Stalker: Fun and Games Review

Beth Davis Stalker

In the middle of the night, Beth Davis (Maggie Q) is disturbed by a noise. She finds her alarm disarmed and her backdoor open, before Perry (Erik Stocklin) greets her. A shot is fired, but Perry disappears. When she turns around, Ray (Eion Bailey) speaks to her. He grabs her, before she wakes up. Ben Caldwell (Victor Rasuk) rushes in and discovers it was all a bad dream. Amanda Taylor (Elisabeth Rohm) is shown profile photos of both men, but she is unable to identify her attacker. Beth speaks about her past as Michelle Weber and dating Ray. After she broke up with Ray, he began dating her sister, Kimberly to make her jealous. She insists she wasn’t, but was scared.

Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) enters and interrupts the conversation. After Beth leaves, Jack and Amanda speak about Ethan. Ray and Perry watch the news, while waiting for a report about the attacks. Ray prepares to leave, but Perry complains they’re supposed to be a team. Ray says they have to break Michelle bit by bit, in order to get her back. Back at the TAU, Janie Lawrence (Mariana Klaveno) provides a status update on the hunt for Perry and Ray. A delivery guy (B.J. Clinkscales) drops off flowers for Beth. When questioned, he admits it was Ray, who ordered them.

Amanda Taylor Stalker

Jack questions Beth about Ray’s next move. Meanwhile, a man works to seal a business deal. Ray is pictured outside of the man’s window. He sneaks inside and violently bashes the man, before grabbing a drink from his fridge. Janice discovers a similar attack near the same area, when Beth gets a call from Tracy Weight (Tara Summers), but it is Ray on the other end. Tracy is allowed to say a few words, before Ray tells Michelle that he’ll see her soon.

The TAU begins tracking Ray through traffic camera from the flower shop, while Ray has Tracy in his car’s trunk. Upon request, Tracy tells Ray what Michelle told her about him. He chloroforms her, before taping her mouth and shutting the trunk. He also works to change the license plate number. At the TAU, Ben discovers the owner of the vehicle, which Ray entered, after leaving the flower shop. A flood of police and agents enter to see Beth. Perry watches a news report regarding Tracy’s abduction, before a friend visits. Perry denies the kidnapping and insists it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. The man agrees to contact Perry’s father and see how he wishes to handle it.

Vicki Gregg Stalker

Beth reveals she is being relieved of her duties and Vicki Gregg (Mira Sorvino) is going to be taking over. Janice tells Jack about Vicki, who is a famous author and usually consults on cases. Vicki speaks to Beth and questions, whether or not Ray will kill Tracy. Beth admits she believes he will. Vicki immediately begins working with Jack and the others to track down Ray Matthews. After the TAU members have been briefed and given their orders, they leave. Vicki places a call to George and requests to be connected to John Pierce, with the NSA. Jack checks on Beth, who says her old life will come out soon. Vicki attempts to talk John into tracking a phone number.

Stalker Ray Matthews

Vicki tells the TAU they’re looking for Gene Meadows (Jamie McShane). Meanwhile, Gene questions Perry about Ray’s mindset. Gene receives a call from Perry’s dad, who wants Perry to come home and turn himself in. Ray enters, before the pair can leave. Ray overpowers Gene, before knocking him out and taking his gun. He threatens Perry, with the gun. Perry attempts to escape, but is knocked down with the pistol.

Perry and Ray Stalker

Vicki and Swat storm the hotel room, but find nothing, besides Gene’s dead body. They discover pictures of all of Beth’s friends on the wall. Meanwhile, Ray drives to a dark junkyard, before opening the trunk and showing Perry his captive, Tracy. Perry helps her out of the trunk and apologizes. Ray insists Tracy is going to bring him Michelle, before calling her. Ray questions Beth about their first date, while the TAU attempts to trace the phone call.

Jack Larsen

Ben takes Beth home, while the TAU head to the junkyard. Meanwhile, Tracy makes her escape, with Perry’s help. Despite hiding, Ray finds her, but Perry attacks him. Ray bashes Perry repeatedly, before turning his sights to Tracy. Ben and Beth watch the news reports about Ray and Perry, while the TAU search the junkyard.

The group find Tracy, who is still alive, in the back of a Chevelle, which is the type of vehicle Beth and Ray drove on their first date. Tracy informs them that Ray wanted to distract them to the junkyard. Meanwhile, Jack notifies Ben that Ray might be coming for them. Ben opens the door and is shot, by Ray, who knocks Beth unconscious. The paramedics arrive and work on Ben, while Jack and Janice try to find Beth.

Beth wakes up in a trunk, with Perry’s dead body.


Wow, talk about taking no prisoners. Stalker finally broke the tradition and gave up the old formula of a different stalking case per episode. It paid off exceptionally well, since it allowed us to focus on Perry and Ray attempting to get back at Beth. The episode was violent and intriguing. While there weren’t a whole lot of shockers, it was still an excellent episode, with a very effective ending, which will leave any frequent viewer begging for more. The episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Will there be a second season of Stalker? We can only hope!

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