Perfect Sisters Review

Perfect Sisters is a 2014, fact based drama, which focuses on the murder of Linda Anderson (Mira Sorvino), by her daughters, Sandra (Abigail Breslin) and Beth (Georgie Henley). Of course, the government chose these names for the individuals, in order to protect their true identities.

The movie begins by showing up a chaotic family life for the sisters. Their mother, Linda, is depressed and hooked on drugs and alcohol. Her relationship struggles are also noticeable, as she goes from abusive relationship to abusive relationship.

The Anderson family moves to a new location, which gives them a chance for a new life. The girls are hopeful, but soon things go back to being chaotic, when Linda finds a new boyfriend. This man is little different from the rest, as he is abusive to Linda, as well as Sandra and Beth.

Soon, the girls find themselves becoming more and more enraged with their mother. When Linda informs the girls that her new boyfriend is going to be moving in, the girls begin hatching a plan to prevent this from happening. Their solution? Murder their mother. Who do they turn to for help? Their teenage schoolmates.

Despite being young, the group formulate a masterful plan, which involves alcohol, drugs and a bath tub. Once the plan is put into place, everything goes off without a hitch. Of course, the girls do not keep quiet about their crimes. Instead, they brag about it to all of their friends. Will this come back to haunt them? Or will the girls claim the their mother’s insurance money and live a lives of luxury?


Many times, fact is more interesting and compelling than fiction. Of course, a movie, which is based on fact must be constructed correctly, in order to be successful. Perfect Sisters fails in the beginning. Much of the opening is all other the place. However, things begin to pick up midway through and closes excellently.

The acting was hit and miss. While Abigail Breslin seemed to be trying a little too hard, Georgie Henley performed much better. Despite this, the pair seemed to level one another out. Mira Sorvino was believable, as the drunk and depressed Linda.

Overall, the story was very good, but perhaps this is because of the truthfulness behind it? If you feel like exploring the true story behind the murder of Linda Anderson, or Linda Andersen, which took place in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in January of 2003, you should definitely check out the film. However, do not be afraid to skip through the first thirty minutes or so. The movie deserves a 6 out of 10.

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