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A Look At The Justness Project – An Ambitious Video Series

In today’s America, almost everyone has a distrust for the legal system. Despite the flaws of the American justice system, the majority of us acknowledge that things could be far worse. How would a wrongfully convicted inmate wade through the legal system in a place like the war torn Afghanistan? As Americans, we’re often misled to the state of such places. They’re just a bomb friendly sandbox where Arabic men cloaked in black clothing chop a head off each day, right?

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Things aren’t so simple and these areas, despite their misrepresentation, actually have their own justice systems and there are some brave souls, who are willing to defend the accused. This is where Kimberley Motley enters the picture. This former beauty queen turned International Attorney is a veteran and takes on cases that most defense attorneys would avoid like the plague.

justness project

Motley and her colleagues have worked for clients in Afghanistan, Bolivia, Uganda and many other countries. Motley’s crusades could potentially be transformed into a video series. The featured cases could involve the following:

  • A gun violence case in America
  • Human trafficking in America
  • The case of a Bolivian, female forensic doctor, who is harassed for testifying against a convicted pedophile
  • A 19-year-old in Ghana, who wishes to bring closed captioning to the country
  • And, a group of victims involved in a school girl abduction in Uganda


Sounds interesting enough. As someone, who loves legal dramas and documentaries, the Justness Project sounds like something right up my alley. Add in the international aspect of the cases and the series looks even more compelling. Would this be something you would watch?


If so, you might want to consider heading over to Kickstarter and backing the project! It currently has 4 backers and needs about $50,000 more, in order to reach its goal. Don’t worry, because there is still time! With 45 days remaining, Kimberley Motley and The Justness Project need your help! Be sure to check out the Kickstarter now!

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