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McMafia Series 1 Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, we see that the police have begun arresting Vadim’s men. Karel Benes (Karel Roden) seems to be following through with his side of the arrangement. He pays a police officer, Josef Hancil (Marek Vasut), for doing his dirty work. Vadim (Merab Ninidze) chats with his men and tries to figure out what is going on with their operation. At home, Alex Godman (James Norton) makes several more transactions to Kleiman’s businesses. After the intro, Alex takes Dimitri (Aleskey Serebryakov) to the hospital for a checkup. Alex chats with a doctor. He refuses to accept counseling for his father. Meanwhile, Antonio Mendez (Caio Blat) speaks with Rebecca (Juliet Rylance). He explains that he went to school with Alex. He invites Rebecca and Alex to visit his home.

alex godman mcmafia episode 3Rebecca tells Alex about it when she returns home. Alex seems a bit confused. He looks at a picture of Antonio from school. It is clear that they’re not the same person. The following day, Karin (Kemi-Bo Jacobs) finds that Alex is distracted. He continues hiding the global fund’s activities from her. Alex gets a call from Antonio. He takes his number and calls him back moments later. Antonio wants to get involved in the global fund. He arranges to meet Alex and Rebecca at his home. Meanwhile, Vadim hangs out with Natasha (Anna Levanova) and other relatives. He plans to check on the operation personally. Ilya (Kirill Pirogov) is tasked with finding out who is financing the operation against Vadim.

antonio mcmafia episode 3Natasha decides to tag along during her father’s trip. Meanwhile, Semiyon (David Strathairn) gets his new girl to obtain information from potential business partners. Tanya (Yuval Scharf) gives the girl advice for eliciting information from the men. Vadim and his daughter head to Ukraine, while Rebecca and Alex visit Antonio. Antonio greets them personally. Meanwhile, Oksana (Mariya Shukshina) returns home and finds Dimitri chatting with someone on the phone. She immediately becomes suspicious. When Dimitri leaves, she searches through her husband’s belongings. She finds a love letter from Dimitri to Masha (Maria Mashkova). Meanwhile, Dimitri and Masha get romantic. Alex and Rebecca attend a party thrown by Antonio. Antonio discusses his school days with Alex.

oksana mcmafia episode 3Eventually, Alex tells Antonio that he is not easy to scare. Vadim watches as the local police arrest his street vendors. Alex and Rebecca return to their motel. Vadim chats with his men and asks them about Reznik’s death. He doesn’t believe that the death could be a suicide or an accident. Meanwhile, Dimitri returns home to an angry Oksana. She recites a line from his letter and lets him know that she is aware of his affair. Meanwhile, Joseph is tasked with taking the new girl home. Along the way, they discuss Russia. Joseph (Oshri Cohen) makes it clear that Semiyon is a good man. He tells the woman that Kleiman will care for her and her mother. The following day, Alex and Rebecca enjoy their time on Antonio’s boat. Alex and Antonio swim out to an island. There, they begin chatting about business.

alex and antonio mcmafiaAntonio makes it clear that he wants to use Kleiman’s boats to smuggle in heroin. Alex admits that he just finances Kleiman. Meanwhile, Vadim investigates the scene of Reznik’s death. He finds signs of a struggle and orders his man to find out which cop wrote the report. That night, Alex proposes to Rebecca. He admits he wouldn’t know who he was without her. Oksana confronts Masha. She tells her that Dimitri should move in with her. Then, she can wipe Dimitri’s butt when he gets older. Vadim and Natasha visit a chapel. In the morning, Vadim is given the name Josef Hancil. The cop is taken hostage. Vadim meets with him. After a little torture, Josef gives up Karel’s name. Vadim beats the officer to death anyway. Then, Vadim reunites with his daughter. During their last meeting with Antonio, Alex is pulled aside.

vadim mcmafia episode 3 recapAntonio tells Alex about an upcoming drug shipment from Vadim. He encourages him to disrupt the shipment and hurt Vadim’s reputation. Then, Vadim takes Alex downstairs. There, they find one of the Boris’s assassins chained up and bloody. Antonio explains that it is a gift. Alex says very little afterwards. He returns to Rebecca and tries to seem normal.


McMafia Episode 3

McMafia has turned into a slow burner of sorts. It is definitely well written. Each episode unravels a little bit of the drama and pushes Alex deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld. It is unclear whether Alex is prepared for what he has gotten himself into. Will he be able to adjust and survive the wrath of Vadim? It is only a matter of time before Vadim finds out the truth after all. All in all, the episode was good. It scores a solid 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of McMafia right now!

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