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Jamestown Episode 2 Recap

As the episode begins, Reverend Michaelmas Winter (Shaun Dooley) watches Verity soak up the rain. He follows Verity (Niamh Walsh) into the pub. Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick) asks Samuel (Gwilym Lee) what he is doing with the town’s ledgers. He confirms the governor asked him to look into them and inspect certain transactions. When Jocelyn mentions embezzlement, Samuel reminds her that he never mentioned corruption. Jocelyn tries her best to guilt Samuel into telling her more. He eventually lets it slip that the Virginia Company has been struggling to make a credible profit. However, the last governor, Argall, return to England with plenty of riches. Meanwhile, Silas, Pepper and Alice continue work on their home. Silas and Alice (Sophie Rundle) seem happy with their current situation. In town, Redwick (Steven Waddington) and Farlow (Burn Gorman) chat about Jocelyn.

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The two men make it clear that the women need to show obedience to their husbands. Jocelyn approaches Farlow and tells him not to underestimate her husband. James Read (Matt Stokoe) makes a comment about Jocelyn to Alice. James also expresses his sorrow for the loss of Henry. James makes it clear he wishes to call on Alice in the future. She refuses the offer. Jocelyn complains about Farlow to her husband. He reminds her that they should not make enemies of such power men. Jocelyn has other ideas. She insists Farlow and Redwick are afraid he could expose them. Christopher (Ben Starr) admits their positions cannot be challenged openly. While Samuel and Christopher are busy, Jocelyn puts a bottle of medicine into her purse. Farlow visits the pub and listens to Verity playfully scold her husband.

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That night, Farlow tells Redwick he is worried about Samuel’s investigation. He also suggests using Verity to send a message to Jocelyn. Mercy (Patsy Ferran) sneaks up on Jocelyn and notices she has Belladonna. Jocelyn explains that she uses it to numb her pain. Mercy remains suspicious, while insisting the chemical is potentially dangerous. The next day, Meredith Rutter (Dean Lennox Kelly) exits the bathroom to see Verity being transported by guards. The townsfolk gather in front of Sir George (Jason Flemyng). First, James Reads offers to buy Alice. Silas (Stuart Martin) steps in and tries to stop it. Then, Verity is forced to defend herself. Her comments only make the situation worse. She is shackled up in town. Alice pleads with Jocelyn for help. Seconds later, Jocelyn returns Redwick’s glove. Rutter explains to his wife that Redwick wants to teach the women to be meek and obedient.

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Alice pleads with Silas to marry her now, before the Marshall can hand her over to James Read. Silas insists he will speak with James. Verity is released. She is transported back to the pub, where she curses Redwick. Seconds later, we see that Redwick has become ill. Christopher and the Reverend care for him. Reverend Winter immediately suspects the witch Verity has put a curse on Redwick for punishing her. Christopher remains convinced conventional treatments will cure Redwick’s illness. Silas speaks with James. Silas is almost immediately accused of killing Henry. The two get into a brief fight, which is broken up by the arrival of the Governor. Christopher admits to Samuel that Redwick will not accept proper treatment. Both seem surprised when Jocelyn suggests letting Redwick die by his own actions.

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Meanwhile, Verity relishes the fact that the Marshall has become ill. Alice is not so happy. She tells Verity that she will be punished severely, if Redwick doesn’t recover. The Reverend confronts the governor with his suspicions. He is eventually given permission to interrogate Verity. She is immediately taken to the church. Rutter and Verity defend themselves, while suggesting there is no evidence against her. Verity admits she is a thief, but not a witch. The Reverend insists there will be a mark on Verity. However, she refuses to strip. Meanwhile, Farlow speaks with the doctor. He lays out a theory that poison was poured into Redwick’s glove. Christopher is skeptical, but he agrees to look into the glove closer. When Farlow leaves, Christopher notices one of his medication bottles missing. Pepper (Luke Roskell) confronts Mercy in town. He gives her a stone. She thanks him and admits she likes it, before rushing off.

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When Mercy returns home, she once again speaks to Jocelyn about the Belladonna. Jocelyn pleads with her to keep it a secret. Mercy agrees. James stops Alice in town and tries to give her a bell as a token. Alice makes it clear that she could never love him. James does not seem so sure. He believes she would come around with time. Then, James once again implies that Silas killed his own brother. Once Alice returns home, she asks Silas to tell her the truth. He does. He confirms his brother pleaded for his help, but he ignored him. Meanwhile, Henry (Max Beesley) wakes up. He receives care from an Indian woman. Verity is harassed in town by a man claiming she is a witch. She scares away Philip Poole. Mercy becomes ill and drops to the ground. She immediately receives care from Christopher. Unlike Redwick, Mercy agrees to accept Christopher’s treatment.

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Mercy tells Samuel about the stone. Poole is carried into town on a stretcher. Rutter notices and quickly becomes concerned for Verity. Jocelyn spends the night giving Mercy medicine. Rutter wakes up in the middle of the night and watches Verity examining a mark on her body. The next day, Silas speaks with Samuel. We learn that the town experienced a similar sickness several years back. Silas admits Henry kept him and his brother safe by keeping them away from town. Pepper asks about Mercy. Samuel confirms she is recovering and still has the stone. Mercy wakes up when Christopher and Samuel approach. The guards search Rutter’s home, while looking for the cause of Poole’s death. Rutter covers for his wife and sends the guards home empty handed, after learning Verity’s mark has been there from birth. Alice tells Jocelyn that she is worried about Verity being blamed for the sickness.

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Alice admits she is concerned that Jocelyn could be the poisoner. Alice promises she hasn’t told anyone else about her concerns. Jocelyn insists the men in the town need to be taught a lesson. She confirms she took the glove, but changed her mind when she was Verity in the stocks. Christopher and Samuel pinpoint the old bathroom as the cause of the illness. Christopher returns to Redwick and offers him the same medication that cured Mercy. He also insists Verity’s name will be cleared should the conventional medicine cure Redwick. Jocelyn tries to persuade the governor. However, he suggests the women have nothing to fear, if they’re innocent. The Reverend preaches to the locals, when Verity and her friends enter. Verity eventually interrupts and complains about the condemning eyes placed on her, before rushing out. Jocelyn enters, as Verity returns. Jocelyn is given an opportunity to address the locals.

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Jocelyn comes up with a ritual to determine whether or not Verity is a witch. The Reverend agrees to try it, as Redwick enters the church. The Reverend administers the test and confirms that Verity is not a witch. Also, the Governor orders the bathroom to be torn down and built elsewhere. Jocelyn strikes a deal with the governor. She insists her husband will pay for Alice’s freedom. Meanwhile, Farlow and Redwick admit they’ve miscalculated Jocelyn. Alice and Silas leave together. As they walk away, they’re taunted by James and his bell. Verity jokes with the others at the pub. Alice and Silas discuss a potential marriage, while Henry washes his face, which is now covered in burns.


Jamestown Review

While Jamestown still feels like a missed opportunity, the episode was a little better. This could be credited to the shortened length. Nevertheless, the episode had some interesting moments. The humor with Verity was entertaining enough, while the situation Alice and Silas have found themselves in should become intense in a matter of time. Jocelyn continues to steal the show with her schemes against Redwick and Farlow.

Things should come to a head soon and the potential of an explosive showdown may be enough to keep viewers hanging around. The episode was decent. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with our past recaps of Jamestown now!

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