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Ripper Street Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of A Last Good Act, Edmund Reid (Matthew MAcfadyen) is shown languishing in jail. He is questioned by Frank Thatcher (Benjamin O’Mahony), but says nothing. Thatcher pleads with Reid to say anything. He refuses. After the intro, Drum (Matthew Lewis) returns home to discover Mathilda (Anna Burnett) and thrown out his belongings. Mathilda refuses to speak with Drum, before he is forced to return to work. Drum is escorted to Dove’s (Killian Scott). He learns about the murders and is given permission to use extra police officers to seal off the city. Dove and Drummond ride back into the city in Dove’s carriage. Augustus looks up and sees scuff marks on the ceiling. He has flashbacks of Robin’s death, yet Drum doesn’t notice anything. Meanwhile, Nathaniel (Jonas Armstrong) looks at a flyer for the local theater.

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Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) speaks with Susan (MyAnna Buring), while they prepare to escape the city. They are interrupted by the return of Mimi (Lydia Wilson). Their escape plans are halted when Mimi tells them about the arrest of Reid. Susan insists she must tell Mathilda the truth, before she leaves Whitechapel. Jackson explains that marching over to the residence of Samuel Drum would be insane. Susan confirms she isn’t going to visit Mathilda on her own. Augustus Dove pays a visit to Reid. Dove tries to coerce Edmund into making a confession and giving up his allies. Edmund refuses to do so and insists he and Dove are very similar. Edmund explains to Dove that Whitechapel will catch up with him sooner or later. Back in the lobby, Thatcher heckles Drum. Thatcher is put in his place and given orders to make contact with J and K Divisions for extra men.

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Edmund is led to Drum’s office to sign the charge sheet. Thatcher is brought in moments later to act as a witness. During the encounter, Reid learns the truth about Drum lighting the candle. He pleads with Drum to tell Mathilda that he forgives her. Reid and Thatcher sign the paperwork, before Reid is escorted back to his cell. Reid finally tells Thatcher about the body of Robin Sumner. He tells him to visit Good Luck Hope and obtain the body. Thatcher places blame on Drum, but Reid tries to convince him that Drummond was acting out of love for Mathilda. Next, Mimi makes contact with Mathilda and escorts her back to the theater. Therefore, she speaks with Susan. She finally learns the truth about Susan lying to her father. While they chat, Jackson notices a red rash on Mimi’s neck.

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Jackson steps in and confirms that it is all true. Mathilda quickly places the blame on Susan and scold the couple for wanting to leave her father behind. Jackson curses vehemently, before agreeing to help Reid escape the jail. Jackson heads to the bar, drinks and fights with a few police officers. He is thrown inside the cell right next to Reid. Drummond forces Jackson to strip naked, before he is interrupted by the arrival of Mathilda. Jackson tells Reid that he is there to help him escape. Mathilda manages to convince Drum to allow her to see her father. Drum leaves the trio alone. Reid tells his daughter than Drum is clearly shamed by his actions. He also refuses to break free and insists Thatcher will return with the body momentarily. Jackson pleads with Mathilda to hand over his gun, so he can shoot her father.

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Next, Nathaniel receives a visit from his brother. They agree to eat together. During the meal, Augustus ingests some type of medicine. He is questioned about the death of Robin. Nathaniel also mentions the burial location. Dove promises his brother that he is innocent. Nathaniel insists he would never harm a pup. Dove tries to convince him that they’ll be home free soon enough. Thatcher arrives at the scene and begins looking for the boy’s grave. Dove gets dressed and finds Goodluck Hope on the map. He is watched by Nathaniel as he exits his mansion. Thatcher finds the body and uncovers Robin’s face, before he is stopped by Dove. Thatcher admits he intends to get the boy his retribution, before he is shot in the chest. Dove drags Thatcher into the water and flips him over. He also throws Robin’s body back into the water.

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Nathaniel waits for Dove to leave. Then, he jumps in the water and retrieves Robin’s body. Dove gets stuck in quicksand on the way home. He nearly dies, but manages to climb out at the last minute. Dove returns home, showers and drinks more of his medicine. Susan jumps in the carriage and prepares to meet Jackson. Meanwhile, Jackson begins to worry about Thatcher. He contemplates making an escape attempt, but Reid insists he is tired of running. Edmund tries to convince Jackson to go without him, but he refuses. In the morning, Dove gets dressed up and prepares for the meeting with the press. He becomes worried when he discovers that Nathaniel has busted out of his room. Susan realizes something is wrong when Jackson doesn’t show. Dove arrives at the press meeting and tells the group about the arrest of Edmund Reid.

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Rachel Castello (Anna Koval) listens on as Dove discusses Shine’s death and Reid’s charges. She is eventually give an opportunity to ask a question. She asks Commissioner Bradford (Patrick Drury) if he would be willing to hang a cop. Dove steps in and remains adamant that they will. Castello leaves and runs into Fred Abberline (Clive Russell) downstairs. Castello explains why she wired him and hopes he’ll be able to assist her save Reid. They agree to collect evidence about the Rabbi’s death as quickly as possible. Next, Mathilda asks Drum about Thatcher. He admits nobody knows where he is. Drum asks why she cares and Mathilda responds she doesn’t trust him with her secrets any longer. Fred arrives at the police station. He barges inside and attempts to speak with Reid.

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Drum interrupts him and prepares to call Drum. Fred obviously doesn’t care. He delivers several insults to Drum. Mimi hears a noise inside of the theater. She ventures downstairs to investigate and is startled by Nathaniel. They struggle momentarily, before Susan enters and stops Nathaniel. Nathaniel tells Susan about Robin’s body, which is now clearly displayed on the table. Nathaniel admits he cannot allow his brother to get away with Robin’s murder. Susan explains that Nathaniel will be in trouble, if Dove gets in trouble. He admits he is afraid, so Susan agrees to go with him. Dove arrives outside of the police station. He is stopped in his tracks as Aberline steps outside and insults him. Nathaniel and Susan arrive with Robin’s body. Susan and Nathaniel explain the situation, but Dove insists he doesn’t know Nathaniel.

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Susan admits she is there to turn herself in and Nathaniel does the same. The group is escorted inside and the doors are barred shut. Mathilda helps Jackson and Edmund escape. Nathaniel hands over Robin’s body, while Dove tells Drum that all confessions need to be written down and signed. Augustus pretends not to know who Robin is. Nathaniel insists otherwise, before Reid enters and has his say. Drum is told to take control of his station house. However, Fred steps in and delivers a hook to Dove’s jaw. Reid makes it clear Drum wasn’t involved. Jackson asks Caitlin what she has done. She admits she hopes it turns into something good. Reid finishes barring the door, as the episode ends.

ripper street s5 e5 recap

Ripper Street Review

While I wasn’t happy with the death of Frank Thatcher, I still thoroughly enjoyed A Last Good Act. The episode was great in all aspects and wound up being very emotional. Jonas Armstrong has excelled as Nathaniel this season. The character has become multi-dimensional and I find it hard not to sympathize with him. While Nathaniel may be on his way out, his last good act will be helping Reid bring Augustus Dove to justice.

I also liked the idea of bringing Clive Russell back into the fold. I just wish Thatcher wouldn’t have died. Nonetheless, the episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Ripper Street right now!

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    it is very strange that in the episode you watch, you cite scenes that are not shown on the BBC. How have you seen these extra scenes?

  2. joe blow says:

    The Americans always chop up British shows.

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