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In the Dark Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, DI Helen Weeks (MyAnna Buring) is followed by a strange vehicle. When she arrives at home, she is confronted by Kevin Sherwood (Lee Boardman). Kevin lets Helen know that he was tipped off by Ray. Kevin reminds Helen that the people investigating Paul’s death are looking for someone a big younger and a bit blacker. Helen drives off and is followed by the strange vehicle again. She manages to escape their sight, before hiding her vehicle at a garage. Moments later, Helen books into a hotel and gets a visit from Adam (David Leon). She tells him to sleep with her and make her feel safe. Adam obliges. Meanwhile, Theo (Fisayo Akinade) gets in touch with Javine (Leah Walker). Theo explains that he has found a place to hide for a while. He agrees to come and visit later.

kevin in the dark finaleMeanwhile, Adam tries to chat with Helen about the baby. She refuses. She leaves and visits her sister. Theo leaves his hideout. He doesn’t make it to Javine, since the streets are overrun with potential enemies. When Helen wakes up, she finds her father, Robert (Clive Wood), sitting beside of her. They chat about Paul’s upcoming funeral. Then, Robert admits he liked Paul, but thought he was arrogant at times. Theo gets a call from Easy (Jordan Bolger). They arrange to meet up shortly. Helen calls the station and learns that the investigators believe the shooter is linked to the dead boy. She heads to a memorial for the boy. She chats with a few of the locals, but doesn’t get any helping information. Helen just happens to run into Theo on the street. They speak briefly, but Helen is unable to connect the dots.

actor fisayo akinade in the darkMoments later, Helen receives a call from the coroner’s office. She learns that Paul’s body is ready to be released. Theo meets with Easy and Wave (Connor Mullen). Easy admits he doesn’t know who is after them. However, he insists it is now kill or be killed. He gives Theo a handgun. Helen meets with Adam. She tells him about the weird file on Paul’s laptop. Then, she returns home and has a flashback to happier times. Easy and Wave head home. They mess around briefly before heading inside. Wave is shot dead. Then, Easy is approached by two masked men. He is told that they’re doing this for Paul. Easy is forced to give up information about the other people involved. Meanwhile, Helen hears someone enter her home. She gets out of the tub and looks around. She is confronted by Ian outside. He shows her his badge.

theo in the dark finaleMoments later, Helen learns that the police have been following her. She is also told that Paul was involved with an investigation into dirty cops. The investigations were given female names. This makes her think about the Victoria folder on Paul’s tablet. Meanwhile, Theo plays with his child. He gets a threatening call. The murders hit the news seconds later. Paul’s funeral is held. After the ceremony ends, Frank Linnell (Tim McInnerny) speaks with Helen. He insists the dead boys have gotten what they deserved. Then, Helen chats with the investigator in charge. She learns that the bullets were fired from someone standing by the vehicle and not a car. The following day, she speaks with Brian. She uses his computer to find out that the victim was on drugs at the time. Helen tracks down Sarah (Louise Delamere).

easy in the dark tv seriesSarah is forced to admit that she conspired with someone to set up the entire accident. She refuses to say who she helped. Sarah is arrested. Helen visits Frank. She asks him about his previous statement at the hospital. Helen learns that Paul used to date Frank’s daughter, but she tragically died. Then, she is told to go speak with Snooks (Johann Myers). She does and Snooks agrees to let her see the photograph from the pool hall’s cameras. When she looks at the footage, she sees Adam on camera. She heads to the station and bashes Adam in the face. Then, she speaks with the investigator. The man admits he is baffled as to why Paul never said anything about Adam’s possible corruption. Helen admits it was probably because of their relationship. Helen believes that Adam lured Paul to his death and used Sarah to run him down.

in the dark finale adamShe also learns that one of the boys is still alive. She immediately recalls her conversation with Theo. She returns to the neighborhood and manages to track him down. Helen explains that the gun was full of blanks and Sarah ran into the bus stop on purpose. She pleads with Theo to speak with the police. Helen goes into labor. Javine leaves with the baby, while Theo transports Helen to the hospital. Before she enters, she encourages him to visit the station and speak with Gosforth (Jamie Sives). He doesn’t make it there. He enters an elevator and a strange man joins him. The baby is delivered, while Theo is killed by Frank’s right hand man.


In The Dark Review

In The Dark wasn’t a homerun. In fact, it was far from it. Nevertheless, it did make progress along the way. The latter two episodes were far better than the previous two. In the end, it was worth a watch. Sadly, the revelation at the end didn’t hit any high notes. It was fairly clear early on that Adam was involved in something. I couldn’t have guessed that the entire accident was set up, but the revelation didn’t leave my jaw on the floor either. It was just a little mediocre.

If you’re bored and have nothing else to watch, In the Dark’s final two episodes will suffice. The series wasn’t bad overall. The finale scores a 6.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of In The Dark now!

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