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Poldark Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

As the finale gets underway, Prudie (Beatie Edney) and Tholly (Sean Gilder) sit on the cliff’s edge. They see French ships in the distance. Prudie runs through town alerting everyone. The locals grab makeshift weapons and rush down to the shore, but the French ships never arrive. Sir Francis Bassett (John Hopkins) rallies the locals and puts together a plan to defend the town. Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) reads a letter from Hugh (Josh Whitehouse). Ross (Aidan Turner) interrupts and tells her about the sighting of the French. Demelza quickly realizes that Ross will take up arms and fight off the invaders. Geoffrey Charles (Harry Marcus) tells Elizabeth (Heida Reed) that he plans to visit Drake. Elizabeth doesn’t reject, but she encourages Geoffrey to wait for George to return. Seconds later, George (Jack Farthing) is shown in his carriage.

francis bassett poldark s3 finaleGeorge becomes enraged when he sees Drake (Harry Richardson) working at the blacksmith shop. When he returns home, he quickly asks Elizabeth about the shop. He learns that it was purchased by Ross for Drake. Elizabeth promises she cannot remember the last time she saw Ross. Geoffrey visits Drake and complains about George. Meanwhile, George orders Tom Harry (Turlough Convery) to remove Drake from the land by any means necessary. Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) spies on Drake. Seconds later, Dwight (Luke Norris) examines Morwenna at home. He recommends that she and Ossie (Christian Brassington) continue the abstinence for a little longer. At Ossie’s request, Dwight gives Morwenna more tincture to help her sleep. George tells Elizabeth that he is thinking about moving his family to London.

george poldark season 3 finaleMeanwhile, Ross takes command over a group of locals. Tholly and Sam (Tom York) watch from a distance. Tholly makes it clear that he will never become a puppet. George speaks with Francis. He admits he is concerned about Ross having control over a militia. They also argue about George voting against Bassett’s wish. Rowella (Esme Coy) tells Ossie that she is pregnant with his child. In the morning, Drake finds that his shop has been ransacked. Demelza arrives and assesses the damage. Demelza tells Ross. Both agree that George is probably responsible. Nevertheless, Ross doesn’t seem interested in getting involved. He believes Elizabeth will prevent further action. Dwight checks Hugh’s eyesight. He tells his friend that he probably only has 6 months left, before he goes totally blind. Tholly argues with Ross about his inaction. Rowella confronts Ossie.

morwenna drake poldark s3 finaleShe explains that she can marry Arthur Solway (Will Merrick) and pretend the child is his. Ossie likes the idea. Arthur wants a lump sum for his participation. Ossie refuses and suggests the amount is too high. That night, Demelza urges Ross to step up and do something about George. Hugh writes another letter to Demelza. That night, Tom Harry sets one of Drake’s buildings on fire. Drake notices Harry leave, but attempts to put out the fire. The following day, Drake visits Elizabeth. He pleads with her to put a stop to the harassment. George enters and forces Drake to leave. Outside, Drake is beaten by Tom Harry and his friends. Solway returns to Whitworth with a better offer. Whitworth refuses again. Ross and his men practice shooting. Rowella writes a letter about the pregnancy and uses it to extort Ossie. Morwenna overhears the commotion. Sam and Demelza find Drake.

hugh eyesight poldark season 3He is rushed home and attended to by Dwight. Drake refuses to say who attacked him, but everyone knows. Sam and Tholly demand revenge. They rally up the locals at the pub and plan to strike back. Elizabeth becomes angered with George. She tells him that she has no intention to go to London with him. She tells George that his objection of Drake is really his hatred for Ross. Sam, Tholly, Emma (Ciara Charteris), and others prepare a battering ram. Tom Harry notices. Demelza receives a visit from Hugh. She is hesitant to meet with him. However, Prudie tells her about Ross kissing Elizabeth and encourages her to go. Whitworth pays the bribe to Rowella. Then, Whitworth approaches Morwenna and demands sex. She refuses and threatens to harm the baby. Whitworth is forced to leave emptyhanded. When Ossie leaves, Morwenna admits she was lying about hurting the toddler. Demelza visits Ross and tells him that she knows about the kiss.

whitworth poldark s3 finale recapRoss learns that the French are preparing to invade. His group travels to the northern road. Demelza meets with Hugh. He expresses his love for her. Then, they travel to the beach. Hugh tells her about his eyesight and being discharged from the navy. Hugh and Demelza lie together. Ross confronts Tholly’s group. After an intense showdown, Ross relents. He admits it is time to stand up to George. He announces that he will try to become MP. Elizabeth asks George about his suspicions. She grabs a nearby Bible and swears that she hasn’t slept with anyone besides him and Francis. In return, George swears to never question it again. Ross returns home and learns that Demelza is gone. Drake tells Sam that he has found some winter primroses. He also admits he believes there is a higher purpose for him.

tholly and sam poldark s3 finaleRoss finds George on the beach. Despite being totally distraught, George manages to pull himself together long enough to belittle Ross. Morwenna gets a visit. She heads outside and finds a bundle of winter primroses. She calls out that she loves Drake, who is seen hiding nearby. Later that night, Demelza finally returns home. Ross begins to ask questions, but she pleads with him not to. Instead, they embrace one another.


Poldark Review

This was a great finale and an excellent season for Poldark. In fact, it was far superior from the previous season, which went overboard with the Ross and Elizabeth relationship. Pretty much everything came to a head. Elizabeth finally took a stand against George and Morwenna stood up for herself against Ossie. Thanks to Tholly and Sam, Ross finally decided to stand up against George.

It also appears that Demelza gave herself an opportunity to be happy. This season was excellent thanks to the additions of Drake, Sam, Hugh, and Tholly. In the finale, Jack Farthing was brilliant. If he wasn’t so slimy, it would be easy to feel a little sympathy for old George. There are plenty of storylines left to branch out into the fourth season.

I cannot wait to see where things go from here. The finale scores an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Poldark now!

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