Madam Secretary Finale Recap and Review

Juliet Madam Secretary

When the Madam Secretary finale opens, Juliet (Nilaja Sun) is shown at the prison. A few seconds in and Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) enters. Liz insists she is there to save her life, but Juliet doesn’t seem interested. Elizabeth uses Juliet’s kid and attempts to learn about Juliet’s comrades. Juliet insists Liz quit and is actually the traitor. Liz escapes the room, before the show flashes back to 2005. The pair are shown working at the CIA and speaking about the Geneva convention. Liz speaks about 911 and insists torture is a waste of time.

Juliet Madam Secretary

Back in the present, Liz meets up with her team. Nadine Tolliver (Bebe Neuwirth) briefs her regarding Senator Raymond Caruthers (Richard Bekins) suggesting a cover-up. Jay (Sebastian Arcelus) insists the conspiracy theory could worsen, but Liz doesn’t seem too concerned. Blake tells Liz that the Senator is on his way to her office. Another flashback shows Liz speaking to Conrad Dalton, who suggests Liz made some valid points. However, he wants her to rewrite the report, in order to keep the operation in Iraq effective and legitimate.

Senator Caruthers

The Senator brings a subpoena to Liz and speaks about the administration attempting to overthrow the Iranian government. After he leaves, Blake Moran (Erich Bergen) questions Liz what he thinks he has, but she has no clue. Mike B (Kevin Rahm) enters with his dog and complains about the subpoena. Liz insists there is nothing else left. Mike tells her that the Senator is a dangerous man and doesn’t need information. He also suggests she needs a lawyer, before he runs off with Gordon.

Madam Secretary Gordon and Mike B

Daisy Grant (Patina Miller) enters and offers to change a portrait in the hallway. Blake agrees to help and offers to get rid of Mike B, as well, but Liz doesn’t enjoy his sense of humor. Stevie is shown at work talking to Arthur Gilroy (Josh Hamilton). The pair discuss their break up and Arthur insists Stevie should stop flirting with him. At home, Henry (Tim Daly) and Liz prepare the kids for the investigation. An argument ensues, as the kids suggest Liz should quit.

Daisy Grant Madam Secretary

Another flashback shows Henry and Liz discussing Liz’s potential trip to Baghdad. The pair argue over the decision. Blake meets up with Matt and Daisy. He admits he’s tried everything and hasn’t been able to get rid of the portrait. Mike B chats with Elizabeth about Russell (Zeljko Ivanek) coming to her office. Russell enters and says that Juliet is facing the death penalty and refusing to cooperate. Russell offers Liz executive privilege, but she refuses it. After a call from the President, Elizabeth accepts it. She tells the kids, at home, that they have less to worry about.

Nadine Tolliver

Steve enters in a dress and reveals she is heading to the White House for an event with Harrison Dalton (Jason Ralph). Stevie insists she isn’t interested in Harrison. FBI Director Neil Hendricks (Wayne Duvall) appears at the door and serves Henry with a subpoena. Mike B tells the pair that Elizabeth is accused of sharing private information, with Henry, and violating the espionage act. Although it’ll be hard to prove, Elizabeth insists it’ll still hurt her. Mike B suggests he’ll find Henry a lawyer, despite Henry insisting they’ve done nothing wrong.

Wallis Currie-Wood

Harrison and Stevie chat in the back of a limo. Harrison leans in for a kiss, but Stevie denies him. She suggests they’re just friends. Blake speaks to Nadine and tells her about Marsh’s portrait. She agrees to think of a way to get rid of it. Henry and Elizabeth argue over Henry’s decision. Another flashback shows the pair arguing again. Henry insists Liz should go to Baghdad, but says it’ll hurt him and the kids. The pair speak about the government’s lack of integrity, but Henry insists it isn’t their problem.

Stevie and Harrison

Russell arrives at Elizabeth’s house and questions her about sharing classified information with Henry. Russell insists they have a second term to win, as he breaks the news that they won’t be able to protect Elizabeth. At the office, Liz and Blake walk around and watch Marsh’s portrait get removed. It triggers something and Liz rushes out. Elizabeth arrives at the Senate hearing. She waives her executive privilege and begins speaking about Marsh’s death. She admits working with Henry, in order to investigate.

Madam Secretary Season 2

Stevie receives reassuring news from Arthur, while Elizabeth suggests she would do it again. She rushes out, despite the Senator suggesting she isn’t dismissed. Outside, Mike B confirms that the committee is going to file criminal charges. Henry joins the kids at home and insists Elizabeth did nothing wrong. Stevie receives a message of support from Arthur. Nadine speaks to the attorney of Vincent’s family. He suggests he always thought Nadine could do better than Marsh. Stevie meets up with Harrison and gives him a kiss. Stevie insists Harrison is the only one capable of understanding her life.

President Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine) reveals that Elizabeth won’t have charges filed against her. Meanwhile, Juliet speaks about Munsey and eliminating Marsh. At Liz’s will, Juliet is questioned about the death of Agent Peters. She insists she manipulated his car and set it up to wreck. She admits they were all friends once, before a flashback shows them all drinking together. The episode ends with a toast.


The finale fell somewhat flat, although Elizabeth’s speech at the committee hearing was a high note. The rest of the episode was jumbled and messy. Stevie hooking up with Harrison could’ve been seen from a mile away and was definitely unnecessary. I’d give it a 6 out 10.

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