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Indian Summers Season 2 Finale Recap

When the finale begins, we see Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) angrily flee his home. At the mansion, Alice (Jemima West) says goodbye to her friends, as she prepares to leave the area. Charlie and Alice depart in the vehicle. They don’t make it very far, as they’re stopped by Aafrin, who is standing in the middle of the roadway. Charlie gets out and speaks with Aafrin. Alice remains in the car and does her best to ignore Aafrin’s pleas. After the conversation ends, Charlie elbows Aafrin, jumps in the vehicle and pulls away. Meanwhile, Khan and Sooni stroll along and hear about the House on Summer Hill being up for auction. At the mansion, appraisers and potential investors look over the property. Ian runs into Stella (Lisa Kay) and catches her attempt to steal from the property. Their conversation quickly turns flirtatious and sexual. Outside, Cynthia and Keane arrive for the auction.

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Back inside, Ian and Stella begin taking things further, before Ralph interrupts and declares himself not to be dead just yet. Once he exits, Ian and Stella return to their sexual activity. Back outside, the auction begins. Ralph meets with the new Viceroy. Ralph hands over paperwork, which he admits will set him free. At the auction, Cynthia tries her best, but she is outbid by the family of Ramu Sood. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town, a young boy discovers explosives. He pokes and prods it with a stick, before it explodes. Khan and Sooni prepare for their wedding, before Darius and Roshana arrive. At first, Sooni believes her parents have finally come around. However, she quickly learns her wedding with eyebrow boy will take place the following day. Chaos ensues and Sooni is escorted away from Khan. The situation worsens, when Sooni admits she has already converted to Islam. And it gets far worse with the arrival of Aafrin. Sooni unleashes her frustrations on Aafrin and his English fling. Aafrin admits the woman is gone and there is nothing to worry about, as he departs.

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Next, Aafrin meets with the new Viceroy and quickly ridicules his vision and his bill. Aafrin tells the man about the explosion and insists the British government’s actions will only continue to drive the Indians further and further into chaos. He insists the Hindu will continue fighting with the Muslim and nothing will hold them apart aside from Gandhi’s word. After he finishes, Aafrin departs hastily. At the club, Cynthia chats with the family of Ramu Sood, while Keane attempts to get Sarah to pay his bills. Unfortunately, he is wrapped up in her attention and is unable to do so. Meanwhile, Charlie and Alice stop for a little sex sessions. That night, Cynthia tells the club members that the Sood family has purchased the property, but she will remain in charge. She witnesses Keane and Sarah kissing outside on the balcony. Charlie and Alice stop for the night. Charlie contemplates whether they’ll even remember India in a few years. In the distance, a fire can be seen.

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Aafrin wakes up Ralph and tells him about the chaos ensuing amongst the Indians. Aafrin and Ralph quickly realize they need to rush to the location and stop Alice from walking into a trap. Bhupinder joins the group and they head towards their destination. Along the way, Ralph tells Aafrin about the Viceroy learning the truth about Ramu Sood. Aafrin insists he never meant to fall in love with Alice. Charlie and Alice depart their sleeping quarters and hit the road once again. Aafrin ridicules himself and begins to grow angry. Charlie and Alice run into a potential roadblock, a dead animal on the road. Charlie demands the driver go around it and he does. Seconds later, they’re forced to stop with several flat tires. The driver walks ahead and is confronted by an angry crowd. He is attacked ruthlessly and knocked to the ground. Charlie grows tired of waiting and agrees to check on the man. He grabs a weapon and heads towards the driver’s location.

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Charlie is stopped by the group. He fights off a few men, before running back to the vehicle, where Alice has rolled up all of the windows. Charlie pleads with her to let him inside. She keeps the doors locked and allows the Indians to devour Charlie. Next, they turn their attention to Alice. They rock the car back and forth. Aafrin and Ralph arrive just in time. Aafrin tells Ralph to wait. He gets out and confronts the group. He tells the group they’ll need to kill him, in order to kill Alice. Adam shows up with the shotgun and helps Aafrin save Alice and Percy. Back at home, Darius contemplates attending Sooni’s wedding to Khan, but his wife insists they shouldn’t. We see the wedding proceedings. Khan and Sooni seem happy with one another. Aafrin and Alice return to the private room. Alice confesses she killed Charlie, but Aafrin comforts her by insisting death took him.

sooni wedding indian summers

Aafrin and Alice then head to Sooni’s wedding together. Sooni invites them in and admits they’re more than welcome. Darius heads to the chapel and prays. Meanwhile, Madeleine tells Ralph about his desire to start over and travel to Chicago. Ralph isn’t interested. Cynthia arrives and gets Bhupinder to remove the painting of her husband from the wall. She takes it outside and destroys it. She lets Adam join in on the fun, before turning her attention to more of the Whelan artifacts. She confesses she has made an arrangement with the Sood family. She will take the Chotipool and they’ll take the club. With that, Ralph and Madeleine obtain a new roommate. Together, they smash an abundance of Whelan family belongings. Aafrin and Sooni chat at the celebration. They admit people will have to adapt to the change. Aafrin dances with Alice, as the snow begins to drift down. Aafrin announces it is winter.


Indian Summers Review

I really enjoyed the Indian Summers season 2 finale. A lot happened, yet very little changed. Charlie finally got what was coming to him, but he let his end in a surprising manner. Ralph managed to climb out of his lowest low for a brief moment to save his sister, with the help of Aafrin and Adam. Ian didn’t get the girl, but he didn’t let it keep him down for too long. And Sooni went against her parent’s wishes. How will that play out in the future?

With so much potential, we can only hope there will be an Indian Summers season 3! The finale deserves a 9.5 out of 10! Catch up with previous recaps of Indian Summers right now.

  1. ST Urban says:

    We loved Indian Summers, Season 2.
    Missed Season 1 altogether.
    Wish there was going to be a Season 3.

    • ReelMockery says:

      Wow! Can’t believe they cancelled it! Indian Summers was one of my favorite shows. Love British television, but they have a habit of cancelling shows at the worst possible time. Maybe it will get saved like Ripper Street? Cross your fingers.

  2. I’ve really been enjoying Indian Summers very much. Please continue a Season # 3!

  3. This was a great show. Very well written. Loved the characters. I really hate that this show has ended.

  4. Jerry Day says:

    i watched enthralled from the start to the end and loved the series very much. Beautiful and moving with what i think were great performances by the entire cast.

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