janice and Beth work the Coach’s case.

Perry (Erik Stocklin) is seen watching over Ray (Eion Bailey), while he sleeps. Ray begins questioning Perry’s intentions. Perry insists he only wants a friend. Despite warnings, Ray insists he isn’t going to stay cooped up in the motel room for a few years. Next, Coach Baker provides the TAU with information about Jenny Kline (Cole Bernstein), who he accuses of the stalking. Baker insists he agreed to head the team’s booster group, in order to get close to him. Baker suggests he didn’t report her weird behavior earlier, due to how the police would judge him.

Beth meets with Jenny’s mother, Monica (Lauren Bowles), who says Jenny feels responsible for her father’s death a few years ago, since she was unable to give him bone marrow. Beth learns about Jenny’s boyfriend, Emmet (Peter Coventry Smith). Meanwhile, Janice speaks with Jenny, who says Emmet is upset with her, due to a stupid comment she made, which suggested sexual interactions with Emmet.

Afterwards, Jenny hangs out with Alexis (Caitlin Carver). Tripp (Austin Lyon) scares them. The group finally meet with Emmet, who is making out with another girl. Jenny storms out angrily, with Emmet following her, while apologizing. While hunting for Jenny in the woods, Emmet is attacked, after receiving a weird text message. When she returns to school, Jenny is harassed by the other students including Ian Hemingway (Sterling Beaumon, The Killing), who suggests she is responsible for Emmet’s attack. Janie speaks with Ian. He tells her about Emmet’s broken collar bone, which will likely end his athletic career. While Ian suggests Jenny is behind the attack, Alexis refuses to accuse her friend.

When Emmet is interviewed by Jack and Beth, she accuses Dierdre (Sofia Vassilieva) of the accusations. Although she denies the assault, Jenny is suspended for a week and Emmet’s parents contemplating filing a restraining order against her. Meanwhile, Jack tells Beth that Perry withdrew 5,000 dollars from a bank in Valencia, which means he is nearby. Ben checks social media and finds a threatening comment about Jenny, which used the name death_in_the_afternoon. Jack suggests Ernest Hemingway wrong Death in the Afternoon, which leads them to Ian’s house. Ian admits to having a crush on Jenny in the past, but denies he is responsible for the attack.

Meanwhile, rumors begin to spread that Jenny is pregnant by Coach Baker. A video is uploaded, which supposedly shows Jenny having sex with Baker, but he denies it is her in the video. Baker is interviewed and suggests the Jenny in the video was another Jenny. Ben is able to track down the source of the video, Dierdre, who was trying to get revenge for Jenny stealing Emmet from her. Dierdre insists the video was on a thumb drive, which was left in her locker. Meanwhile, Ray returns to the room, after getting a haircut. Perry begins complaining, which causes him to get punched, by Ray, who apologizes and admits to losing it sometimes.

Jenny is contacted by Emmet, who announces he is getting out of the hospital. Her mother suggests she shouldn’t be speaking with Emmet. Jenny complains about having to go back to school, but her mother has no solution to the problem. Baker confronts Jenny and threatens her, while insisting she ruined his life. Jack is unable to track down the woman, who slept with Baker, but discovers the taxi dropped her off near the location, where Emmet was attacked.

Beth and Janice search a house near the drop off point. Beth discovers a hidden room, where someone has been living. They discover a t-shirt, which belongs to the woman in Baker’s sex video. They also find Ian Hemingway’s jersey. Jack confronts Ian and threatens to charge him, until Ian admits he has been hooking up with Jenny’s best friend, Alexis. Ben is able to discover Alexis, aka Rheanna, in the social services database and realizes she has been in the foster system for most of her life. Alexis is actually 21 and is Jenny’s sister, as they share a mother.

Alexis surprises Monica at home and calls her mom. The TAU breaks down Alexis’s actions, while trying to track down Jenny and Monica. Back at home, Monica explains that situation to Alexis and admits she was too young to care for a child. Both admit to looking for one another, but Alexis reveals that Jenny is gone. However, the pair begin to argue, before Jenny shows up. Alexis admits to everything, before they begin to fight. Jenny and Alexis are thrown down the stairs, before the EMS arrive. Monica learns that Alexis was really her daughter and that Alexis is going to end up in a mental facility.

Afterwards, the entire TAU square decide to head out for food, with Ray photographing them. Ray returns to the motel and tells Perry that they need to take away Beth’s new family, in order to get her back. He shows Perry the pictures of the TAU team.


Lost and Found was interesting, mysterious and full of surprises. It was definitely nice to see Sterling Beaumon in another role, after his impressive work in the final season of The Killing. The other actors helped to bring the school environment to life, with the cyber bullying and rampant rumors. Of course, the highlight of the episode was certainly the interaction between Perry and Ray. It seems Perry has gotten himself in over his head, with the ruthless, out of control psychopath. Ray is a creature of habit and his plan to retake Beth was definitely clever. The episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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