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Hyde And Seek Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the 5th episode, Gary (Matt Nable) and Claire (Emma Hamilton) visit the Security Forum. They are introduced to Adam Joyce, who is responsible for the venue’s security. Adam shows the couple video footage of Ali and his van outside of the venue. While Ali’s identity is confirmed, they’re unable to see who is driving the van. Moments later, Gary is forced to leave after he receives a phone call from Sonya (Zoe Ventoura). He discovers that Angela Petrides (Stephanie Panozzo) is freaking out. She believes her car has been rigged with a bomb. Angela and her child are removed from the vehicle.

hyde and seek episode 5

After Angela is escorted away, Gary jumps into the vehicle and turns it on. He turns the vehicle off and pulls the keys out of the ignition. Sonya seems disturbed by his reckless behavior. Back at the station, the team is introduced to Claudia Rossini (Deborra-Lee Furness). After Claudia receives an update, Gary and Claire hit the road. Claire asks Gary about his state of mind. He insists he is perfectly fine. Sonya heads to headquarters and speaks with Jackie (Mandy McElhinney) about Gary. She expresses her concern about his reckless behavior and also reveals he has been having nightmares. Next, Claire and Gary search for a new suspect, Lachlan Ford (Joel Jackson). They visit the man’s property. As soon as they arrive, Ford runs out and disappears.

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Claire receives a call from Jackie and is told to wait for backup. Nonetheless, she spots Ford and follows him onto a public bus. It doesn’t take long before Ford commandeers the bus and claims to have a bomb in his backpack. Claire puts an earpiece in her ear, so she can remain in touch with Gary and the team. Gary follows behind the bus. Eventually, the bus is stopped. Gary tries to get onto the bus. He calls Lachlan son a few times. Lachlan calls him a pig a few times. Gary steps away. Lachlan tries to force the driver to move forward, but he is unable to do so, due to the heavy police presence. During this time, Gary visits Lachlan’s house.

hyde and seek lachlan and malik

He discovers a picture of Lachlan and Malik (Alex Blias) from their army days. Gary asks Lachlan’s mother, Sharon (Di Adams), about the photograph. She confirms the man as Malik. She admits she met him once and he seemed like a nice guy. Meanwhile, the passengers on the bus are forced to give a baby a nappy change. Gary tries to obtain information about Ford’s time in the army, but the documents are heavily redacted. Lachlan’s phone rings and Claire helps him answer it. A hostage negotiator is on the other end. During the conversation, one of the passengers offers to help Claire take out Lachlan. She refuses. After the conversation ends, Lachlan begins to complain he is running out of time.

Emma Hamilton Hyde and Seek

Claire and the bus driver, Tony (Evan Burrell), share formal introductions. Claire tries to convince Ford to send out a hostage along with a message. Ford sends out two Muslim women and this surprises Claire. Ford admits he has lived alongside Muslims and has no problem with them. He also insists they know about the war. Claire speaks to the man about his army time and the horrors he has seen. One of the passengers attempts to subdue Ford, but the man is stabbed in the stomach. Elaine (Wendy Strehlow) and Claire nurse the man. Gary speaks with Jackie about his current mental status. Gary learns about his wife’s visit. He insists there is nothing wrong with him.

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Tony begins to complain about needing to use the bathroom. Ford doesn’t care. Claire tries to convince him to help the stabbed passenger. Ford tells Claire about his mission in Afghanistan and being forced to kill women and children. Ford blames Major Hanley (Damian de Montemas) for his troubles. Claire manages to convince Ford to send out some of the hostages with a message. Several of the hostages storm off of the bus, while shouting “Remember Kandahar”. Then, Claire turns her attention to Ali. Ford mentions a man, who he had a close relationship with. However, he doesn’t mention the man by name. Moments later, Claire is told to step away from Ford.

Joel Jackson Hyde & seek

Claire quickly realizes the police plan to kill Ford. She knocks him to the ground and saves him. He discovers her earpiece and throws it out. Claire is forced to admit she worked in the military briefly. During this time, officers manage to put another audio device on the side of the bus. Kevin (Tai Hara) discovers information about the man found dead in the back of Ali King’s van. The man has been missing for several days. Jackie asks Kevin what Birkett (Declan Schuman-Buswell) was meant to do today. Gary receives a call from Sonya, who apologizes for intruding. Then, he tries to make contact with Major Hanley. The man deflects any blame and insists his service record is unblemished. Hanley reveals that Malik was a local, who worked for the army as a translator.

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Meanwhile, Claire tells Ford about her time as a lawyer in immigration profiling. She reveals she was sent to the Middle East to meet a man, who ended up dead. She admits she felt responsible. Ford tells Claire about Ali and how the man was left behind, despite serving them. Claire helps Ford get in touch with Ali. Ford apologizes for letting Ali down. However, Ali insists he is doing good, since he is keeping people busy. It is revealed that the call was traced to David Birkett’s phone. Ford contemplates blowing himself up. However, Claire manages to convince him to surrender to the police. After Claire and Gary leave the scene, they receive a message from Jackie.

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She reveals he was scheduled to make a delivery to the Raynott Group that day. Gary and Claire rush to the conference center to see if they can find Ali. Claire tells Hanley and the others to evacuate, while Gary investigates Birkett’s van. Gary eventually finds Ali with a sniper rifle. He stops the man. Ali manages to escape and runs for it. He grabs Gary and puts a knife to his neck. Gary shoots him in the stomach and escapes. Claire arrives and they confirm that Ali is dead. That night, the group parties, while believing they’ve accomplished their mission.

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Gary returns home and speaks with his wife. He comforts Angela. Jackie celebrates, while Claire ponders whether or not they’ve really cracked the case. She is told to let it go.


Hyde & Seek Review

I enjoyed Joel Jackson’s appearance in Hyde & Seek. I thought he did well with the role. Nonetheless, the dialogue was so incredibly cheesy. Gary’s unrelenting usage of the word ‘son’ has become very obnoxious. He calls everyone ‘son’, except for his real son. Meanwhile, the Sonya character has continued to be a burden. In a real world scenario, she would never be allowed to enter such a high security building and whine to her husband’s boss.

Meanwhile, Claire’s ability to outsmart Lachlan was simply too easy. She managed to assert herself into the situation without any resistance. Again, a 6 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Hyde & Seek now.

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