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Indian Summers Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

As soon as the 9th episode of Indian Summers begins, Aafrin’s father finds his note and drops his mug to the floor. At the same time, Ralph hangs out at the jump. He learns from Cynthia that a decision regarding the new Viceroy could be made very soon. He heads outside and finds Charlie burning all of Alice’s (Jemima West) belongings. Ralph learns that Alice is once again locked in her room. He attempts to release her only to find that Charlie has had the locks changed. Charlie exposes Aafrin and Alice’s relationship to Ralph and he immediately freaks. He attacks Charlie, before calling Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) a terrorist. He also learns about Cynthia’s private room and quickly rushes over to the club to confront her. Ralph again rallies against Aafrin and his so-called brother, Naresh. Charlie urges Bhupinder (Ash Nair) to hurry up and notify the police.

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In the morning, Khan tells Sooni about Aafrin’s arrest. They immediately rush to the police station and speak with Aafrin, who is being help in Rowntree’s office. Aafrin tells his sister to go home and say nothing to anyone. Back at the mansion, Charlie allows Alice to see her son, before telling him to say goodbye, because Muddle is going away on a long trip. Charlie exits with Percy and locks the door behind him. Outside, Madeleine ridicules Ralph for selling out Aafrin, while allowing Charlie to take over the house. Ralph learns that Whitehall has finally decided who will become the next Viceroy of India. He prepares to ride over to the meet, so he can hear the noise for himself. Before he leaves, he breaks Alice out of her room and takes her to the club, where Aafrin awaits.

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At the Dalal house, Darius and Sooni chat about Aafrin’s disappearance. They attempt to calm Aafrin’s mother and eventually manage to do so. Darius concludes that the letter must’ve been from before Aafrin’s previous departure. Ian (Alexander Cobb) gets a visit from Charlie, who questions about Naresh and Aafrin. Ian admits he knew Naresh, but denies knowing Aafrin. When Charlie is unable to acquire the information he desires, he brides Ian’s workers to fabricate it for him. At the club, Ralph and Cynthia argue, while Alice continues to confess her love for Aafrin. After a heated argument, Ralph eventually agrees to help Aafrin for Alice’s sake. However, whenever he leaves the club, he runs into Rowntree (Guy Williams), who admits there is more incriminating evidence against Aafrin. With that, Aafrin is taken back to the jail and throw into a cell. Finally, Ralph makes it to the meeting and learns that the Marquis of Linlithgow has been named the Viceroy.

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Meanwhile, Rowntree meets with Charlie and one of Ian’s workers to acquire information regarding Aafrin. She provides them with the information they need, before Ian arrives and ushers her away. After Lakshmi is escorted out, Ian returns and tells Rowntree that the woman’s information cannot be trusted. On his way out, he speaks with Adam about his real father. Adam also learns about Leena’s imprisonment. Singh pays a visit to Aafrin at the jail and offers him help. He passes along a deadly pill and admits it is the same help he provided to Naresh. On the outside, Sooni learns from Khan that no charges have been made. Khan also invites Sooni to see his visiting uncle, but she refuses and admits they can meet at the wedding. Sooni heads inside and learns that her wedding with Boman will take place quicker than initially expected. Ralph chats with the current Viceroy and learns that his current debt had a lot to do with him losing the position. The Viceroy admits he had no idea who created those rumors, but Ralph knows exactly who it was.

indian summers alexander cobb

After Ralph makes his exit, Ian enters and chats with the Viceroy. During this time, Ralph returns inside and tells his wife that the situation is worse than she might imagine. Ian gives the Viceroy some of his tea and tells him about the execution of Ramu Sood. Ralph intervenes just in time and Ian is whisked away by the guards. Meanwhile, Aafrin sits in jail and contemplates his future. At the club, Sir Cecil Thompson, who will be working with the new Viceroy, enters and introduces himself to the crowd. During this time, Ralph begins to lose it and finally tells the Viceroy the truth about everything. At the Dalal house, Sooni and Darius decide to head up to the club and see if they can find Aafrin. Along the way, they stop to give Darius tome to catch his breath. Sooni admits she is afraid they’re not going to find Aafrin up there and that he could be in trouble. Darius quickly blames it on the English woman and goes a little berserk.

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That night, the Viceroy remains stunned by Ralph’s confessions. Also, Charlie wakes up Alice and tells her that she is going to be going away for awhile. Alice knows immediately she needs to protect herself and begins trying to rekindle her relationship with Charlie. She eventually agrees to do something drastic to prove that she can be trust and to help secure Aafrin’s safety. Next, Rowntree releases Aafrin from his jail cell and admits he is owed an apology. Aafrin seems to have renewed hope. He quickly heads to Alice and tells her they still can leave together. Unfortunately, she shuts him down and contemplates whether or not she really loved him at all. Once Aafrin departs, Charlie playfully waves at his wife from a distance.


Indian Summers Review

The 9th episode of Indian Summers was a great follow to the previous and a wonderful setup for the upcoming finale. Everything is in place and we can only sit back and wait for the season’s conclusion. How will the Viceroy handle Ralph and his repetitive devious behavior? Will Alice really break things off with Aafrin? Will Charlie be able to purchase Ralph’s property right from under his nose?

The questions are plentiful and we can only hope the finale delivers many answers. A great episode, which is worthy of an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous Indian Summers recaps right now!

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