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Seven Types of Ambiguity Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we see a young boy getting off of a bus. It seems he is greeted by a man walking a dog. Seconds later, Joe Marin (Alex Dimitriades) peddles his bike into the garage. He enters his home and finds his wife, Anna (Leeanna Walsman) preparing for an upcoming business trip. Joe is reminded that he will be responsible for caring for their son, Sam (Harrison Molloy). The boys gets excited about the potential of a man’s weekend together. On the way to Sam’s school, Joe stops and picks up his work colleague Mitch (Anthony Hayes. The two men discuss a business proposal, which could potentially be illegal. Nevertheless, Mitch is adamant that they need to get Don Sheere (Andrew McFarlane) involved.

seven types of ambiguity joe marinSam is dropped off at school seconds later. As soon as Joe arrives at work, he speaks with his boss, Gorman (Nicholas Bell). Joe tells him about Bisson Health. He insists they need to buy up the shares, before the Managed Care Bill passes through Senate. He explains that they’ve already found a politician who is willing to cross the floor. Now, they just need to get Don Sheere involved. The boss agrees to underwrite it, if Don is willing to buy shares. Then, Joe and Mitch begin planning their next move. Joe speaks with his assistant Ula (Haiha Le). She tells him about Don and his wife. Then, she tells Joe he received a call from the school. Sam’s excursion was running late, so Joe is told to pick him up a little later. When Joe arrives at the school, Sam is nowhere to be found.

joe marin seven types of ambiguitySeconds later, he is introduced to the principal Barbara Collins (Carita Farrer Spencer). Together, they realize that Sam has gone missing. Apparently, the bus wasn’t late after all. Barbara wonders whether Sam could’ve walked home. Joe doesn’t believe so. Joe calls Ula and asks her about the call from the school. Ula isn’t able to provide anything helpful. However, she does recall the caller being male. Anna calls Joe after receiving numerous text messages. Joe tries his best to keep his wife calm. Anna agrees to return. Once the call ends, Joe learns that Barbara has called the cops. Joe calls Anna and tells her to drive there carefully. Then, he goes hunting for the boy on his own. Unfortunately, he finds nothing of interest. He returns to the school after dark and embraces Anna. Detective Threlfall (Tony Briggs) interrupts. He tells them that Sam was spotted leaving the school with a man. Sam appeared to be happy.

detective threlfall seven types of ambiguityThe man also had a dog. Detective Staszie (Sarah Peirse) questions the couple briefly. Neither one can think of anyone that might’ve taken Sam. Seconds later, the couple is transported to another location. There, they’re reunited with Sam. Then, they’re taken to the police station. Anna’s mother, Kathleen (Janet Andrewartha) enters and checks on the boy. Joe and Anna are taken to a private room, where they’re questioned by the detectives. The cops mention the name Simon Heywood (Xavier Samuel). Joe doesn’t recognize the name initially. However, Anna admits she dated him about seven years ago, but hadn’t seen him since. The two are separated and questioned individually. Joe heads out and tries to purchase a drink. He meets Alex Klima (Hugo Weaving), who gives him change. Anna emerges seconds later. She reveals that Simon’s parents have also arrived at the station.

joe and alex seven types of ambiguityThe couple are taken into a room and shown Simon. He is shown through a one-sided mirror. Anna confirms she knows him. Then, they’re shown a young girl, Angela (Andrea Demetriades). Although Joe acts awkward, he says he doesn’t recognize her. They’re allowed to return home moments later. It is clear that Joe is now suspicious of his wife. Joe goes for a swim and then checks stock prices. He finds Anna sleeping with Sam. He invites her into bed, but she decides to stay with their son. Joe leaves and visits a weird building. After his morning jog, Joe learns that the story has hit the newspapers. Then, he asks Anna about her relationship with Simon. She promises that she hasn’t seen him for about seven years. She also admits that Sam said he watched television and had chocolate milk. Next, Joe takes Sam for a stroll. Sam admits he never got the woman’s name. However, she did give him a sandwich.

seven types of ambiguity simonWhen they return home, they find the house surrounded by journalists. Joe watches a news report about the case on television. He sees the woman, who has been released. Joe checks his phone and finds numerous messages from Staszic. He deletes them all. Then, he calls Angelique and gets an answering machine. The following day, Joe returns to work. Ula explains she has been asked to give a statement at the police station. Mitch arrives and tells Joe that Gorman wants to see him. Ula reminds Joe to call the Detective, who has been calling the office. Mitch tells Joe that they can use the kidnapping to their advantage with Don. Joe speaks with Gorman and promises he is fine. Gorman says he hopes the man is crucified, because he won’t make it in prison. Joe notices a note on Gorman’s desk with the names of his son and wife. It looks like a reminder of sorts.

actress haiha le seven types of ambiguityJoe refuses to take time off. Joe leaves work in hopes of getting in touch with Don. He calls Angelique once again, while sitting outside of the mysterious building. Then, Joe receives a call from Don’s assistance. She invites him to an upcoming charity art show. Joe sees it as an opportunity to speak with Don. Joe and Anna prepare for the party. They speak about the new business proposal and what it might do to Joe’s brother, Roger (Alex Litsoudis). As soon as they arrive at the party, they speak briefly with Don’s wife. Then, Joe speaks with him in private. Don agrees to give Joe ten minutes. Seconds later, Joe and Mitch hit the club to celebrate. They agree to speak with Gorman in the morning. Also, Joe tells Mitch that Don wants a meeting with the politician that is willing to switch sides.

donald sheere seven types of ambiguityIn the morning, Gorman agrees to get the contracts started. Outside, Joe reminds Mitch that the politician wants it just as much as they do. He admits the deal is off, if the politician doesn’t make the meeting. Finally, Joe visits the detective. She asks him about Angela. Initially, Joe pretends not to know her. Then, he is called out on his lie. Staszie tells him that Angela, who is a sex worker, confirmed she knew him. Joe confirms he might’ve went to her brothel a few times with a client. Then, he tells the detective he wants to talk with his attorney. Joe meets with Mitch. Mitch tells him that the scandal could ruin their business deal. Joe realizes he needs to keep the story out of the papers. In the morning, Joe learns that the politician has agreed to meet with Don. Joe visits his brother, Roger. He gives him a snickers, while admitting he is in big trouble. That night, Joe visits the brothel and tries to speak with Angela.

actor anthony hayes seven types of ambiguityAngela explains that Simon is a neighbor. She also admits it is not what Joe thinks. Joe is forced to leave in a hurry, after becoming afraid that someone might alert the authorities. The following day, the family celebrates Sam’s birthday. None of his friends come to the party. Later that night, Anna tells Joe that she knows about Angela. She thinks the couple intended to blackmail them. Joe denies being one of Angela’s regular clients. He changes his tune and explains that Anna wouldn’t touch him. Seconds later, Joe chases a photographer outside and gives him a good beating.


Seven Types of Ambiguity Review

The first episode of Seven Types of Ambiguity was fantastic. The excellent performances from Alex Dimitriades and the others certain help. Simultaneously, the story itself is downright intriguing. It is authentic and that makes it even creepier. While the mystery aspect of the show seals the deal, it touches on many different hardships of human life. We see Joe and Mitch struggle and scheme to try and make a buck.

Their scheming could land them in hot water in the future. Nevertheless, it appears Joe’s family life has taken a backseat to his ambitions. We also discover that the Marin marriage isn’t what it seems. Joe has apparently been sleeping with prostitutes and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Anna has been carrying on a relationship with Simon.

At this point, we have more questions than answers. As long as Seven Types of Ambiguity can maintain this quality level, it should be great. I can’t wait to see how things play out. The opener scores a high 8.5 out of 10.

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