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Peaky Blinders Series 4 Finale Recap

As the episode begins, Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) waits for the boxing match to start. He soon gets a visit from Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy). Alfie tells Thomas that he plans to move out of his factory soon enough. He refuses to stick around for the boxing match. However, he believes that big will conquer small. As Alfie leaves, Goliath (Dino Kelly) begins getting the better of Bonnie (Jack Rowan). Arthur (Paul Anderson) urges Bonnie on from ringside. Thomas joins Arthur, who becomes concerned with the behavior of Goliath’s corner men. Meanwhile, Polly (Helen McCrory) and Ada (Sophie Rundle) speak about the fight in the back. Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) joins them. She tells the girls about her pregnancy and the fact that Tommy is the father. Linda (Kate Phillips) enters seconds later. She snorts coke and proves that her attitude has changed completely. She also learns about Lizzie’s pregnancy.

cillian murphy peaky blinders finaleBonnie continues letting Goliath get the better of him. This allows Johnny Dogs (Packy Lee) to rake in the money. Arthur becomes concerned and follows the men outside. Before too long, Tommy goes after him. Arthur is attacked from behind. He is strangled with a wire. Tommy enters and shoots the man dead, but it seems that he was too late to save Arthur. He tells Polly about Arthur in the hallway. Meanwhile, Bonnie finishes his opponent in the fourth. Tommy enters the ring and tells everyone about Arthur’s death. He locks down the venue, so nobody can escape. The assassin’s comrade is stopped outside. He is beaten by Thomas, Isiah (Jordan Bolger) and Finn (Harry Kirton). Thomas forced Finn to take the man’s eyes. Later, Polly gets in touch with Michael (Finn Cole) and tells him there has been a change in plans. Michael meets with Thomas and Polly. Thomas tells Michael that he is being sent to New York. He cannot be trusted, since he didn’t tell Thomas about Polly siding with Luca.

peaky blinders series 4 boxingLater, Thomas places a call to the United States. A ceremony is held for Arthur. During the event, Audrey Changretta (Brid Brennan) arrives with a white flag. She tells Thomas that she wants to negotiate peace. Thomas meets with the woman later. She explains that they want Thomas to sign over all of his business to Luca (Adrien Brody) and his family. Thomas agrees to the deal. Luca and his men storm Alfie’s factory. They discover a homemade bomb that Alfie has left as a present. Next, Thomas and Polly finish with some paperwork. Lizzie enters and complains about Thomas not visiting her. He tells her about Luca’s recent moves. He explains that Luca is coming to Birmingham. It is their turn next. Luca meets with Thomas and the others. The paperwork is laid out for Thomas to sign. Luca wants to humiliate Thomas. He tells him to sign the paperwork on his knees.

audrey peaky blinders finaleThomas tells Luca that he has been in contact with his rivals in America, including Al Capone. He has teamed up with Capone to deliver alcohol to America. He also explains that Capone has agreed to pay Luca’s men a higher wage. Luca’s men turn on him immediately. He fights with Thomas briefly, until Thomas slams his head against a table several times. Then, Arthur and the others enter. Arthur finishes off a bloody Luca with a bullet to the head. Later, the Peaky Blinders celebrate their victory. Arthur admits that Thomas gave him a way out. However, he wants to stick around. He also tells Thomas to take time off. Thomas tracks down Alfie. After a little back and forth, they shoot at one another. Alfie is dead, but Thomas walks away. Then, Thomas goes on vacation and we jump ahead. Tommy’s attitude changes. He has too much time to think about the way and other things. After a conversation with Polly, Thomas decides to return to work immediately. He tells Polly that he has an idea. She seems worried.

adrien brody peaky blinders finaleThomas heads to the factory. He gives Niall (Graeme Hawley) one final task. Before too long, Thomas meets with Jessie Eden (Charlie Murphy). He agrees to support her cause. She gives him the name of Casey Douglas. They call the man right away. Then, Thomas gets in touch with a government man. He negotiates a deal. He agrees to steer the communist movement in return for something big. The entire Shelby family heads to the voting booths. Thomas is voted in to the parliament as the episode comes to and end. Thomas celebrates with Lizzie as Jessie watches from a distance.


Peaky Blinders Review

This season of Peaky Blinders has been excellent. The finale was no different, but it was a little cliché and predictable. I had a good feeling that Arthur wasn’t really dead and I thought Tommy might be planning something by pretending to give up his businesses. The episode was a little awkward in terms of pacing as well. The first part of the episode was sped up. Then, we had a cool down with Tommy’s vacation. It just felt a little awkward and drug out to some degree.

The finale was great otherwise and the ending should make the next season very interesting. The finale scores a solid 9 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Peaky Blinders now!

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