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Jamestown Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, Indians surround the camp. Meredith Rutter (Dean Lennox Kelly) heads outside to urinate. Seconds later, the Indians storm the camp. Rutter is caught in a difficult situation. He immediately begins to cry out for help. James Read (Matt Stokoke) arrives and saves the day. One of the Indians is taken into town and placed into a jail cell. Rutter insists the Indian’s motive was to capture their women. Christopher (Ben Starr) doesn’t believe so. He suggests they would have taken off with Verity (Niamh Walsh), if Rutter’s theory was correct. George (Jason Flemyng) tells his closest allies that the Indian had one of their rifles. This leads Nicholas Farlow (Burn Gorman) to believe that one of their own must have betrayed them. George asks the Indian about Chief Opechancanough (Raoul Max Trujillo). The Indian doesn’t seem to understand English.

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The Governor demands they find someone, who can speak with the man. Alice (Sophie Rundle) and Silas (Stuart Martin) work their land. Massinger (Tony Pitts) arrives and tries to strike a deal with Silas. He offers to hand over some of his men in exchange for some of the Sharrow land. A decision isn’t made. Pepper (Luke Roskell) interrupts and instructs Silas to speak with the governor. Back in town, Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick) speaks with Mercy (Patsy Ferran) about previous Indian attacks. Then, she speaks with Read. He admits diseases have killed more men than Indians. Nevertheless, battles have broken out between the two factions in the past. He insists the troubles will worsen, as more Englanders arrive in Jamestown. Silas translates for the Governor. Redwick (Steven Waddington) makes it clear that thieves lose their hands in Jamestown.

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The Pamunkey Indian is taken into town to have his hands cut off. Samuel Castell (Gwilym Lee) tries to change the Governor’s opinion quickly. George stops it at the last second. He demands to know who gave him the weapon. Massinger interrupts with a new theory. He explains that only Silas could be the culprit, since he recently travelled up north and he can communicate with the Indians. This gets Silas locked in the cage with the Indian. Alice speaks with Read. She makes it clear she knows Read is hiding something about the musket. Read admits he has been suspicious of Silas ever since he returned without Henry. He suggests Silas may receive justice after all. Meanwhile, Henry (Max Beesley) receives treatment from the Indians. He imagines Silas approaching him and laughing in his face. Silas transforms into another man.

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Alice speaks with Silas at the jail. While Silas has pretty much given up hope, Alice is adamant she will have him freed. Verity speaks with Read. She admits any woman would be lucky to have him. Then, she watches the way he looks at Alice. She immediately recognizes that Read has feelings for Alice. Henry receives more treatment, before he is confronted by Davie McDurran (Paul Rattray), who was reported dead a few years ago. Davie explains that he fled and was adopted by the Indians. Davie wants to know what Henry was doing so far up the river. Samuel speaks with Christopher about Redwick’s desire to start a war. Jocelyn eventually shuts them up and tells them to hand over the Indian to his chief. Samuel discusses the option with the Governor. Redwick isn’t happy with the idea.

actress sophia rundle jamestown

Farlow admits the idea could work in their favor. However, he wants the governor to hand over the Indian personally. Redwick and Farlow threaten Samuel outside. They tell him to stop his politicking and Jocelyn’s as well. Once Samuel leaves, Farlow tells Redwick that they can use the prisoner exchange to create chaos. Jocelyn speaks with Christopher and encourages him to force Samuel to go with the governor. Christopher admits he cannot help, because he doesn’t want to belong to Jocelyn. Davie learns about the explosion that injured Henry. Massinger heads into his field. He calls out for Gabbon. Alice continues pestering Read for more information about the musket. Jocelyn speaks with the Governor and convinces him that the recorder must go, since the prisoner transfer will be historic. The governor agrees.

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When George leaves, Temperance (Claire Cox) tells Jocelyn that she has sway over her husband. Jocelyn doesn’t deny it. When she returns home, she is scolded by Samuel for forcing him to go up north. That night, Read visits Alice. He tells her about Donovan Hamble, who used to work for Massinger. Apparently, the man went missing around the time the musket was stolen. He implies that Massinger killed the boy and buried his body. Samuel speaks with Silas, before he leaves. Jocelyn also wonders why the Indian would risk getting caught. The Indian suggests seeking honor is not reckless. Jocelyn forces Silas to tell the Indian that Samuel is responsible for his release. After the boat leaves, Temperance asks Jocelyn if she is from Banbury in Oxfordshire. She confirms it, before rushing off. Back at home, Temperance writes a letter. Its contents remain undisclosed.

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Seconds later, Massinger finds Alice digging holes near his land. She explains she is looking for Donovan and will not stop, until his body is found. The governor’s ship heads north. The group stops for the night. Back in town, Mercy makes it clear to Jocelyn that she is afraid of the dark. Nevertheless, Jocelyn orders her to fetch the doctor. Christopher arrives while Mercy is gone. Jocelyn urges Christopher to dance with her to keep her calm. He turns away. Then, he explains that he spoke with Silas about making Samuel responsible for Chacrow’s (Kalani Queypo) release. He explains that it is humiliating for an Indian to be handed over in that manner. Jocelyn’s actions could potentially get Samuel killed. Back at the camp, Redwick and Farlow prepare to kill the Indian. However, things do not go their way. Chacrow escapes into the woods.

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In the morning, Jocelyn and Mercy worry about Samuel. Then, the Governor and his men arrive at the Indian camp. They’re allowed to meet with the Chief. The Governor asks about the weapon and admits he would prefer the Indians trade with them honorably. The Indian Chief isn’t happy about the Governor’s intention to expand. The growing number of women in Jamestown also concerns him. Read visits Alice and tries to stop her from digging. Massinger watches from a distance. Massinger visits Silas and agrees to drop the charges, as long as Alice stops. Silas is set free, as the Governor and Samuel return to town. Silas thanks Read for his help.


Jamestown Review

The 3rd episode of Jamestown was easily the best of the series. The silly humor was toned down. While it was fairly clear from the onset that neither Silas or Samuel would end up dead, the episode felt serious for a change. The addition of the Indian tribe was also great. Jocelyn’s scheming is bound to come back to haunt her in the near future. Farlow’s nefarious plans have been stopped at every turn. Nevertheless, it feels like he is on the verge of trying something far more dramatic.

Silas has also managed to escape justice thus far. Henry’s eventual return should be very interesting. How will he and Alice deal with that? The episode was surprisingly good A 7.5 out of 10 awarded to episode 3. Catch up with past recaps of Jamestown now!

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