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Jamestown Series 1 Finale Recap

As the finale begins, Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick) watches as the boat arrives from England. The letters are passed along to Temperance (Claire Cox). George (Jason Flemyng) informs his colleagues that there is going to be a General Assembly of representatives from all of Virginia. The assembly will attempt to pass laws that are needed. Verity (Niamh Walsh) becomes distraught as she watches more women emerge from the ship. She tells Meredith that they’re not wed. Alice (Sophie Rundle) watches as Pepper and Silas help Henry to his feet and drag him into their cabin. Christopher (Ben Starr) speaks with Jocelyn. He recommends that she tell Temperance the truth in hopes of being spared.

jamestown massinger and georgeNicholas Farlow (Burn Gorman) tries to wiggle his way into the situation, but Jocelyn sends him away empty handed. Temperance opens the letter and scans through it quickly. Meredith tracks down Reverend Whitaker (Shaun Dooley) and tries to confirm that he was indeed wed to Verity. The Reverend couldn’t care less, since he has been informed he will be returning to England. Silas (Stuart Martin) explains his reasoning to Alice. She admits it is right for Silas to care for his brother. However, she doesn’t know how she can sleep with him so close. She explains that the memory of the attack haunts her. Seconds later, Massinger (Tony Pitts) arrives. He lays out his plans to sell tobacco at the lowest cost, so he can put Silas out of business.

actress sophie rundle jamestown finaleVerity explains that she has never felt at home anywhere. However, she feels oddly comfortable in the mud pit that is Jamestown. Outside of the town, Jocelyn speaks to Mercy (Patsy Ferran) about the gallows. Jocelyn seems concerned that he could experience that fate in the future. George gathers the men and tells them about the upcoming assembly. He explains that two men from each plantation will form a house to pass laws. James Read (Matt Stokoe) interrupts Alice and escorts her to his shop. He burns the bell and tells her he intends to buy a wife. However, he leaves the door open for Alice should she ever need assistance. Jocelyn and Mercy head to the pub.

verity jamestown finaleBoth begin drinking heavily. Verity watches the door. She notices Redwick (Steven Waddington) approaching. Jocelyn begins speaking about killing a man back home. Verity quickly escorts Jocelyn to the bedroom and hides her from Redwick. She sends Mercy after Alice. George consults with Samuel Castell (Gwilym Lee) about Samuel’s recent discovery. Samuel reveals that Redwick and Farlow have been thieving from the company. George promises to take care of it. Mercy runs into Farlow, but manages to escape without giving up anything helpful. Farlow becomes suspicious and visits the pub. A comment from Redwick sends him in the opposite direction. Pepper (Luke Roskell) finds Mercy dancing and singing at the farm.

matt stokoe actor jamestown finaleA visibly drunk Mercy flirts with Pepper. She gives him a kiss and passes out on the ground. Redwick and Farlow speak with Massinger. They tell him about a shipload of slaves and offer to sell them to him. Massinger admits the slaves would be his for life. With that, he agrees to the arrangement. Alice tells Silas that they should impose a law to set fixed prices for the tobacco. This would stop Massinger in his tracks. Silas agrees to try. Seconds later, Mercy wakes up and tells Alice about Jocelyn. Redwick visits James and arranges to buy a bunch of chains. Alice arrives at the pub and agrees to speak with Temperance on Jocelyn’s behalf. She immediately visits Temperance and tells her about Jocelyn’s crime and why she did it.

steven waddington jamestown finaleTemperance reveals the letter contained nothing of interest. Alice unintentionally told her about the murder. Alice visits Jocelyn’s home and tells Mercy to ask Jocelyn to visit her. Verity helps Jocelyn come up with an excuse for her troubles. She pretends that Jocelyn is pregnant. Samuel is excited. George visits James and asks about the chains. James insists Redwick has not ordered shackles yet. Jocelyn tells Christopher about her troubles. Samuel enters and they keep the baby rumor intact. Silas breaks the bad news to Alice. The other farmers are not willing to back his plan, since they do not believe Massinger can harm them. Verity speaks with Meredith that night. She reminds him of the conversation they had about his wife and child. She explains that his emotions made her love him.

george and james read jamestownGeorge speaks with Redwick and Farlow about the slaves. He wonders why he was not offered any of them. George speaks rudely about Temperance while she listens. She grabs her Bible and leaves in a hurry. Temperance visits Jocelyn and apologizes. She admits she now understands what Jocelyn has been through. He also gives her the letter. The following day, Massinger visits the Sharrow farm. He attacks and threatens Silas. Alice rushes inside and pleads with Henry (Max Beesley) to do something and stand up for his brother. Henry heads outside and threatens Massinger. In town, Samuel speaks with the governor about the thieves. George admits they’ve already been punished and now they’ll hang, if they do not serve him well.

henry and massinger jamestown finaleJocelyn arrives and tells Samuel that the pregnancy was a mistake. Henry travels into town and rallies the other farmers. During the assembly, the farmers agree to set fixed prices for the tobacco. Farlow tries to convince the Governor to shut down the law, but he refuses. The Sharrows return to their farm and harvest the tobacco. James Read travels with the others. He had a bunch of shackles. Silas shows Henry his land and insists his debt has been repaid. He pleads with his brother to farm his own land and thrive. The townsfolk dance and enjoy themselves. However, the party comes to halt when Massinger passes by with his new slaves. Read seems disturbed, but follows along anyway.


Jamestown Review

The first season finale of Jamestown was satisfying. However, I am a little surprised we didn’t learn more about the silver. I am still convinced that Henry struck it rich and he was simply betrayed by the Governor. Nevertheless, the finale did a good job ending storylines and starting new ones. Henry seems to have redeemed himself and Silas has apparently done the same. Jocelyn has also managed to prevent Temperance from exposing her history.

The writers could still do a great deal with Jamestown in the future. There is still the scheming between Farlow, Redwick and Yeardley. Plus, the bickering between Massinger and the Sharrow family could explode at any minute. The series isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it is still worth watching. The finale scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Jamestown right now.

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