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Poldark Series 2 Episode 9 Recap

At the beginning of Poldark’s 9th episode, we see Ross (Aidan Turner) in deep thought. We see he has a black eye, as flashbacks of the mining accident replay. Henshawe (John Hollingworth) interrupts and asks Ross about selling their gear head to Wheal Radiant. Ross asks about their price, before once again blaming himself for the accident. Henshawe insists the men knew the risks and took them on their own free will. We jump to Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), who is at home singing to her son. Prudie (Beatie Edney) interrupts and invites Demelza downstairs. Her offer is refused.

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Next, Ross encounters George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) on the roadway. George tells Ross that he has loss. Ross admits it looks like he has. Elizabeth (Heida Reed) speaks with Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) about her upcoming wedding. Agatha asks Elizabeth when she expects Ross to arrive. They speak about marriage and Agatha tries to convince Elizabeth she is rushing into a bad situation. Ross returns home to Prudie and Jud (Phil Davis) arguing. He asks about Demelza, before attempting to speak with her. Demelza has an intense scorn for her husband. She listens to nothing he says, while blaming Ross for falling into Elizabeth’s web of deceit.

poldark series 2 episode 9 recap

She admits she thought Ross was different from other men, but now believes she might have been mistaken. Elizabeth paces back and forth, while waiting for Ross to arrive. We see Carolina receive an invitation to an upcoming event. She speaks to her friend about Elizabeth and George, while Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) continues his studies. Elizabeth feels compelled to write a letter. Ross attempts to speak with his wife once more. She tells him he has receives a letter, which has been placed on his bed in the library. Although Ross insists it is from Richard Tonkin (Rory Wilton), mistakenly believes it was sent by Elizabeth.

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Ross tells Demelza Tonkin will likely ask him for money, before departing. She continues ignoring her husband and insisting Ross is visiting Elizabeth. She also makes it clear she intends to attend the upcoming Bodrugan party. Their argument becomes more intense and only ends when Demelza slams dishes to the ground. Ross makes a hasty exit leaving Prudie to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, George speaks to Tankard (Sebastian Armesto) about his upcoming wedding. He admits he intends to spend lavishly. However, his plans are rudely interrupted by a letter from Elizabeth. He tells Tankard she intends to hold off the wedding for an undisclosed duration. Elizabeth continues waiting for Ross. She is disappointed when George arrives in his place.

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Elizabeth tells her future husband she only wants to hold off the wedding for a few months. She is disturbed by George’s admission that he has invited several friends to the private affair. Eventually, Elizabeth agrees to reschedule the wedding a month into the future. That night, we see Ross, Elizabeth and Demelza tossing and turning in their beds. In the morning, Prudie warns Demelza that Sir Hugh has begged her to attend the party. She instructs Prudie to tell Hugh’s servant that Captain Poldark cannot attend, but that she will. Elizabeth gets another visit. She waits eagerly for Ross to step through the door. When Verity (Ruby Bentall) enters with a smile, Elizabeth plummets to the floor.

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During this time, Dwight passes Ross on the road. He tells his friend about heading to Elizabeth’s house. Ross and Dwight agree to share supper later. Dwight checks on Elizabeth and tells Verity that everything should be fine. Dwight learns about Elizabeth’s postponement. Ross meets with Tonkin, while Demelza arrives at the party. She is escorted to the Red Room, where she will spend the night. Tonkin tells Ross about his ship-building venture. Ross looks over the details of the business and is surprised by its profitability. Demelza watches through the window as Captain McNeil (Henry Garrett) arrives for the party. Tonkin offers Ross to join the venture as repayment. Demelza puts on her red dress and joins the crowd downstairs.

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Sir Hugh (Patrick Ryecart) quickly comments on Demelza’s appearance, while George tries to convince Tankard to get close with her. Demelza asks George about Elizabeth, before being introduced to Tankard. She agrees to dance with Tankard, before Captain McNeil interrupts. During this time, Elizabeth speaks with Verity. Verity calms Elizabeth’s nerves and insists Francis would’ve been fine with her marrying George. Demelza dances at the party, before heading outside with Malcolm McNeil. McNeil quickly becomes flirty with Demelza. He tells her he will be leaving with the military the following day. Ross meets with Dwight and chat about Dwight’s decision to join the military. Demelza and McNeil share a kiss outside, before Demelza reluctantly tells him which room she is staying in.

demelza and captain mcneil poldark

Ross tells the doctor about his complications with Demelza. He also learns about Elizabeth’s wedding being postponed. That night, McNeil visits Demelza and quickly gets flirty. She tries to keep him off, but Malcolm is relentless. Demelza eventually pushes him away and explains she cannot betray her husband. Malcolm becomes angered and admits he likes a woman, who knows what she wants. Ross meets with Zacky (Tristan Sturrock) and the other miners. He tells them that the mine will be starting back up thanks to his deal with Richard Tonkin. Tankard and Sir Hugh rush into one another outside of Demelza’s door. They argue over who gets to go inside. It is decided with a coin flip and Tankard wins. They rush inside to discover that Demelza is long gone.

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The following day, Elizabeth sees Ross outside of her window. She becomes angered, when he rides off without entering. Ross returns home and learns about Demelza’s night from Prudie and Jud. When he learns she still hasn’t returned, he quickly goes on the hunt. He finds her walking alongside the shore. Ross tries to smooth things over with his wife, but she still refuses to believe he didn’t visit Elizabeth. He admits he tried to prevent Elizabeth from marrying George and also confirms he doesn’t know whether or not he has feelings for Elizabeth. Ross tells Demelza that Blewitt can repay his money. He tells her the good news about Wheal Grace being reopened. Nonetheless, Demelza continues ignoring her husband.

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Elizabeth complains to Agatha about Ross making her wait once more. Agatha attempts to prevent her from rushing into another mistake, but she fails. Elizabeth is scorned and she has already made up her mind. We jump forward and witness the couple’s extravagant wedding. Agatha and Verity speak about the arrangement. They believe they won’t see much of Elizabeth or George. George and Elizabeth seal the deal that night. Ross is forced to sleep in the library. The following day, the mine is reopened and work starts once more. Elizabeth and George begin their life together. The newly wed couple meet with Caroline for tea.

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Caroline asks about Dwight, before learning about Elizabeth’s initial hesitation for the marriage. In the mine, Zacky implores Ross to come quickly as there is something he needs to see. George tells Elizabeth about his desire to live elsewhere. He convinces her to remain living in her home. Ross and Henshawe celebrate the massive lode they have discovered. Ross returns to Demelza with the good news. He insists they will now be very wealthy. Nonetheless, Demelza is not happy. She wonders whether or not their dream came true too late. Later, George and Elizabeth move into Francis’ old home. Ross watches from a distance. The episode ends with Ross scowling at the couple.


Poldark Review

This turned out to be an excellent episode of Poldark. It featured a little of everything and pushed Demelza and Elizabeth to their limits. While Demelza refused to betray Ross, Elizabeth quickly did so. She has now married George and has potentially given him the upper hand once again. Despite his tumultuous relationship with Ross, everything else seems to be going well.

His mine is back up and running and they’ve discovered a major lode. But, will it matter? Has Ross allowed his battle with George to destroy his marriage? Can’t wait for the finale. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous Poldark recaps right now!

  1. Lee Jones says:

    Elizabeth betrayed Ross? How? She was not married to him. She was not beholden to him. And she had not asked Ross to barge into her bedroom and force her on the bed. Nor did she require his permission on whom she could marry. But apparently, Ross believed that he had the right. Elizabeth betrayed Ross? Sorry, I don’t buy it.

  2. CTrent29 says:

    Demelza has an intense scorn for her husband. She listens to nothing he says, while blaming Ross for falling into Elizabeth’s web of deceit.

    My God! We really are mired in the same old male dominated sexism! You’re blaming Elizabeth, because Ross was using her to escape from his troubled marriage? You’re blaming Elizabeth for Ross’ inability to let go of the past? I am so disgusted.

  3. ReelMockery says:

    Hello there. I think both characters were unable to let go out of the past. Both characters should be blamed for their behavior. The show itself has become very sexist and it goes both ways. Poldark has shown Elizabeth and Demelza as weaklings, who cannot think for themselves. At the same time, Ross has been transformed into a hothead. His inability to look past his feud with George and his stupidity in sleeping with Elizabeth is cliché.

    The “betrayal” sentence is metaphoric so to speak. Elizabeth wasn’t bound to Ross or vice versa. However, Elizabeth would’ve most likely been more than willing to accept a proposal from Ross. She waited by the window for countless hours for his arrival. She was quick to give up on Ross, while Demelza was not. While she didn’t necessarily betray Ross, she did betray or give up her feelings for him to marry for convenience.

    I truly think Poldark is “sexist” and it is a two way street. This is one of the main reasons I preferred Dwight over Ross this season. Thanks for the replies. I sincerely hope I have explained myself a little more thoroughly. Betrayed might not have been the best way to describe the situation, but not everything should be taken literally either. Thanks again. I sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm.

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