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McMafia Episode 6 Recap

As the 6th episode begins, Alex (James Norton) meets with Antonio (Caio Blat). They plan their next move. Alex admits that he is concerned about Rebecca and his family. Antonio insists it would be difficult for Vadim (Merab Ninidze) to try anything in London. Then, they discuss security for Rebecca and the others. Antonio insists it is better to have no attachments. It is clear that Alex accepts the message. That night, Alex and Rebecca (Juliet Rylance) get into an argument. Alex makes it clear that he doesn’t care whether or not Rebecca attends his family’s dinner. After the intro, Vadim makes plans with Ilya (Kirill Priogov) and his lawyer. They believe that they can put pressure on Alex, without violence. It is obvious that Vadim wants more. Alex enjoys dinner with his family.

mcmafia alex episode 6Alex tells Dimitri (Aleksey Serebryakov) that he is worried about his safety. Dimitri seems suspicious by the timing. After dinner, Dimitri tells Alex about the visit from Rebecca. Alex promises that he is not involved in dirty money. Joseph (Oshri Cohen) pays a visit to Lyudmilla (Sofya Lebedeva). He lets her know that he believes Alex can help her get free. Marius Jensen (David Menkin) and others begin surveying Alex’s family at Vadim’s order. Alex and Rebecca go dress shopping. They’re spied on during the trip. Also, Alex gets a call from Joseph. They plan to meet in London. Alex becomes more suspicious that night. After a little back and forth, Alex suggests separating for a brief period. Rebecca has no choice, but to agree. Joseph speaks with Semiyon (David Strathairn). He gives Kleiman notice that he will be leaving soon. Semiyon promises that he will let Lyudmilla go in time.

rebecca mcmafia episode 6Katya (Faye Marsay) goes to the clinic with Masha (Maria Mashkova). Masha admits she doesn’t want to get rid of the baby. Rebecca moves into a hotel with a pool. Vadim learns about her decision. Joseph meets with Alex. They meet with a friend of Joseph and quickly get Alex and his family bodyguards. Vadim enjoys a party with Natasha (Anna Levanova). Ilya encourages Vadim to be cautious about doing anything stupid. Oksana (Mariya Shukshina) and the other family members are introduced to their guards. Vadim is told that Benes (Karel Roden) can be taken care of. However, Vadim doesn’t want him tortured. He believes something else would be more effective. Moments later, Carolina meets with Karel. She has been beaten by her dealer. Rebecca is introduced to Slyvie at the pool. Then, she has a brief conversation with Alex on the phone.

karel benes mcmafia episode 6Oksana goes dress shopping with her bodyguard, Jennifer (Eve Parmiter). While Jen is trying on a dress, Marius enters and chats with Oksana. Jennifer seems suspicious of him, when she returns. Dimitri asks Monk (Gavin Marshall) what he has to report back to his boss. Dimitri meets with Masha. They argue briefly. Dimitri admits he is afraid that she is going to disappear on him one day. That night, Katya visits Alex and tells him about Masha’s pregnancy. Karel meets and beats his daughter’s dealer. He is told that he was forced to do it. He tells Karel that he will be killed, if he doesn’t do what they say. Vadim gives his daughter advice about boys. Rebecca speaks with Slyvie (Louise Monot) again at the pool. Alex gets a call from Benes. He meets with him and learns about Karel’s troubles. In the morning, Rebecca runs into Slyvie.

vadim and natasha mcmafiaThey agree to share a drink later. Marius gains access to a pistol. Alex and Katya visit Masha. They offer her money to take the baby and raise it elsewhere. Marius puts the silencer on the firearm. Vadim plans a hit on one of the family members. He wants to make sure that Alex knows. He tells them to make it happen tonight. Alex meets with Benes in London. Benes says something about Rebecca and a pool. Alex gets up and tries to call Rebecca, but she doesn’t answer. He immediately tells Joseph that something is wrong, since he never told Karel about the pool. Joseph rushes to the hotel. Sylvie joins Rebecca for dinner and a drink. Benes shows remorse for betraying Alex. He admits he wouldn’t have done it, if they hadn’t threatened his daughter. Alex makes it clear that Vadim isn’t done with him or his family.

james norton mcmafiaRebecca tells her new friend that she is pregnant. Sylvie pulls out the gun and prepares to shoot Rebecca. Joseph barges in. Rebecca is shot in the stomach. Joseph kills Sylvie. Vadim receives word about the incident, before Alex rushes to the hospital. He learns that Rebecca is in surgery.


McMafia Review

This was another great episode of McMafia. It was a tad bit slow, but very intriguing from start to finish. Things have finally gotten serious. Vadim struck first, but it doesn’t appear that his strike was deadly. Rebecca will most likely lose the child, but she will likely survive. Nevertheless, it is questionable whether or not her relationship with Alex can survive. Now, it is time for Alex to strike back. How far is he willing to go? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Natasha get caught up in the mix.

The episode was very good. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of McMafia right now!

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