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Quacks Series 1 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode gets underway, John (Tom Basden) experiments on a new patient. Moments later, Butterworth (Osi Okerafor) enters demanding money. John steals a coin from the passed out man’s pocket and gives it to Butterworth to leave him alone. Robert (Rory Kinnear) spends time with his wife, Caroline (Lydia Leonard). Caroline explains that he wants to join the Society of Apothecaries. Robert quickly ridicules the idea and insists women cannot join the Society. William (Mathew Baynton) chats with an inmate named Harold (Jamie Demetriou). Harold is delusional. He seems to believe he is French royalty and that spies are trying to assassinate him.

quacks s1 e3 tom basdenWilliam tries to convince the man otherwise, but he refuses to listen. Caroline visits the Society and is turned away for being female. Robert gets a visit from Mr. Burton (John Ramm). The man tells him about a French surgeon, Patrice Dupont. The conversation makes Robert jealous of the French surgeon. Meanwhile, John tries to sell toothbrushes. He has no luck. He sees a snake oil salesman and ridicules the man. That night, William joins Robert at the bar. They speak about Lady Campbell (Fenella Woolgar). Robert wants to get to know Campbell, so he can possibly use her to fund his research. John arrives and William tells the men about his new treatment for Harold. John and Robert agree to help.

rory kinnear quacksJohn admits he wants to be paid for his troubles. In the morning, Harold is transported to a makeshift courtroom. William plays the defense, while Robert serves as the prosecutor. John takes the bench and tries to peddle his toothbrushes. Moments later, Caroline enters as the first witness. She explains that she goes to all of the French parties and sleeps with most men. Yet, she has never met Harold. Robert doesn’t ask her any questions. However, he does fabricate evidence against Harold. William eventually finds out that the evidence is fake and exposes Robert. Nevertheless, Harold insists he is a French royal. He attacks William, while exclaiming that they’ll never take him alive.

quacks s01e03 haroldCaroline cares for William’s busted lip. She explains that playing the harlot was very liberating. Caroline dresses up like a man and tries to join the Society. She attends a speech, but leaves early when it turns religious. She is followed outside by George Combe (Miles Jupp). Caroline tries to escape, but she decides to join him during a visit to the Westminster Medical Club. During this time, Robert arrives at the club to speak with Lady Campbell. Robert tries to butter up the woman in hopes of getting access to her money. He is forced to talk dirty to her, in order to get her excited.

lydia leonard quacksJohn bites the bullet and decides to sell his own snake oil. He sells out very quickly. Unfortunately, Butterworth arrives and takes all of the proceeds. He also takes a bottle of John’s special potion. It turns out to be laxative. George and Caroline arrive at the club. She refuses to remove her hat. Robert seems to be winning over Lady Campbell. Robert is shocked when Caroline arrives and spoils his moment. Robert manages to step aside. Caroline follows him. Caroline makes it known that she is jealous of Robert’s relationship with Campbell. She forces Robert to kiss her.

fenella woolgar quacks s1 e3Robert gives her a kiss. George and Campbell notice. Lady Campbell freaks out and ridicules Robert. She asks him to leave and refuses to give him any money. As for George, he asks for a threesome.


Quacks Review

The third episode of Quacks was definitely a good time. The episode was lightning fast, but easy enough to follow. William’s quirky treatments have continued to drive him into deeper and deeper trouble. John seems to be brilliant, but he has been plagued with debt problems. Will he suffer for his laxative stunt? Robert has mainly ignored Caroline, but he hesitantly showed how much he really cares this episode.

There isn’t much of an underlying story, but each episode of Quacks delivers plenty of laughs. I’ve enjoyed each episode thus far. This one scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Quacks right now!

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