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Hyde And Seek Finale Recap

At the beginning of the final episode, Gary (Matt Nable) checks on his wife after the automobile accident. Sonya (Zoe Ventoura) and Oscar (Bede Warnock) are fine, but Sonya is admitted to the hospital. Claire (Emma Hamilton) arrives at the hospital and learns about the situation. Gary and Claire contemplate whether or not the accident was deliberate. During this time, Josh DeBeers is escorted to the jail. Tanya (Claire Lovering) and Kevin (Tai Hara) learn about Josh’s whereabouts and visit him at the jail. The guard refuses to allow the couple to see DeBeers, until Tanya gets flirty with him. When the cell door is open, it is revealed that DeBeers has hung himself. Meanwhile, Gary gets a visit from Andrew Mills (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) and Claudia (Deborra-Lee Furness).

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Gary is asked about the accident, before Andrew asks about Sonya. Meanwhile, Claire questions the guard about the prisoner’s visitors. Despite some pushback, she is eventually allowed to watch the surveillance footage. It is proven that Claudia paid the man a visit, before he hung himself. Gary and Claire speak about the situation. Both being to suspect Claudia. Seconds later, Gary visits Sonya. Oscar is also allowed in to see his mother. Meanwhile, Kevin and Tanya investigate the vehicle. They discover it was stolen and later found burned. Kevin shows the couple a glitch in the footage from the jail. Sonya gets a visit from a nurse, who gives her an ultrasound. As it turns out, the baby is just fine.

sonya and gary wreck hyde and seek

Sonya tells Gary it is time for him to go and get the real person responsible. He first pays a visit to Jackie (Mandy McElhinney) and questions her about Claudia. He also tells Jackie he knows she is not responsible. While they’re both suspect of Claudia, they agree bringing her down will be an uphill battle. Jackie also questions Claire and whether or not she is still working as a spy. Claire speaks with Maru (Aaron Fa’aoso) in the parking garage. Claire is informed she needs to return to her old post. Gary watches the conversation from his vehicle. Kevin and Tanya visit the prison guard and ask him how long he left his post. He insists he was only away for 15 minutes or so.

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Once the couple leaves, they contemplate whether or not a local shop might’ve captured any helpful footage. Gary returns to the station and tells Claire they need to be looking at Claudia exclusively. Gary lashes out at his partner and accuses her of sleeping with Maru. They visit Claudia together and ask her about her visit with Keg. She admits to speaking with the man, but insists she had nothing to do with his suicide. Claudia reveals she has been forced to step down. Gary and Claire get Jackie released. The trio returns to the station. Tanya shows them new footage, which shows Andrew near the scene of the crime. During this time, Andrew pays a visit to Sonya and asks her about the vehicle accident.

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Andrew inquires about the accident and wants to know whether or not Sonya was able to see the driver. During the conversation, Sonya has a flashback and sees Andrew by the wheel of the other vehicle. Gary receives a call and rushes over to the hospital. He learns about Andrew’s involvement and leaves angrily. Meanwhile, Claire insists the one responsible must’ve met with Jenna Finch. The team begins looking for evidence linking Andrew to Jenna. Claire meets with Maru and asks him about his involvement. While he doesn’t admit to anything, it is clear he knows Andrew was meeting with Jenna. They wind up arguing, before Claire storms off. Back at headquarters, Gary tells Jackie about Andrew’s visit. Seconds later, Kevin reveals he has been shut out of the system. Andrew enters and sends everyone home.

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Before they leave, Gary tells Andrew to stay away from his family. Outside of the station, the group agrees to continue working the case. Claire reveals she kept copies of the files, so that gives them a little lead way. Jackie visits Sonya and asks her about Andrew. She again confirms her previous station. Claire tells Gary that she was used by Maru. Meanwhile, Tanya and Kevin keep a close eye on Andrew. Seconds later, Maru comes through with the surveillance footage. Sure enough, it was Andrew who was meeting with Jenna. They meet up with Claudia and give her their evidence. They also admit they want Andrew arrested. Claudia agrees to take care of it. Claudia confronts Andrew with the evidence. Instead of having him arrested, she tells him to flee the country and never return.

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Kevin and Tanya watch was Andrew leaves. Their vehicle gets trapped and they’re unable to follow him. Claire learns the truth from Claudia. Nonetheless, Claire and Gary decide to track down Andrew on their own. They get a ping on his phone and track him to a nearby air field. Andrew takes Claire hostage and explains he did everything for his country. Eventually, Gary and Andrew get into a scuffle and Claire shoots Andrew dead. Later, Gary returns home and celebrates with his wife. He admits he is home for good.


Hyde & Seek Review

At this point, I couldn’t have cared less about the outcome of Hyde & Seek. It was fairly obvious that Andrew was going to be the scapegoat. The only good aspect of the finale was Andrew’s motivation for carrying out his deeds. To me, 8 episodes was about 5 or 6 too many. The redundancy and pure propaganda became borderline obnoxious. The finale deserves a 5 out of 10. Boy am I glad this show is over.

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