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In The Dark Episode 1 Recap

As the series gets underway, we see an individual digging up dirt in the rain. After the intro, we see DI Helen Weeks (MyAnna Buring) chasing a suspect. The suspect is quickly cornered. Helen’s partner seems interested in stunning the suspect with a taser. Helen talks them out of it and winds up getting punched in the stomach. Helen is transported to the hospital, after disclosing that she is pregnant. Along the way, Helen confesses she hasn’t even told her boyfriend, Paul Hopkins (Ben Batt), yet. At the hospital, it is confirmed that the baby girl is just fine. Then, Helen spots a television news segment about two missing school girls from Polesford. Helen discusses the kidnappings with her sister. When Helen returns home, she breaks the good news to Paul. He is ecstatic.

myanna buring in the darkAgain, Helen becomes intrigued with the case from Polesford. Then, the suspect’s picture is shown on television. Helen quickly identifies the man’s wife as an old schoolmate, Linda Jackson (Emma Fryer). She admits they were best friends back then. Helen heads to work and pleads with her boss for permission to get involved. He says no and she reveals she is pregnant. She requests a week leave and confirms she is headed to Polesford to see her father. In return, the boss agrees to give Helen permission to access Linda. Paul tags along. The couple arrives outside of Linda’s house moments later. Paul is not allowed to enter. DC Sophie Carson (Jessica Gunning) invites Helen inside. Linda seems happy to see Helen. She quickly explains that her husband is innocent.

bbc in the dark myanna buringMoments later, Linda’s daughter, Charli (Eleni Foskett) comes downstairs. Linda tells Helen that her son, Danny (Brian Fletcher), has refused to leave his room. Linda explains that the kids do not belong to her husband and that he isn’t from Polesford. Paul visits a local store and looks at a newspaper article regarding the case. He also sees that DI Tim Cornish (Ashley Walters) has been assigned to the case. It seems Paul knows the man. Paul visits the man at the stations and asks about the case. Tim admits the flood has prevented his team from searching for the girls. Tim makes it clear he would love to charge the smug suspect as quickly as possible. Helen returns home to her father, Robert (Clive Wood), and his live-in boyfriend. It seems Robert and his buddy believe the suspect is likely guilty.

in the dark episode 1 recapThen, Paul reveals that Helen is pregnant. Seconds later, Helen heads to her room. She seems a little disturbed. Helen tells Paul that she doesn’t know if she can be a good mother. Paul tries to reassure her that everything will be fine. In the morning, a body is discovered. Linda is taken to the station and questioned by Tim. Linda continues defending her husband, Stephen (Daniel Scott). However, it is revealed that Stephen might’ve fancied child porn. Linda is escorted back home. She complains about the media’s portrayal of Stephen. Again, Linda claims that Stephen is totally innocent. Seconds later, Helen runs into Danny. He complains about their current situation and demands food.

ben batt in the darkThen, Helen gets into a spat with Sophie about her relationship with Linda. Helen puts the woman in her place and explains she is just good at her job. That night, Helen and Paul decide to go out for a meal. Helen runs into an old friend, Paula Days (Sinead Matthews), and her boyfriend, Gavin Sweeney (Kevin Sutton). The group decides to have dinner together. Gavin admits he knows Stephen, but doesn’t know whether or not he is the murderer. Later, Paula invites the couple over to their place. When they refuse, Paula complains about Helen bullying her as a child. Despite insisting she wasn’t a bully, Helen apologizes anyway. When driving back home, Helen gets a call from DI Adam Perrin (David Leon). She doesn’t answer it. That night, Helen escapes the bed and sneaks into the bathroom. She listens to Adam’s voicemail.

helen weeks in the darkIn the morning, she travels to the scene where the body was discovered. She is shown pictures of the body, which has been badly burned. Then, she takes a leak in the woods and gets caught by a man walking his dog. The man confirms that the area is used by dog walkers frequently. Meanwhile, Paul and Helen’s dad walk their dog. They chat about the baby and Helen’s reaction. Seconds later, Helen spots Gavin’s vehicle near the woods. She gets out and tries to track him down. However, he rushes back to his vehicle and drives off quickly. Seconds later, Paul visits a local restaurant and meets with Shelley (Joey Batey). They briefly chat with one another. Then, Helen meets up with Paul. They’re introduced to Trevor (Pearce Quigley), who runs the pub.

paul and helen in the darkTrevor reveals he was also in the force. He takes up for Stephen and admits he doesn’t believe he is capable of murdering. Helen chats with Paul on the way home about the potential of Stephen being innocent. In the morning, Paul and Helen visit Tim. Helen asks when the last time the woods was searched. Helen admits it is weird that the body wasn’t found sooner, since the area is treaded so frequently. Eventually, Tim says something that sets off Paul. He apologizes, before departing. Then, Stephen’s hearing gets underway. He places his not guilty plea. His attorney doesn’t apply for bail for his own safety. Paul calls a friend and asks him about the state of the body. The man suggests the killer might’ve put out the fire, because he couldn’t deal with seeing the victim that way.

ashley walters in the darkThen, he suggests the killer might’ve loved the victim. Paul watches as Shelley makes out with his girlfriend near the Tattoo Emporium. Linda is transported back home once again. Helen gets a call from her boss. He tells her not to play games. He encourages her to move herself away from the case. Helen has a flashback to her childhood days. She asks Linda about that traumatic event from their childhood. Both admit they think about it every day. Helen runs into Adam outside. He tells her that she should be cautious of telling Mickey (Curtis Cole) anything. Adam asks if the child is his. Helen doesn’t answer. At the end of the episode, we see a young girl locked up with maggots nearby.


In The Dark Review

As a big fan of MyAnna Buring, I really wanted to like In The Dark. Unfortunately, the first episode didn’t cooperate very much. It is lacking a great deal. I couldn’t connect with the characters and there is little to no emotion here. The only thing that really sparked an interest was the childhood event shared by Linda and Helen. There is nothing here that hasn’t already been done. Plus, it doesn’t seem to do anything exceptionally well.

The opener was sadly lackluster. I wasn’t locked in and do not feel compelled to continue watching. I will likely watch anyway, but my expectations have been lowered immensely. The opener scores a 6 out of 10.

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