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SS-GB Episode 4 Recap

At the start of the episode, Douglas Archer (Sam Riley) observes the aftermath of the bomb explosion. He runs into Huth (Lars Eidinger), who confirms that Goebbels and the other top commanders escaped unharmed. Huth becomes distraught when he learns that Professor Springer (Andrew Bicknell) has been injured in the explosion. Archer rushes home and informs Mrs. Sheenan (Christina Cole) that she needs to flee to the unoccupied zone. He insists the SS will begin making a lot of arrests now that martial law has been declared. After the intro, the group heads to the station. Archer heads inside and creates a few passes, so Sheenan and the kids will be able to pass through the checkpoints. Archer speaks with Harry Woods (James Cosmo), who insists it is going to get worse, before it gets better.

ss-gb episode 4 recap

Archer meets with Arthur (Ryan Coath) and sends Sheenan and his son with him. He also receives a document. Once Arthur leaves with Sheenan and the kids, Douglas checks the document, which contains some film. He holds it up to the sun and sees documents. Afterwards, Archer returns to Huth, who orders him to pour a drink. They chat briefly, before Huth admits they’ve lost a good friend in Springer. He also suggests he will have to take Springer’s spot, since he knows more about the Spode murder than anyone else. Huth offers Archer a spot on his personal staff, but his offer is refused. Moments later, Archer learns that Harry didn’t show up for the meeting with Crime Super. Huth admits it wouldn’t surprise him, if the man was picked up. Once Archer leaves, he makes contact with Barbara Barga (Kate Bosworth).

archer film ss-gb episode 4

They agree to meet up at a later time. Archer meets with Harry’s wife, Joan (Marion Bailey). She confirms he was taken into custody. Archer heads to the detention camp and manages to track down Harry and Sylvia (Maeve Dermody). Sylvia spits in Archer’s face and accuses him of remaining loyal to the SS. Archer offers to help the couple escape, but they refuse. Harry suggests Sylvia’s people will come through and help them break free. Next, Archer meets with Fritz Kellermann (Rainer Bock) and tells him about the army arresting Harry. Kellermann admits Archer was right coming to him. However, he insists securing Harry’s release will not be easy. Later that night, Douglas meets with Barbara. They head to Ambassador Kennedy’s place. Once they arrive, Douglas is introduced to Daniel Hopkiss (Trevor White). George Mayhew (Jason Flemyng) is also at Kennedy’s place.

ss-gb episode 4 sam riley

George admits the Germans are much closer to producing a bomb than the Americans. Archer is told about the group’s plan to smuggle in the King to Bringle Sands. Archer agrees to help. He told to meet with Captain Hesse at the Grenadier public house. Archer also learns that Harry and Sylvia attempted to escape. Both were injured, but Sylvia managed to elude capture. Seconds later, Archer speaks with Barbara in his car. He admits he is loyal to Harry, before giving Barbara the film containing the documents of the nuclear research. Later, Douglas meets with Kellermann again. Together, they manage to negotiate Harry’s release. Afterwards, Douglas takes Harry home. They head inside and Archer tells Harry about the big plan. Harry apologizes and insists he cannot help. He admits he is afraid what might happen to his wife, if he is caught.

harry woods ss-gb episode 4 recap

When Archer returns home, he finds Sylvia in his house. She has a small wound on her arm, but nothing more. He finally informs her that he is fighting against the SS. After Sylvia’s arm is patched up, they go to sleep in separate rooms. In the middle of the night, Archer receives a visitor. It turns out to a policeman, who informs him about a murder. The victim turns out to be Bernard Staines (Julian Rhind-Tutt). Archer immediately Sydney Garin (Danny Webb) and tells him the news. They agree to continue forward with the deal regardless. Huth asks him men, whether or not they got the maps. He then equips himself with a rifle, before leaving his headquarters. Harry changes his mind and agrees to help Archer. They meet up with Hans Hesse (Ronald Zehrfeld).

Maeve Dermody SS-GB

Hesse gives them a rundown of the plan. Harry suggests they use an ambulance with no license plate to give themselves a little extra time. Later that night, Harry and Archer visit Barbara’s place. They find her house ransacked. The phone has a blood smudge on it and Archer finds burned film nearby. After a call, it becomes clear that Barbara has been taken into custody. Archer searches around and manages to find the capsule of film. At the end of the episode, we see Barbara being led into an interrogation room of sorts.


SS-GB Review

The 4th episode of SS-GB was far better than the previous 3. It seemed like the dialogue had been enhanced to make it clearer. We all know BBC was ridiculed over the mumbling, so it seems they’ve taken action to rectify that problem. The episode also had far more action and less chaotic planning. This made things much more understandable. It seems like the show will only continue to ramp up the action from here on out. If so, that will definitely help.

This episode was far better and scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of SS-GB right now.

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