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National Treasure Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the 3rd episode, Marie (Julie Walters) enjoys a cigarette in the bathroom. She becomes worried when the door open. She steps out of the stall and is confronted by a young woman. The woman is identified as Rebecca Thornton (Kate Hardie). Rebecca is adamant that she is not lying. She insists it has nothing to do with punishing Paul. Rebecca suggests Paul did this to Marie and her daughter as well. Marie storms out. Moments later, Marie meets with Paul (Robbie Coltrane) and heads to the hospital. They also bring one of Dee’s sons along. Photographers and journalists hound them all the way. Dee (Andrea Riseborough) is given a handmade card from one of her children.

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Bill speaks with his mother. He lets her know that he is aware of his past troubles. Eventually, Bill rushes off and Dee questions what she has done. Marie reminds her daughter that she has done what she always does. After they leave the hospital, we see a flashback with a young Dee and her mother arguing. A young Marie (Lucy Speed) urges her daughter to hurry up and get ready for school. She reveals she is wanted on the set. After the intro, Paul and Marie meets with Jerome (Babou Ceesay). Jerome tells the couple about someone knocking on the door during the alleged sexual assault and alerting Paul that he had a prior appointment.

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Jerome admits it is unclear whether the individual was male or female and they remain unfound. He also suggests the tide has turned, thanks to Dee. Gerry (Mark Lewis Jones) interrupts and explains that Dee’s breakdown actually swayed the press and their changed their opinion. Marie is introduced to Zoe (Kerry Fox) and questions about her sex life with Paul. Marie admits that Paul was unfaithful, but explains that he always told her about his other relationships. She denies she was ever forced or objectified by her husband. After the interview ends, Marie leaves home and is hounded by the neighbor, who remains loyal to the family. In a flashback, young Marie speaks with Paul on the set. She relays a message to him and suggests the producers want to cut him from the show.

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Back in the present, Marie meets with Karl (Tim McInnerny). They take a walk along the beach and reminisce about old times. Karl reiterates what he said earlier and also offers to care for Marie should Paul be forced to spend time in jail. Marie refuses and insists she isn’t the one for him. Karl suggests he could’ve told the police a lot, but didn’t. He admits he felt the infidelity a secret for Marie’s sake. During this time, Paul gets a visit from Gerry. It is revealed that Rebecca sent Paul numerous letters after the alleged assault. Gerry suggests that Paul change his testimony and admit to sleeping with the girl. He believes this would be more difficult for the prosecution to prove thanks to the new evidence. Paul doesn’t seem interested, but agrees to think about it.

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Next, Marie helps Dee return home. Paul calls Marie, but she refuses to answer. Dee insists she is much better than she has been in a long time. Marie doesn’t believe it. They share a quick bonding moment, before Marie is told to go home. We see a flashback of Marie and Paul sharing dinner with Karl and Leo (Ian Puleston-Davies). Leo makes a comment about one of the waitresses. He invites her over and touches her inappropriately. The young girl, Rebecca, smiles and tells her co-worker about the encounter. Back in the present, Paul visits the Middlesex Police station. He speaks with DI Palmer (Nadine Marshall) and admits he wants to change his testimony. Palmer tells him that it is too late now.

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She also admits she doesn’t understand why he would choose to hurt women, since he has everything. Paul maintains his innocence and denied damaging women. That night, Paul tells Marie how people reacted to Smuggle without him involved. He also tells her about Gerry’s new evidence. She insists she isn’t cracking. Marie doesn’t like the ideal of Paul confessing to sleeping with Rebecca. When asked, Paul never tells whether or not he slept with the girl. The next day, Marie heads to the church. She has a flashback to the day Dee overdosed. Paul and Marie rush to the hospital. The girl seems happy to see her father, but she pays little attention to her mother. At three in the morning, Paul suggests it is time to leave the hospital, since he has a lot of filming to do the next day.

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Marie insists she is going to stay. However, Paul admits Dee wouldn’t want her there. Marie is perplexed why her daughter doesn’t love her. Paul doesn’t try to answer the question. Back in the present, Paul visits his daughter. Paul tells his daughter about his father. He reveals that his father used to beat him and pleasure himself all the while. He admits he now knows how his father feels. Despite doing his best to not become his father, Paul is now in a similar situation. Paul thanks his daughter for believing him. He also admits he doesn’t love anyone as much as he loves his daughter. Paul wonders whether or not he might have damaged his daughter. She denies such.

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Dee makes it know that she wishes to come home. At first, Paul is hesitant, but he eventually grants her wish. Back at home, Marie packs her belongings and prepares to leave. Before she can make her escape, Paul and Dee walk through the door. Paul announces that they’re back together just like they should be.


National Treasure Review

The 3rd episode of National Treasure was intriguing and eye opening. We learned about a contradiction made by Rebecca and also discovered that Paul was willing to change his testimony to strengthen his case. Is he simply afraid of going to prison or is he willing to tell the truth? Also, we learned about Dee’s fate. The woman happened to be just fine, but history told us a great deal about her relationship with her mother and father.

While Dee seems to have great fondness for her father, she seems uninterested in her mother. Finally, we learned about Paul’s abuse at his father’s hands. Paul seems genuine in his claims of innocence, but questions will remain. We can only hope the 4th episode will disclose the truth. A 7 out of 10 is awarded to the episode. Catch up with previous recaps of National Treasure right now!

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