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Jamestown Episode 4 Recap

Dr. Christopher Priestley (Ben Starr) goes out for a walk late at night. He heads to the town’s gate and spots a shadowy figure digging through the cemetery. After the intro, Sir George (Jason Flemyng) and the others are made aware of the encounter. They discover that one of the graves has been dug up. The governor is asked about De La Warr, who was laid to rest in the unearthed grave. Nicholas Farlow (Burn Gorman) ponders whether the man had acquired a map to the hidden gold. The governor wonders who would dig up a man’s grave to discover the Portuguese gold map at this point. After the group splits, Samuel (Gwilym Lee) explains that De La Warr was returning to the town as governor, before his death.

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He also admits that gold discovered would immediately become a possession of the Company. Christopher explains that Farlow had the man buried with haste. Therefore, the map remained a secret until after the burial. Redwick (Steven Waddington) and Farlow discuss the map. Massinger (Tony Pitts) insists land is more valuable than gold. Alice (Sophie Rundle), Pepper (Luke Roskell) and Silas marvel at their lands and crops. Pepper also suggests Silas (Stuart Martin) and Alice should get married. They do seconds later. The town cheers the couple on, as they exit the church. James Read (Matt Stokoe) is the only one who doesn’t celebrate the occasion. During the event, Christopher speaks with Jocelyn in private. He confesses he failed Samuel by visiting her at night. Jocelyn insists the encounter was innocent and therefore should remain a secret. Farlow and Redwick watch the couple. They immediately plan to use the relationship to their advantage.

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Then, Jocelyn speaks with her husband. She expresses her suspicion that Farlow has obtained the map and she wants Samuel to steal it. Samuel doesn’t seem interested. However, Jocelyn believes it is his duty as a servant of the governor. That night, Samuel tries to cuddle with his wife. However, she turns away from him. The next day, Jocelyn speaks with Temperance (Claire Cox), while Samuel visits Farlow. Samuel finds Farlow writing a message, which he desperately tries to hide. Temperance tries to get Jocelyn involved in a town event, but she refuses the offer. Jocelyn rendezvous with her husband and learns about Farlow’s behavior. He admits the page was completely blank. Jocelyn explains he must’ve been using artichoke ink, since it is invisible. Meanwhile, Verity (Niamh Walsh) strikes a deal with Meredith (Dean Lennox Kelly). She challenges him to go sober for a month.

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Henry (Max Beesley) is confronted by Davie (Paul Rattray), who tells him about an Englishman who passed by last year. The man forced himself on an Indian girl and was punished severely for his crime. Henry accuses Davie of taking the gold map, but Davie denies it. Jocelyn speaks with the Governor. He confirms the grave digger will be hung when caught. He also admits there have been expeditions to try and find the gold. Farlow and Redwick bribe Nathan Bailey (Callum McGowan) to woo Mercy (Patsy Ferran) and acquire information about Jocelyn. He immediately does their bidding. Silas receives a visit from Massinger. Massinger suggests Henry took the map with him. Silas doesn’t believe so. Once Massinger leaves, Silas tells Alice that Henry believed Governor Yeardley had returned to Jamestown for the gold. Meanwhile, Henry digs through Davie’s belongings, but is unable to find the map.

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He does find a piece of gold. Jocelyn breaks into Farlow’s house. She steals the invisible note and escapes undetected. James Read watches Silas and Alice later that night. His jealously begins to intensify. In the morning, the governor asks James to repair his horse’s shoe. Instead, they get into a fight and Read strikes the governor. Bailey takes Mercy for a stroll. He gives her a kiss and learns that Jocelyn has a secret with Christopher. Pepper watches from a distance. Bailey returns the information to his bosses. Meredith begins suffering from his sobriety. Davie accuses Henry of being a thief. They get into a fight and Henry is forced to flee into the wilderness. James Read is taken in front of the governor. He is convicted and sentenced to hanging. Silas tries to convince the Governor to change his mind, but George refuses.

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The wood is kicked out from under Read. The rope is too long, so his feet touch the ground. Alice quickly speaks with the Governor about Read’s value to Jamestown. Her words have an impact. The governor agrees to spare Read, as long as he apologizes and becomes obedient. He agrees and the noose is removed from his neck. Mercy foolishly tells Jocelyn about her conversation with Bailey. Jocelyn becomes enraged that Mercy has spilled her secret. She banishes her from the house. After just two days, Meredith begins to show signs of giving up. Pepper finds Mercy sobbing outside. He takes his stone and leaves. Meanwhile, Henry finds a boat and Davie. Both admit they do not have the map. However, Henry admits he believe he knows where to find the gold. Meredith goes for a walk that night. Verity spies on him. Samuel manages to smooth things over with Jocelyn. Mercy is allowed to return home.

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Then, Samuel discovers that his wife stole the note from Farlow. In the morning, Verity speaks with her husband. She learns that he had a wife and child in England. They passed, before he was able to see them again. Jocelyn tells Mercy to see Bailey again. She also tells her exactly what to say. This leads Farlow and Redwick into a laughable trap. Davie and Henry sail towards the gold. Davie reveals that the Indians do not venture to the location, because they fear it is cursed by demons. Henry confesses he cared for a jeweler in Jamestown when the man became ill. He kept him alive for nine days. In return, the man drew him a map in the dirt. Jocelyn visits Alice. She congratulates her on the crops and the cow. Jocelyn learns about Henry’s obsession with the gold. Back in town, Christopher speaks with Jocelyn again. Farlow and Redwick watch carefully. Christopher admits he betrayed Samuel, because he loves her.

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After the conversation ends, Jocelyn makes a snide comment towards Temperance. Once Jocelyn leaves, the Reverend (Shaun Dooley) tells Temperance that she should contact her relatives and get more information about Jocelyn’s past. She admits she already has. Meredith returns home drunk. Verity attacks him. Then, she tells him she will be a good wife, but he needs to be a good husband. That night, George opens his box and looks at the gold map. At the end of the episode, Silas and Alice discover that someone has killed their cow.


Jamestown Review

The 4th episode of Jamestown intensified the scheming between Farlow, Jocelyn and George. The trio has found themselves in a dangerous chess match and it could end with a bang. Jocelyn is hiding something and it could ruin her reputation within the local community. If that happens, it appears Temperance will be responsible for her demise. Meanwhile, Silas has found an enemy in Massinger. Edgar wants the Sharrow land and has proven he will do anything to get it.

As for Henry, he has left his old life behind to focus on his hunt for gold. For the moment, he has found an ally in David McDurran. That friendship isn’t likely to last long. James Read faced down death, but never really flinched. Will George eventually regret setting him free? Jamestown has a lot going on, but everything remains fluid and understandable. Despite a shaky start, the series has progressively improved. The 4th episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Jamestown now!

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