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Prime Suspect 1973 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, we see Ashley Brennan (Neil Hancock) listening to a radio and jotting down notes. At the same time, two boaters discover the body of Eddie. Terrence (Aaron Pierre) and his friend, Flowers (Jodie Tyack), are transported to the station. We see Terrence’s badly bruised face, as profile pictures are taken. Terrence threatens the detectives. Sergeant Harris (Andrew Brooke) admits to Len (Sam Reid) that he will not be able to stop an investigation into the attack. The Sergeant tells Len to make sure Gibbs (Blake Harrison) has his story straight. Meanwhile, Clifford (Alun Armstrong) and the others continue drilling through the wall. They’re stopped by Silas (Anthony Skordi), who informs them that a policeman is outside.

Aaron Pierre Prime Suspect 1973

David (Jay Taylor) is nowhere to be found. Thankfully for the Bentley boys, Silas is able to convince the policeman that nothing is wrong. When Jane (Stefanie Martini) finally arrives at the station, she is greeted by Len. He makes sure she is okay. After stepping inside, Jane is reprimanded by Harris for being late yet again. At this time, Nathan Stone (James Hillier) requests to speak with his new client, Terrence. The detectives are contacted about Eddie’s body. DS Paul Lawrence (Jordan Long) informs Len that a broken off syringe was found on the body. The body is transported away, while John (Lex Shrapnel) attacks his brother. Clifford presents evidence that David has been abusing drugs again. Renee (Ruth Sheen) steps in just in time to hear Clifford talk about going back to prison.

david and john prime suspect 1973

Meanwhile, Kath (Jessica Gunning) and Len look over money found in Terrence’s house. Kath is told to contact the bank and get serial numbers for George’s money. Nancy Phillips (Joanna Bacon) is allowed to see Eddie’s body. She confirms it is her son, before lashing out at Spencer. Jane manages to calm her down, before asking the woman about Dwayne or Terrence. Nancy insists she doesn’t know either name, before blaming her son’s death on Julie. Terrence is questioned about his relationship with Eddie and Julie. Len shows Terrence and his solicitor the picture of the trio together. Then, the detectives sit down with Flowers. The girl immediately backs up Terrence’s story about the attack. She places the blame directly on Gibbs. Next, Harris speaks with Jane and tells her that those investigating the attack on Terrence will want to speak with her. Harris admits he heard she was downstairs when it all started.

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Len heads to the morgue and consults with Dr. Martin (Ian Beattie). The doctor admits the wound on his head likely happened after he died. Back at the station, Kath and Jane confirms that the bills came from George Collins. Outside, Spencer speaks with Jane. Spencer offers to take her out for a drink. Jane admits she doesn’t know what she will tell the detectives. That night, Jane hangs out at home, while Pam (Rosie Day) gets drunk with her friends. Joyce (Geraldine Somerville) finds Jane cleaning up when she returns home. Also, David watches over the café. This time, the group gets a visit from the neighbor. The woman asks about the noise, before Clifford emerges and gives her advice to stay with a boyfriend until they’re finished. She wisely takes his advice. Len visits Jane and tries to coax her into lying about the attack.

Actor Andrew Brooke Prime Suspect 1973

In the morning, Joyce and Andrew (Nicholas Sidi) confront Jane and try to get to the bottom of Len’s visit. She tells them whatever goes on at the station is none of their business. Spencer speaks with the investigators. He sticks with the story Len provided. During this time, Jane pays a visit to Flowers. She quickly discovers that the girl is withdrawing from drugs. She agrees to get her help, as long as she tells the truth. Flowers confirms she saw Terrence with Julie. Eventually, she relents and admits to seeing Eddie as well. Len is escorted to Flowers’ cell. There, he learns that Terrence tricked Eddie into shooting up a poisonous chemical. Len and DC Ashton (Daniel Ezra) confront Terrence with the new evidence seconds later. Terrence remains adamant that he is innocent. Seconds later, Jane speaks with the investigators. Harris remains by her side.

Actress Jodie Tyack Prime Suspect 1973

Despite some hesitancy, Jane sticks with Len’s story. Afterwards, Len thanks Tennison and insists they’ve just cleared another hurdle. When Jane returns to Kath, she learns that she is now a member of the team. That night, Jane packs her belongings and moves out of her parent’s place. She speaks with Sergeant Fred Turner (Ian Burfield). She is told she cannot have boys on the second floor. Once Jane gets settled in, she heads to the club. Jane is celebrated, before Spencer enters and confirms he was cleared. Spencer’s band starts to play, when Len arrives. When Len ignores Jane, she returns home. He follows her. One thing leads to another and they wind up sleeping together. The next day, Jane is given the duty of visiting Ashley Brennan. The others giggle at the idea. After a formal introduction, Ashley lets Jane listen to the radio conversations he has recorded.

Actor Neil Hancock Prime Suspect 1973

Ashley exclaims that those speaking are criminals. We can tell right away that it is the Bentley boys. Jane returns to the station and updates the others. Of course, they admit it is nothing more than a station joke. Meanwhile, Renee tells John that David has gone out. John becomes enraged when he learns that David went to check into rehab. David enters the hospital, while Jane visits Flowers at the same facility. On the way out, Jane encounters the brothers. She quickly recognizes their voices. Jane tells Harris about the two men outside. She also tells him about her previous encounter with Renee and John. Harris admits he knows the boys. Then, the brothers visit a local lockup to grab their supplies.

jane and harris prime suspect 1973

David remains inside a little too long. John ushers him outside. On the ground, we see a bracelet very similar to the one found on Julie’s body.


Prime Suspect 1973 Review

The 4th episode of Prime Suspect 1973 saw the detectives recover Eddie’s body and arrest Terrence for both murders. Jane was also forced to make a drastic move. By following Len’s advice, she overcame her white guilt and lied for Spencer. This eventually led to Len and Jane taking their relationship one step further. Also, a chance encounter with Ashley finally put Jane on the trail to Clifford Bentley and his boys. The episode was great. It was very enthralling watching Jane struggle with her own morality over Spencer’s case.

Nevertheless, she let Len lead her astray and the could come back to haunt her in the near future. While Terrence has been officially charged with both murders, plenty of questions still remain and his guilt is not absolute. How is David and John linked to Julie? Several key scenes from past episodes make it clear David likely knows something about her murder. All in all, this episode was great. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Prime Suspect 1973 right now!

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