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Rectify Recap Season 4 Episode 6

When the episode begins, we see that Ted Jr. (Clayne Crawford) is still in his old home. A knock at the door disturbs his slumber. Teddy answers the door and discovers the termite man. Ted rushes the man to hurry and finish the inspection, so he can leave before Tawney (Adelaide Clemens) arrives home. After the intro, Daniel (Aden Young) and Janet (J. Smith-Cameron) visit a restaurant. Janet tells Daniel about the potential of selling the property. Ted Sr. (Bruce McKinnon) joins the pair moments later. Janet excuses herself to go to the bathroom and this gives Ted a moment to speak with Daniel.

rectify season 4 episode 6 ted jr

Ted tells Daniel about his intention of visiting the site where Patsy Cline almost died. Ted also attempts to clear the air and put their past troubles behind them. Daniel agrees and admits he appreciates Ted’s willingness to forget it all. Back in Paulie, Ted arrives at the tire shop and takes a bottle of whiskey inside. He grabs a coke from the soda machine and mixes up a drink. He heads back outside moments later and plugs up the inflatable dancing man. Amantha (Abigail Spencer) receives a visit from Jon Stern (Luke Kirby). Amantha tells Stern about Bobby Dean’s visit. Jon confirms he is already scheduled to interview him later that day.

rectify season 4 ted and daniel

Stern explains he no longer wants to work was a defense lawyer. He also tells Amantha about Chris Nelms’ testimony that he, George and Trey raped Hannah. Stern admits he is contemplating the prospects of filing an IAC against himself. Amantha is adamant she doesn’t care what people think and will cooperate, as long as Daniel wants to fight. Stern admits he hasn’t asked Daniel just yet. Daniel and visit head to the museum. Daniel assumes the role of the tour guide, before Janet tells him he doesn’t need to do that. She explains she wants to know about him and what he has been doing. Daniel attempts to convince his mother that she needs to let him go.

rectify season 4 episode 6 daniel and janet

After a brief conversation, Daniel agrees to show his mother a little more about his life in Nashville. Ted Senior visits Patsy Cline’s near death site. He makes a sweet deal with his cab driver, Dog (Ricky Muse), to take him to her real death scene. Back at the tire shop, Ted Jr. speaks with a potential client. The man reveals an ad in the newspaper, which suggests Wal-Mart tires are cheaper. Ted admits there is no way he will be able to match their price. Nonetheless, the man decides to go against his wife’s wishes and buy Ted’s tires anyway. Next, Daniel and his mother visit his workplace. Daniel explains that his coworkers are aware of his problems. He also tells his about his new female friend. They agree to visit the woman together.

rectify season 4 janet talbot

Tawney visits Zeke (Buck Taylor) at the hospital. She sits down and comforts the man. The tells Zeke about her parents. She admits she hopes she will get to see her mother in heaven. Tawney prays for Zeke, before he passes away. Jon Stern meets with DA Sondra Person (Sharon Conley) and tells her about Bobby’s new testimony. She isn’t impressed and has no intention of digging deeper. They chat about Trey and his motive for killing George. Stern also implies that no DNA would be willing to retry Daniel. Sondra refuses to say whether or not he is right. Stern explains he wants to file the IAC to have Daniel’s guilty plea overturned. He also insists it would be a good idea to bring in the GBI and allow them to investigate the case. Sondra seems hesitant to do so, since it could potentially hurt her reputation.

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Next, Tawney pays a visit to Zeke’s home. She finds the hidden key and lets herself inside. Moments later, she is confronted by the housekeeper, Bonnie. Bonnie learns about Zeke’s death, before leading Tawney to the man’s plaque. Tawney strolls through the man’s backyard, while looking at the plaque. Bonnie emerges from the house and insists Tawney should take it home with her, since nobody else will want it. Bonnie also admits she won’t return. She tells Tawney that Zeke always told her she was a good girl and to pray. Meanwhile, Janet speaks with Chloe (Caitlin FitzGerald). They speak about Daniel’s upbringing and Chloe’s child. Janet admits she is glad Chloe decided to take a chance on Daniel. Daniel arrives moments later with food. Janet reveals that Ted won’t be back for awhile, since he decided to visit Patsy Cline’s real death site.

daniel janet and chloe rectify

Janet watches Chloe and Daniel’s interactions very closely. They sit down and eat together. We jump forward and see Ted return from his journey. He admits he wouldn’t do it again. When asked about her day, Janet concurs. Ted finally admits he likes the idea of selling the property. He insists they should give Ted Junior the inventory to help him get started. Daniel and Chloe speaks about Janet. Chloe also tries to convince Daniel to see the PTSD therapist. She insists he has built a persona based on his guilt and has been using it to defend himself from others. Daniel lashes out at her, before admitting he doesn’t know whether or not he can handle reliving the past. Daniel tells Chloe to go to Ohio and have her baby. He rushes out seconds later.

Caitlin FitzGerald and Aden Young Rectify

We jump back to Paulie and see Ted Jr. finish his liquor. He heads outside and looks at the red inflatable man. He grabs his rifle out of the truck and decides to teach it a lesson. He shoots it a couple of times to no avail. Finally, he aims for its base and fires. The bullet ricochets and hits Teddy in the leg. He is forced to call the ambulance for assistance.


Rectify Review

The 6th episode of Rectify’s 4th season was a little lighter than the previous. Ted Junior’s insanity was somewhat humorous, despite being very depressing. Daniel and Ted’s interaction in the restaurant was awkward, but it served its purpose. While the episode was mostly about Janet and Daniel reconnecting, Jon continued to unravel the mystery.

Stern has decided to exit the business and wants to make his own rectifications before doing so. His visit to Sondra Person may have helped, but it is questionable whether Sondra will move forward on the new evidence. And of course, it seems like Janet and Ted Sr. have decided to sell the store. Ted is already near the end of his rope. How will he react to the news?

An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Check out our previous Rectify recaps now!

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