iZombie Review: Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?

iZombie Rose McIver

At the start of the episode, Liv Moore (Rose McIver) and Dr. Ravi (Rahul Kohli) investigate a murder. They discover the victim is an artist. Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) arrives and learns that the victim has been killed by a paintbrush to the eye. Major (Robert Buckley) returns a box full of Liv’s belongings. Peyton (Aly Michalka) enters and Major offers the girls a few of the couple’s engagement gifts. Peyton rises to the occasion and agrees to take a juicer off of Major’s hands.

iZombie Javier
When she finally makes it to the morgue, Liv learns about Javier’s (Claude Knowlton) affair. Liv gives the information to Clive, who continues to blame the spouse. The pair pay a visit to Lola Abano (Judy Reyes) and discover Javier’s fling, Tasha (Anita Brown), who turns out to be Lola’s friend. Lola admits Tasha is her favorite of Javier’s lovers. Despite Clive’s accusations, Lola continues to insist she wasn’t jealous. Tasha unabashedly flirts with Liv. Once they get outside, Clive receives information about Javier’s killer from Ravi.

iZombie Blaine

Live returns to the morgue and discovers Ravi has recruited Jimmy (Ryan Beil), a police sketch artist, to help her find her zombie attacker. Liv takes over the sketch and runs off Jimmy, while Clive interviews Artie Fiss (Jeffrey vincent Parise), Javier’s art dealer. Artie insists Lola was totally faithful to Javier and also admits to being 6’2. Back home, Liv and Peyton argue over their choice of interior fine art. After a little painting session, Liv returns to work and is introduced to Blaine DeBeers (David Anders), her zombie attacker.

iZombie Clive
Both agree they thought they were the only zombies on earth. Blaine admits to grave robbing to obtain his brains. He insists the man he was chasing in Liv’s vision attempted to mug him. The pair discuss the disgusting taste of brains and admit to missing food and many other things. Ravi enters and introduces himself to Blaine. During the conversation, Blaine knocks supplies off the table, which triggers a vision for Liv. She witnesses a man arguing with Tasha and Javier.

Dougie iZombie
When she heads to the police station to tell Clive, the pair find and interview the man, Tito (Christopher Russell), who has already arrived at the police station. Tito insists Javier left Tasha for Artie’s daughter. Meanwhile, Blaine hits up the club and flirts with a woman, Jackie. The pair end up going back to the woman’s bedroom, where Blaine transforms into full zombie mode. Meanwhile, Liv continues her painting. Major brings over the juicer and insults Liv’s art. When she returns to work, Blaine reemerges and insists he has changed. He begs for brains and Liv gives up and agrees to help.

Tito iZombie
On the streets, Blaine gets a visit from Dougie (Sean O. Roberts) and Hutch (Chris Burns), who threaten him. Liv arrives and witnesses the situation from afar. She leaves with the brains, while Blaine gets into the vehicle. After a few minutes, it appears Blaine kills the pair. Next, Blaine returns to his new lover, who has transformed into a zombie. Of course, Blaine has an interest in selling Jackie (Sarah-Jane Redmond) brains. Without hesitation, Jackie calls for Tina to bring her checkbook.

iZombie Lola

At the morgue, Ravi attempts to convince Liv to allow Blaine to come back in for more tests, but she refuses. Clive shows up and seeks Liv’s assistance. The trio head to the art show. They overhear someone discussing the price of Javier’s art, which has soared. Clive insists that should help his broke dealer. Lola speaks to Clive and explains Artie left her for twenty minutes on the night Javier was killed. Tasha speaks to Ravi and mistakes him for a detective. She tries to get him to get rid of her ex, who she has a restraining order against.

iZombie Major and Liv Moore

Liv rambles through Javier’s old belongings, when Tito enters and instantly begins flirting with her in a threatening manner. He grabs ahold of her, when she attempts to leave, but she goes full zombie mode and knocks him to the ground. Clive speaks to Artie and interrogates him, before Liv joins in and insists Artie did it, since Javier knocked up his teenage daughter. After a little expert thinking from Ravi, the group discover Lola is the real killer. Artie insists he knew it was Lola all along and only covered for her. Victor merges and attempts to approach Liv, but gets knocked out by Clive.

iZombie Peyton and Liv

Liv returns home and and eats brains, while finishing her painting in a fury. Afterwards, she pays a visit  to Major and attempts to flirt with him. She begins kissing him, but he stops her. Instead, he kicks her out and sends her home. Back at home, Liv and Peyton hang up Liv’s new masterpiece.


iZombie has been strangely effective, despite being a little cheesy. The addition of Blaine certainly added a new layer of intrigue to the show, by tossing in a somewhat morally bankrupt zombie. This will certainly add a contrast to Liv’s good girl persona. Also, Ravi seemed to mellow out a little this episode and became a little more likable. Of course, I enjoyed the artistic angle to the episode. All in all, I enjoyed it a little more than the last, although both were good. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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