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Indian Summers TV Series Recap EP 7

Things being to unravel for Ralph (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) in the 7th episode of Indian Summers. Jaya’s (Hasina Haque) body is discovered and the police quickly work to track down the killer. Ralph is brought in and forced to identify the body. Ian McLeod (Alexander Cobb) shows up at the police station and provides Superintendent Rowntree (Guy Williams) with information, which points to Ramu Sood (Alyy Khan), as the murderer. At the missionary school, Leena (Amber Rose Revah) informs Adam (Shachin Sailesh Kumar) of his mother’s death.

Indian Summers TV Series

Meanwhile, Cynthia Coffin (Julie Walters), Eugene Mathers (Edward Hogg) and Ronnie Keane (Rick Warden) rehearse for the upcoming play. Cynthia attempts to convince Ronnie to replace Eugene. Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) speaks to Ralph about Jaya’s death. Ralph pretends not to know who she is. Ralph joins the rehearsal and tells Ronnie about Gandhi going on his hunger strike. He attempts to convince the group to postpone the play, but they refuse.

Leena and Adam Indian Summers

At the school, Dougie Raworth (Craig Parkinson) speaks to Leena about Adam. They receive the money from Ralph, but Doug contemplates refusing it. Alice (Jemima West) enters and interrupts the conversation. Next, Ian speaks to Ramu, who blames him for turning the cops against him. Ian promises that he didn’t mean to get him in trouble and admits he doesn’t think he is guilty. Next, Ralph speaks with Cynthia. During the conversation, Cynthia attempts to persuade Ralph into believing she had nothing to do with Jaya’s death.

Indian Summers Adam

Eugene confronts Cynthia about forcing him out of the play. He insists she is turning against him, since she has learned about his family’s financial turmoil. He storms off, after insulting Cynthia. Next, Aafrin receives a letter from Ralph, before he runs into Sergeant Mujinder Singh (Sudarshan Kumar). Singh shows Aafrin that he has the stolen evidence and insists they’ll speak later. Next, Cynthia attempts to make up to Ian, since she believes he has turned in Ramu, but he admits he doesn’t believe Ramu is guilty. Ian learns about Ramu’s confession.

Ralph and Cynthia Indian Summers

With Eugene’s removal from the play, Ian is given his spot. The group rehearses a little more. Next, Alice runs into Aafrin, who believes she betrayed him. She insists she did not, but Aafrin refuses to believe her. He insists Sita would never betray him, before he rushes off. Ian returns to the club and plays cards with Ralph. Ian tells him about his belief in Ramu’s innocence, but Ralph tells him to drop it and move on. In the morning, Leena and Alice attend Jaya’s funeral.

Indian Summers Alexander Cobb

Alice catches her brother spying on the event from afar. Aafrin and his sister, Sooni (Aysha Kala) argue a little more. Aafrin attempts to question her about the note, but she storms off, when he admits he will be attending the play. At the missionary school, Leena confronts Dougie and ponders his secrets. She believes Dougie knows Ralph is Adam’s father. He rushes off, without answering. Ian visits Ramu in prison and discovers that he has been beaten badly.

Jemima West Indian Summers

Ian continues putting his faith in Ramu and insists he’ll help him right the wrong. He returns to Superintendent Rowntree and insists repeatedly that he is Ramu’s alibi. Aafrin brings Sita (Ellora Torchia) to the play and attempts to make Alice jealous. Ian doesn’t show up for the play, which forces Ronnie to play his part. After Ian explains to Rowntree why Ramu is innocent, Rowntree visits Ramu’s cell and officially charges him with murder.

Dougie Indian Summers

At the missionary, Leena speaks to Adam about his father. Adam admits his mother told him all about his father, whom she called “Rakshas”. Ian makes it to the play and confronts Ralph outside. Ian stands up to Ralph, who insists he will be on his own from now on. Ralph encourages Ian to make haste, before the play ends and everyone sees him.

Ramu Sood

Indian Summers Recap

Indian Summers has really done an excellent job establishing hateful, disgusting villains. There are approximately 5 or 6 characters that need to be crushed horrendously. Will they face justice before the end of the season? One can only hope! On the flip side, there are much fewer good guys, but I am sure they’ll come together and correlate in future episodes. Ian is definitely one of those and I only hope his good deed doesn’t blow up in his face.

Aafrin and Sita Indian Summers

The episode was great and moved the story closer and closer to the finale. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to check out our previous Indian Summers episodes recaps now!

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