Rectify Episode 2 Recap

Aden Young

In the second episode of Rectify’s third season, Daniel Holden (Aden Young) adjusts to life at his sister’s home. Amantha (Abigail Spencer) doesn’t seem to want her brother around and longs to know the truth for Daniel’s move. At the Talbot house, Ted Talbot Sr. (Bruce McKinnon) is forced to tell Janet (J. Smith-Cameron) the truth. He breaks the news about Daniel’s attack on Teddy. Janet seems upset, by the news, but says very little.

Bruce McKinnon

While Amantha heads to work and is introduced to Peanut (Lauren Emily Townsend), Daniel stays home and goes on an adventure. He meets up with his turtle-loving old comrade, Melvin (John Boyd West). Meanwhile, Sheriff Carl Daggett (J.D. Evermore) tells D.A. Sondra Person (Sharon Conley) about his trip to George Melton’s trailer. Despite the evidence, the Sheriff still seems to think that George’s life ended by suicide.

Tawney Adelaide Clemens

Meanwhile, it seems like Ted Jr. (Clayne Crawford) is spiraling out of control. He heads to work and deflates the blow up man, but his father plugs it back up. Tawney Tablot (Adelaide Clemens) is shown meeting with a Therapist (Melinda Page Hamilton). She speaks about grown up and it sounds like she was an orphan. Tawney admits to being relieved, when she experienced the miscarriage. She refuses to say, whether or not she wants to work out the marriage with Teddy. Jon Stern (Luke Kirby) pays a visit to the Talbot house looking for Daniel. Instead, he speaks with Janet about Daniel’s future residence and breaks the news about his departure in a few days.

Benji Melton Rectify

Daniel heads to the convenience store and attempts to purchase a bundle of food from Mr. Patel (Ajay Mehta). Unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough money and only purchases some donuts. While Tawney is away from the Mitcherson home, Teddy pays a visit and delivers some of her belongings. The confrontation between Teddy and Mitch Mitcherson (Ted Huckabee) is definitely intense, with Teddy leaving angrily.


Sheriff Daggett visits Benji Melton (Richard Jackson) and questions him about his son’s death. Benji insists his son didn’t kill himself and doesn’t believe he would have the courage to shoot himself. He tells Daggett to investigate Trey. As soon as Amantha gets off of work, she pays a visit to Janet and questions about Daniel’s move. She doesn’t receive any helpful information. When she returns home, Daniel is seen cooking and listening to classical music.


Meanwhile, Teddy Jr is doing the same, but his music is a little more wild and he is obviously angry. He gets a visit from Jared (Jake Austin Walker) and the pair decide to go out for a ride. At this point, Teddy is visibly drunk and Jared drives the truck. While they venture out into the night, Daniel serves Amantha some delicious tatter tots. The mood quickly goes sore, when Daniel tells Amantha about his new job painting the pool, which was given to him by Melvin. She exclaims that she doesn’t care and runs off to her bedroom to cry, after explaining about her relationship with Jon Stern.


Teddy and Jared stop outside of the Mitherson house and spies on Tawney, while Teddy tells Jared about his first sexual experience. The experience sounds like borderline rape.




Overall, the episode contained a little more action than the first. Daniel’s meeting with Melvin, trip to the convenience store and his love of classic music were all wonderful. Unfortunately, Rectify cannot be happy and Amantha ruined that happiness at the end of the episode. Teddy seems to be losing it and it looks like he will do something stupid, before too long.


Something bad is brewing and the tension is fierce. Overall, the episode was great and deserves a 9 out of 10.

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