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Prime Suspect 1973 Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the 5th episode, we’re shown a glimpse of the riches and jewels stored away in the bank vault. We also see Clifford (Alun Armstrong) and his crew moving their plan forward. After the intro, Jane (Stefanie Martini) learns more about David Bentley (Jay Taylor) and his brother. She learns how David fell from a roof and injured his legs. Sergeant Harris (Andrew Brooke) interrupts DC Edwards (Joshua Hill) and sends Jane back to work. At Jane’s request, Len (Sam Reid) is allowed to listen to the tape. Len quickly agrees with Jane’s assessment that Clifford is up to something. Len and Harris discuss the potential of putting the Bentley men under surveillance. Afterwards, Len congratulates Jane for actually listening to Ashley. We also learn that Pam’s (Rosie Day) wedding is coming up soon. Clifford receives a call from Clay Whiteley (Dorian Lough). He is ordered to get the job done tonight.

Alun Armstrong Prime Suspect 1973

Seconds later, Len and the other detectives watch David and John (Lex Shrapnel) leave home. Clifford and John get in the van, while David wanders off alone. David is followed on foot. Clifford and the others load gas canisters into the back of the van. Back at home, Renee Bentley (Ruth Sheen) finds a picture of David and a young girl. She quickly become suspicious. David is followed to the lookout spot. The others lead the detectives directly to the café. Inside, Clifford shows off a handgun. In the morning, Jane and her family get prepared for the upcoming wedding. Back at the station, DS Spencer Gibbs (Blake Harrison) tells the police officers about the layout of the bank and café. At this time, Len learns that the council never issued a permit to Silas. The wedding gets underway. Ruth confronts David at home. David lies and is shown the picture. Ruth tells David he can speak to her about anything. He says nothing. Meanwhile, Len is reprimanded at work for diverting his team to the bank job.

prime suspect 1973 jane wedding

Ashley Brennan (Neil Hancock) and his radio equipment are set up inside of the station. Kath Morgan (Jessica Gunning) quickly becomes annoyed with him. Jane calls the station and receives an update regarding the case. Len and Spencer visit the bank. The man in charge lets them into the bank vault. Meanwhile, Jane manages to excuse herself from the wedding party. Before she leaves, her mother tells her she is proud of her. At home, Clifford expresses his worries to his wife. He admits he is worried that something is going to go awry with the bank job. At this time, Clifford also learns about Ruth’s suspicion regarding David and Julie. Clifford admits he doesn’t think it could be possible. At the station, Len speaks with Jane. They wind up kissing. Kath catches them, but says nothing. Seconds later, Len is surprised to learn that Silas (Anthony Skordi) has showed up at the station.

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Silas quickly breaks and tells the detectives about the bank job. Silas admits he wants out and demands immunity. Len isn’t having it. He wants to catch Clifford in the act. He orders Silas to follow through with the plan, so they can catch the gang red handed. Next, Len gets an earful from Harris. He is ordered to take down the Bentley clan once they’re inside the café. Len refuses and insists they need bigger charges. Jane’s mind changes about Terrence and Julie. She speaks with Kath about it. Kath recommends she tell Len how she really feels. Meanwhile, Clifford and the boys become concerned, because Silas has gone missing. Ruth reveals she told Clifford’s money and tries to convince them to use it to flee from Clay Whiteley. John talks them out of it. Back at the stations, the detectives prepare to bring them down. Before the police heads out, Jane speaks with Len in private. She expresses her concern about Len’s reckless actions towards Clifford. Harris and Ashley wait for his equipment to pick up anything from the Bentleys.

prime suspect 1973 episode 5 recap

The police watch as the Bentleys leave their flat. Silas is confronted at the café. He insists he was meeting with a travel agent and gives them proof. Ashley’s radio finally picks up chatter from the gang. The detective watches as David burns the picture of himself and Julie. John and Clifford make their way into the vault. The cafe’s neighbor once again knocks on the door. This forces Ashton (Daniel Ezra) to remove her quickly. David notices and quickly makes his escape. Jane follows David. She catches him entering the lockup. The detectives enter the bank. As the bank manager prepares to open the vault, Clifford hears them outside. He alerts the others and tells them to run for it. John refuses. He drops the torch. Jane enters the lockup after David leaves and finds Julie’s bracelet inside. As the detectives rush into the vault, it explodes.

Ashley Brennan Prime Suspect 1973

Prime Suspect 1973 Review

The 5th episode of Prime Suspect 1973 was undoubtedly the best of the series. The pace was sped up immensely and I felt like I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Len let his hatred for Clifford negate his rationality. This ultimately led to a major disaster, which could have potentially killed Clifford, John, Len, and many others. On the other hand, David betrayed his family to save himself. David is definitely keep something a secret. Now that Jane has found the bracelet in his possession, he will become the sole focus of their investigation.

Will the truth be revealed in the upcoming finale. The 5th episode scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Prime Suspect 1973 now!

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