iZombie Recap Episode 6

Major iZombie

At the beginning of the episode, Major (Robert Buckley) winds up on the morgue table, where he receives treatments from Dr. Ravi and Liv Moore (Rose McIver). Ravi informs Liv of an incoming patient, before Jackie (Sarah-Jane Redmond) is shown killing a delivery boy. Meanwhile, Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) and the group investigate the death of Simon Cutler (Chris Gauthier). Confetti and a birthday card are found on the ground. Afterwards, Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) receives a call from Jackie, who insists she hasn’t gotten her delivery yet.

Dr Ravi iZombie

During their investigation of the body, Clive enters and suggests Simon was the most hated man on the Internet and had received tons of death threats. Suffice to say, his Internet handle was Sim Reaper. The trio listen to a customer service call from Simon. With that, Liv is forced to consume Simon’s brains. Liv eats a donut and receives a flashback of Simon choking on a donut and stabbing himself with an epidemic pen. Next, Joey (Cyrus Lord Bryant) is shown, at a group counseling session. Major joins the group and learns about Joey smashing his mother’s place. Liv attempts to convince Clive that Simon was killed by normal causes.

Liv Moore

They discover that Simon’s birthday wasn’t for four months and the confetti was shot out of the card. Clive figures out that the card was capable of delivering peanuts to Simon and killing him. That night, Liv prepares to go out on a date with Lowell Tracy (Bradley James). Once she gets out of her room, she panics and runs back inside. She is forced to cancel the date. Meanwhile, Clive and Ravi investigate a decapitation. The pair decide they need Liv and she is capable of cracking into Simon’s computer. Liv instantly opens Warlock Forest, which is an MMORPG.

iZombie Recap

Liv plays the game and discovers someone, who suggests Sim Reaper was killed. After a little urging, the pair decide to take back Tree Palace. Major discovers Tom (Dakota Daulby) watching old videos of Jerome at the skate park, while Liv and Ravi prepare to raid Tree Palace. Of course, Eva Moore (Molly Hagan) enters and catches her speaking to the computer like a fool. Despite her mom’s concern, the pair continue. Liv ends up speaking to a young boy, who goes by the name Full Auto. The boy turns out to be 14 and denies being involved. He has a good alibi, since he lives in New York.

Molly Hagan

Lowell arrives in perfect time, with medication. The pair discuss Liv’s inability to date. The pair end up discussing their exes, before Major and Ravi watch a video of the person, who beat up Major. Major insists on going to Liv, after one of his stitches opens, but Ravi breaks the news that she isn’t alone. At the same time, Liv and Lowell discuss their eating habits. Lowell reveals he had to quit playing live performances, since he would transform into full zombie mode. The pair nearly kiss, before Liv notices a television show, which sparks a clue. Meanwhile, Clive pays a visit to Blaine and questions him about the boy killed by Jackie.

iZombie Full Auto

Liv calls Clive and rescues him from a death by a meat cleaver. Two individuals are brought in and questioned about Sim’s death. The pair ran a former donut shop, which received a negative review from Sim Reaper. The pair maintain their innocence and Liv says she doesn’t believe they did it. The pair discover that Simon must’ve been ordering from other donut shops. Blaine pays a visit to Jackie. He seemingly kills her with a cordless driver. Meanwhile, Cliv and Liv investigate Donuts Ect.

Jesse Moss

During her hacking, Liv has another flashback, which has Ring around the Rosie playing in the background. Luckily, she makes it to the police station. She discusses the employee list, with Clive, before Liv shows a picture of the potential killer, Sean Posie (Jesse Moss). She reveals that Sean’s sister’s birthday matches the birthdate. After he is brought in, Sean tells everything that Simon did, before his sister killed herself. Despite the potential of spending the rest of his life in jail, he insists it was entirely worth it.

Liv remembers what her mother said and runs out to meet Lowell. The pair wind up kissing. Ravi plays video games, when Major finds a picture of the Candy Man. Ravi and Liv discuss the Candy Man, who is with Blaine, while Eva Moore purchases food from Blaine’s butcher shop.


This was a pretty fun episode, which turned Liv into a gamer, hacker and Internet troll. Liv’s relationship with Lowell is definitely cheesy, but easily ignorable, at this point. The revelation at the end will set up plenty of interesting storyline plots in future episodes. For that, this one deserves an 8 out of 10.

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