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Indian Summers Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

When Hide and Seek begins, Leena (Amber Rose Revah) is show biding her time in a cold jail cell. Madeleine (Olivia Grant) plays hide and seek with the kids at the mansion, while Ralph (Henry Lloyd Hughes) discusses the situation with Douglas. They agree to get Adam (Dillon Mitra) out of the city, so they can protect him from prosecution. Bhupinder (Ash Nair) is tasked with escorting Adam and Douglas out of the area. Douglas expresses his concerns with the arrangement and attempts to protect Leena, but Ralph insists she needs to cooperate for the sake of herself and Adam. Seconds later, Rowntree (Guy Williams) interrupts and asks about Adam’s location. Ralph agrees to bring him to the station later and Rowntree makes his exit. Next, Cynthia (Julie Walters) and Kaiser pay a visit to Hawthorne, who instantly asks about the houseboy.

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The pair provide Hawthorne with lotion filled with vinegar. He screams loudly, as they make their exit. Meanwhile, Ralph hangs out with Adam and tells the boy about his father and mother. Ralph shows him half of a picture of his mom and admits he forgot about having it. Next, Aafrin (Nikesh Patel) and Alice (Jemima West) play together once again in the private room. They’re interrupted by an earthquake. Alice is forced to rush back to the mansion, in order to avoid being caught by her husband. Ralph immediately figures it out and congratulates Alice on her decision. Aafrin returns home and encounters his sister. After a brief argument, Sooni (Aysha Kala) learns about the death of Naresh. Aafrin heads outside and is confronted by his father. Darius (Roshan Seth) shows Aafrin his drawing of Alice and tells him the decision is a bad idea. Despite his father’s concerns, Aafrin is adamant that he will not give up his new girlfriend. The earthquake prevents Douglas from escaping the city with Adam, so they’re forced to return back to the mansion.

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Ralph quickly forms a plan to keep the boy safe. Meanwhile, Charlie (Blake Ritson) gives Percy a terrible haircut. Alice is furious, when she notices his new style. She confronts Charlie in the dinning room and smashes a plate over his head, before being ordered upstairs. She obeys and is forced to get down on the ground. Charlie prepares to whip her with his belt, but Alice manages to say the right things and talk him out of it. Charlie leaves her, locks the door and tells the maid to keep it locked. Next, Khan (Tanmay Dhanania) meets with Sooni on the streets. After being belittled by her, Khan grabs a broom and helps her clean up the mess caused by the quake. Douglas transports Adam to Madeleine and Bhupinder. As soon as they’re left alone, Bhupinder chats with Adam and convinces him that Leena is in big trouble and it is all his fault. Finally, Ralph releases his sister. When the door flings open, Alice walks outside wearing her black dress and a big smile. Ralph receives a phone call from Rowntree, while we see Adam entering the police station.

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Douglas speaks with Leena and attempts to convince her to tell the truth. She refuses and admits she’ll be better off being transported back to London and spending 10 years in prison, as long as Adam remains free. Madeleine and Ralph arrive at the police station and learn about Adam’s confession. They’re given the opportunity to speak with the boy and immediately do so. Ralph tries to convince his son to lie about the situation, so he can avoid further trouble. Next, Charlie rushes over to the club, after discovering Alice missing. He takes her outside and tries to make a fool out of her in front of everyone. Ralph interrupts and the pair square off in front of everyone. Charlie seems to imply that Ralph won’t be the head of the household for long, before he departs with Alice in tow. Next, Cynthia discovers Ian (Alexander Cobb) at the fundraiser. She confronts him and immediately tries to convince him to leave.

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Ian admits he has donated and that Cynthia is currently drinking his tea. She rushes off in disgust, while calling for Kaiser. Afterwards, Ralph and Cynthia speak with Hawthorne. They attempt to encourage him to drop the charges against Adam, while insisting failing to do so could potentially ruin his reputation. Khan arrives at the fundraiser and is immediately ridiculed by Sooni and Ian. He rushes off when Lord Willingdon (Patrick Malahide) begins to speak. Cynthia and Ralph look on, while Cynthia insults the Viceroy from afar. Ralph tells Cynthia about Alice having a young male friend and Cynthia confesses she knew. She tells Ralph that the man is a local solider. Meanwhile, Cynthia visits Hawthorne alone. She tells him he has bitten off more than he can chew and gives him a tease, while insisting it is time to leave. The next day, Hawthorne agree to leave and support Ralph.

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Next, we see that Naresh isn’t dead at all. At the mansion, Ralph has a breakthrough and finally figures out where the missing part of his mother’s picture can be discovered. We also see Leena being transported out of town, with Adam chasing after the transport vehicle. Naresh immediately visits Aafrin’s house and chats with his father once more. Naresh tells his comrade that it is now time to light the fuse. At the mansion, Ralph visits Cynthia’s room and discovers the missing piece of the photo. When pieced together, it shows Ralph’s mother with Cynthia’s husband, Reggie. Cynthia confesses that Reggie was Ralph’s father. Ralph smacks her down and rushes out, while Cynthia admits Reggie would’ve been proud of his son.

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Indian Summers Recap

The 5th episode of Indian Summers really brought the emotions and showed us exactly how far Ralph and Leena will go to protect Adam. Cynthia once again took control and saved Ralph from potentially being ruined, by Hawthorne. It was almost certain Naresh wasn’t dead and would be back sometime this season and he is. How far will he push Aafrin this time?

It is beginning to feel like Aafrin will be forced to do something he previous said he would never do and kill Naresh. Only time will tell, so we’ll have to wait and see how things play out. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Indian Summers right now.

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