seven types of ambiguity episode 4

Seven Types of Ambiguity Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, we see Simon Heywood (Xavier Samuel) being beaten at the prison. Seconds later, Mitch (Anthony Hayes) calls Joe Marin (Alex Dimitriades). He tells Joe about the newspaper article, which describes Angela (Andrea Demetriades) as a new suspect. Mitch has a flashback to the time he met Angela at the local club. The next day, Joe and Mitch meet Gorman (Nicholas Bell) in his office. The men are praised for getting Don Sheere (Andrew McFarlane) to join the deal. Nevertheless, Gorman admits they’re still required to partake in the upcoming team building exercises. Then, Mitch asks Joe about the Cavendish House. Joe seems weird about the question, but eventually denies returning to the place. That night, Mitch and Joe celebrate the deal with their wives.

mitch and angela seven types of ambiguityEventually, Mitch’s wife Greta (Freya Stafford) breaks a glass and is escorted home with a bloody hand. Mitch takes her home and patches it up. Greta tells Mitch that she believes Joe flirts with her. Eventually, she agrees to stay the night with Mitch. Again, Mitch has another flashback about Angela and Joe. The next day, Joe and Mitch prepare for the upcoming team building event. Joe brings alcohol and Mitch begins cards. They get their name cards, before their cellphones are taken. The man in charge, Terry (Marco Chiappi), makes it clear the cellphones are off limits. Ula (Haiha Le) arrives late and is promptly scolded. As the exercises begin, Ula tells Joe that Don called and sounded concerned. Joe and Mitch quickly put together a plan to get their cellphone and call Don.

joe and mitch seven types of ambiguityMitch speaks with Terry and tries to convince him to hand over the phone. Terry refuses and parades Mitch in front of the others. The others chant along and help humiliate Mitch. Joe comes up with another plan. He speaks with the woman in charge that night and flirts with her. He uses the kidnapping to his advantage once again. That night, Joe gets the woman drunk and convinces her to get the phone. She does. Mitch, who is outside watching, is approached by Ula. She asks him whether or not Joe is attracted to her. Mitch admits he doesn’t have an answer. In the morning, Joe wakes up Mitch and calls Don. Unfortunately, Don is out. His wife agrees to have him call Joe first thing when he arrives back home.

haiha le seven types of ambiguityThe exercises continue. Joe ascends a ladder and falls backwards. Everyone catches him. Mitch does the same. When he prepares to fall, Joe’s phone rings. Mitch plummets to the ground violently. Mitch wakes up in the hospital. Greta visits and makes it clear the she is a terrible wife. She plans to flee to Germany for the time being, so she doesn’t have to care for her husband. Ula and Joe visit next. Mitch complains about them dropping him. Mitch learns that Don is skittish on the deal. Mitch questions if Joe dropped him, because he was asking too many questions about the kidnapping. Joe denies it. Once Mitch is able to return home, he quickly invites Angela over. She pretends to remember him, but doesn’t seem to have a clue. They sleep together and then Mitch tells her that he is a friend of Joe.

anthony hayes seven types of ambiguityThat night, Mitch knocks over his pills and is forced to suffer throughout the night. In the morning, Mitch visits Anna (Leeanna Walsman) and Joe. Anna tells Mitch about Joe drinking more now. Mitch brings up Simon and the upcoming trial. Neither seem eager to talk about it. That night, Mitch hires Angela once again. This time, he admits he just wants to chat. He quickly realizes that Angela has feelings for Simon. He also makes it clear that he believes Simon could be innocent in the ordeal. Mitch pleads with Angela to help him visit Simon. He insists Anna is setting him up and Joe is trying to turn him into road kill. The following day, they visit Simon together. During the visit, Simon confesses he needs $15,000 to stop a Turk from pounding him again. Outside, Mitch tells Angela that he knows how they can come up with that kind of money. He suggests that they count cards at the local casino.

dennis mitchell seven types of ambiguityMitch promises to teach Angela how to count the cards. She eventually agrees to the insane plan. When Mitch returns home, he finds his wife in the kitchen. At work the following day, Joe puts pressure on Mitch to arrange a meeting with the politician and Don. Mitch meets with Angela that night. He tries to pay her, but she insists that they’re a team now. He teaches her to count cards. Eventually, Joe calls, but Mitch doesn’t answer. We see Joe sitting with Don. It seems the politician never shows. Next, Mitch returns home and is belittled by his wife for wasting their money. He swings his crutch at her, but winds up crashing to the ground and screaming in agony. At work, Mitch watches as Joe is sacked. Mitch promises that he called the politician and arranged the meeting.

seven types of ambiguity episode 4Joe reminds Mitch that he cannot be fired, since he broke his back at work. Mitch continues teaching Angela. He also shows her a few hand signals they can use. The following day, Angela meets Mitch at the casino. They put their plan into action and it works exceptionally well. Once they get the $15,000, Angela decides to quit against Mitch’s wishes. Then, she decides to place a big bet on the roulette table. Lucky for everyone, Angela wins big. Afterwards, the couple head to a house to make the payment. Then, they cruise down the road in delight. Mitch speaks about running away with the rest of the earnings. The vehicle crashes. Mitch is seriously injured. Angela apologizes and leaves him behind.

mitch seven types of ambiguityMitch gets a visit from his wife. He learns that she found the money and thinks Mitch got it for them. Later, Mitch and his wife have dinner with Joe and Anna. Joe explains he is thinking about starting his own firm. He encourages Mitch to quit his job and join him. When Joe leaves, Mitch breaks down in tears.


Seven Types of Ambiguity Review

Another excellent episode of Seven Types of Ambiguity. Anthony Hayes delivered a spectacular performance to top off a great episode. This episode was definitely packed full of humor, but it was depressing below the surface. The Mitch character just wanted to be loved and accepted. In the end, he came very close to getting both. Unfortunately, the guy is just incredibly unlucky.

However, he is likely the smartest character in the series. He is the only one that has even thought about connecting the dots between Simon, Anna and Joe. Was Mitch traveling down the right path? I believe he was onto something. This episode was the best yet. A 9.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Seven Types of Ambiguity now!

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