warren brown liar episode 5 recap

Liar Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Laura (Joanne Froggatt) details her plan to Tom (Warren Brown). She explains that she wants to sneak into the hospital and stash the GHB in Andrew’s locker. After revealing that he has been suspended, Tom reluctantly agrees to help. Before the conversation ends, Laura finds Katy’s umbrella in Tom’s vehicle. She questions Tom and he makes an excuse as to how the umbrella was left in his car. Laura leaves with the umbrella. Tom tries to call Katy (Zoe Tapper). Vanessa (Shelley Conn) heads to the doctor. She finds that the baby is just fine. However, she has abrasions and cuts on her private area. Vanessa seems surprised, since she hasn’t slept with anyone. She asks the doctor to test her for GHB.

warren brown liar episode 5 recapKaty doesn’t answer. She is too busy with the kids. Seconds later, Laura visits Katy. She sneaks around and takes Katy’s hospital badge. Then, she confronts Katy about the umbrella. Katy gives a complete different story than Tom. This makes Laura suspicious. Eventually, Katy tells the truth. Liam (Richie Campbell) enters and learns about the affair as well. Vanessa learns that she did not have GHB in her system. However, the drug passes through the system very fast. Laura gets a call from Tom, while at the pub. She tells him that she now knows the truth. Their initial plan falls apart. At the station, Rory (Danny Webb) tells Vanessa about his daughter’s upcoming birthday party. He also asks her about herself. He recognizes that something is wrong. Vanessa doesn’t tell him.

laura and katy liar episode 5Katy tries to get in touch with Liam, but he refuses to answer his phone. Laura spirals out of control into the night. She wakes up in a stupor and recalls feeling awkward the day after the alleged rape. Meanwhile, Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) pays a visit to his mother’s. He speaks with her sitter briefly, before heading outside to the shed. He hides a camera and two vials of a clear liquid, before the sitter interrupts. He locks the shed back and heads back inside. Laura visits with a counselor, but the session doesn’t help. She leaves angry. Vanessa gives testimony in a court case. Then, she speaks with a young boy and tries to give him encouragement to testify. Her words ring true for her own situation, so she calls Rory and agrees to tell him the truth. That night, Liam returns home and reveals he will be staying with his mother, until Katy can find another place.

laura liar episode 5Later, Laura becomes angry and smashes a mirror. She grabs a piece of glass and lets it cut her hand. Then, she heads to the pub and meets with Andrew. They get into an argument, before Laura follows Andrew outside. She tries to convince him to drive her home. Then, she scratches him on the neck and gives him a dose of GHB. Laura puts him in his own car and drives away. While Vanessa tells Rory about the possible assault, Laura takes Andrew inside of an empty building. She ties him to a column inside. Laura interrogates Andrew. He eventually admits that he had an affair on his wife and encouraged her to kill herself everyday. However, he denies killing her. Vanessa decides to track Andrew’s vehicle. She finds it suspicious that it is out in the middle of nowhere for so long. Andrew breaks free and Laura makes a run for it.

rory liar episode 5 recapEventually, Andrew grabs Laura and throws her to the ground. Vanessa shows up and breaks it up. Vanessa claims that the forensics team is searching her house and they’ll bring Andrew down. He doesn’t seem worried in the least. He insists that they will not find a shred of evidence against him.


Liar Review

Liar has definitely delved into the realm of absurdity. This episode should have been very powerful. It should have been, but it wasn’t. It is overloaded with nonsense that nobody cares about. The relationship between Liam and Katy isn’t interesting. I don’t have any interest in Tom either. We were given the runaround with the plot to plant the drugs in Andrew’s locker. Instead, Laura turned into a vigilante and somehow overpowered Andrew with GHB.

Then, Laura lugged Andrew’s body around like a brute. The entire episode was unrealistic. The series could be powerful and valuable at this point in time, but it falls flat with the over-the-top antics. Sadly, a 5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Liar now.

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