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Newton’s Law Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the series begins, Lydia (Ella Newton) partakes in an environmental protest with her father, Callum (Brett Tucker). Lydia leaves the group and runs into a construction worker, Mitch (Harry Borland). She gets inside of a bulldozer and winds up running it into Laurie Trencherman’s (Michael F. Cahill) automobile. After the intro, Johnny Allbright (Sean Keenan) delivers clients to Helena (Georgina Naidu). Eric Whitley (Andrew McFarlane) arrives and asks for a car wash. Johnny obliges and tells him no different. In the elevator, Eric tries to flirt with Jackie Russo (Jane Hall). She wants nothing to do with it. Then, Josephine (Claudia Karvan) and Lewis (Toby Schmitz) meet with their next client, Sam (Opal King).

lydia and mitch newton's lawSam has been living with his uncle, Jiao (Ed Deganos). Sam has been on hormone therapy with approval from his legal guardian, Jiao. However, his parents want the therapy to be stopped. Josephine gets a call from Callum. She learns about the incident at the protest and the fact that someone has been arrested. Josephine meets with Callum at the car wash law firm. Josephine is not happy to find out that it was Lydia, who was arrested. They discover that Lydia has been charged with criminal damage. Laurie Trencherman wants her to pay for his car. Eventually, Helena is put in charge of the case. She is skeptical at first, but agrees to do it for Lydia. Before Josephine leaves, she notices that Johnny is cleaning cars. Helena immediately begins working with Lydia to get the facts of the case.

sean keenan newton's lawMeanwhile, Sam tells Josephine about her experience at school. Sam is allowed to pick out the outfit she would like to wear for the hearing. She selects the dress. The attorneys introduce themselves to the judge. Lewis seems to know the woman very well. She seems to think highly of him. During this time, Johnny runs into Skye Stewart (Miranda Tapsell). She has arrived to speak with Helena. We learn that Skye is working for Trencherman. Johnny ridicules the insurance companies. He also decided to follow to the scene, so he can photograph the evidence as well. Johnny is forced to take Whitley’s car. Eventually, Sam takes the stand. Josephine encourages him to tell the judge about his feelings and when they first started. We also learned that a doctor referred him to a gender clinic. That doctor was once a neighbor of the uncle.

brett tucker newton's lawNevertheless, Sam makes it clear that he had to beg his uncle to sign off on the therapy. Meanwhile, Skye photographs the evidence. Johnny photographs her. Sam’s mother takes the stand. She is asked about allowing Sam to dress in her dresses. She insists that he did, but she never encouraged it in any way. Sam’s father lashes out at his brother for liking men. He believes that his brother might have put ideas in his son’s head. During a break, Lydia contacts her mother and lets her know that Helena is freaking out. She gets a text from Mitch and quickly hangs up on her mother. Lewis meets with Josephine at Chatterjee & Chatterjee. They’re forced to hide inside when Eric approaches. After Eric leaves in his vehicle, the group discusses Lydia’s case.

andrew mcfarlane newton's lawHelena briefs Lewis. He is impressed. Then, Josephine notices that her daughter has been texting with Mitch. She doesn’t mentioned it to Lydia. Callum visits that night. He shows Lydia the reception that her stunt has received online. Josephine shares a drink with Lewis. During their encounter, Lewis tells Josephine why the judge likes him so much. She believes that he has been flirting with her. He admits that he is afraid of the repercussions of telling her the truth. In the morning, Josephine takes Lydia and her art project to school. She also learns about Mitch. She tells Helena right away. Skye visits Helena and offers a crucial piece of evidence that could change everything. She promises that she just came for a car wash though. Johnny pays a visit to Mitch and urges him to give up evidence against his employer. Dr. Christou (Anton Berezin) takes the stand in Sam’s case.

josephine and helena newton's lawThe doctor tells the group what would happen if Sam quit his therapy. Sam’s father, Gang (Anthony Brandon Wong), takes the stand. He tells the group why he moved from China to be with his brother. Jiao was forced to flee, because he was caught with a local boy. After hearing the story, Sam tries to drop his case. Josephine tries to talk him out of it. Ying (Sun Park) tries to speak with him in the bathroom. Helena learns that the construction site has many violations. She uses this information against Trencherman. Then, Sam’s mother takes the stand. She shows the judge pictures that Sam drew as a child. After her testimony, the judge agrees to let Sam continue the treatments. At the end of the episode, Jackie Russo finally succumbs to Whitley’s advances. Also, Lydia is unable to tell her father that she doesn’t have a passion for the environment like he does.


Newton’s Law Review

The second episode of Newton’s Law was surprisingly good. In fact, it was much better than the opener. Sure, it was a little bit cheesy here and there, but it was much improved. The episode brought some emotions and still managed to be funny. The show probably isn’t the best thing I have seen, but it has been somewhat enjoyable. The second episode scores a solid 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Newton’s Law now!

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