iZombie Review: Liv and Let Clive

iZombie Major Towel

Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) wakes up with Jackie (Sarah Jane Redmond), before the pair pamper themselves. Meanwhile, Liv Moore (Rose McIver) heads to Major’s place with coffee. She finds Major, who just got out of the shower. Of course, he isn’t a bit wet. Jesse (Keenan Sawatsky), who was Major’s roommate, moves out, since he speaks in ebonics. Liv questions about Eddie and learns that Jerome has disappeared too. Corinne (Elise Gatien), Major’s new flame, strolls down the stairs and ruins everything.

Elise Gatien

Liv is introduced to her, before she makes her escape. She returns to the morgue and complains to Dr. Ravi, before the pair open up a body. The body has had its fingertips and teeth removed to keep its identity hidden. Liv’s brother, Evan (Nick Purcha), arrives and bums the spare key, since mommy has been riding him hard and he is rooming with Liv for a few days. Liv enjoys the victim’s brains, before Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) enters. He identifies the victim as Sammy Wong (Manny Jacinto). Clive tells Liv to stay out of it and allow him to handle the case, but she receives a vision of Clive beating up Ray Chow (Darren E. Scott), with a metal pipe.
Malcolm Goodwin iZombie
Liv explains the situation to Ravi and insists Clive is a dirty cop, before she turns her anger to Corinne. Liv attempts to convince Ravi to move in with Major, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Blaine hits up a butcher shop, which caters to zombies. Liv hits up the vice police department and speaks to Detective Devore (Marci T. House). The detective refuses to give up any information, but insists Clive was always looking out for himself and eventually got suspended.
Ravi iZombie
Liv and Ravi hit up Hong Kong Video in hope of getting information regarding Ray. Liv transforms into Melanie, a harlot, in order to get info on Ray, before she follows Ravi into the adult video section. While there, she receives another vision, which gives her concern. On their way out, they get stopped by AJ (Tim Chiou), who likes really white girls. As the situation gets weird, Liv questions about their cobra tattoo, before rushing out. Liv reveals AJ is the leader, before they witness Clive enter the video shop.
iZombie Evan
Liv returns home and discovers her brother contemplating going through Peyton’s dresser drawers. Liv grows more and more paranoid. Meanwhile, Blaine’s delivery men, Dante (Sean Willington), complain about their duties and missing the gym. They contemplate taking over the business. When Liv gets out of the shower, she discovers Clive in her home. Clive reveals Sammy was in federal witness protection, until he snuck back home to visit his dying mother.
Liv and Let Clive iZombie
Next, Major visits Ravi at the morgue. As it turns out, Liv set up Ravi to rent Major’s room. With that, Ravi is forced into making up excuses. Meanwhile, Dante and his partner attempt to turn Jackie into their customer. The pair attempt to pitch their business, but very poorly. Julien insists they’re not dumb, because they’re jacked. Back at the morgue, Ravi and Morgue continue their blooming relationship over Diablo 3. After Major departs, Liv tells Ravi about Clive’s visit. Ravi shows her a picture of AJ’s father, who used to run the Cobras, until he went to prison.
Liv reveals a tracking device, which she is going to put on Clive’s vehicle. She puts it on his vehicle, but gets caught and removes it. She runs away, runs into a hobo and witnesses AJ kicking Sammy, who tells them that Ray is a cop. When she jumps up, she discovers she knows kung fu. With that, she stops Clive’s car and informs him of the situation, in hopes of saving Ray’s life. Clive reveals that Ray was his real partner, when he went deep undercover.
He calls Devore and sets up a raid on the Cobra’s landing strip. Blaine continues enjoying brains at the restaurant, when Dante and partner enter. Blaine asks about their new start up, before he kills them both and hangs them in the freezer with several others. Blaine pulls Julien (Aleks Paunovic) and another guy from the freezer. Meanwhile, Liv returns home and calls Clive, who tells her they were able to save Ray. Clive reveals AJ wasn’t with the crew and they’re headed over to the video store to get him. Afterwards, Liv hears someone inside of her apartment.
iZombie AJ Cobras
She gets attacked by AJ, who calls her a cop, before he beats her up. The pair fight and Liv gets thrown to the ground. AJ picks up a knife, before Evan enters and diverts his attention. Liv transforms into full zombie mode and disables AJ. Clive enters and congratulates Liv, as AJ is hauled away. Liv finally reveals the content of her visions to Clive, who says that his suspension got him on the inside of the Cobras and also got him removed from Vice.
iZombie Liv Full Zombie Mode
Afterwards, Ravi moves into Major’s place, as they black out their windows and play video games. Ravi reveals that Major thought Liv was attempting to send Major a signal that she wasn’t ready to let him go, but she denies it. Blaine calls Jackie and thanks her for ratting on his previous delivery men. Blaine and his new delivery man steal Jerome’s shoes, before taking his brains.

The episode had a little bit of everything and wound up being pretty good. Liv transformed into a paranoid kung-fu master and disabled a dangerous gang leader, while Blaine protected his Breaking Brains empire, by dispatching his previous flunkies. Dr. Ravi and Major seemed to have come good gaming buddies, which was fun. Overall, a good episode, which moved the storyline forward a tad bit. It deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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