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Hyde And Seek Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, Jamil (Rahel Romahn) is led into the station by Gary Hyde (Matt Nable). Claire McKenzie (Emma Hamilton) is left outside, while Gary begins to interrogate his suspect. Jamil maintains his innocence throughout the interrogation. During this time, Jackie Walters (Mandy McElhinney) and her men scour through the crime scene. They discover their sniper dead in his vehicle. This leads them to believe he was killed and someone else murdered Jamil’s friends. Eventually, Claire interrupts the interrogation and inserts herself into the picture.

Rahel Romahn Hyde & Seek

Claire manages to convince Jamil to tell the truth about the video. He admits the video was made in hopes of getting a response. He also criticizes the United States for failing to achieve anything in Afghanistan and Syria. Jamil insists he has no ideal how the video ended up in Erik’s locker. Seconds later, Tanya Martin (Claire Lovering) interrupts. Gary is escorted out of the interrogation room, where he meets with Stuart (Andrew McFarlane) and Jackie. Jackie demands to take her suspect. Stuart allows her to do so. Stuart follows Jackie’s orders, while also telling Gary to go home. Gary and Claire leave together. On the way to the vehicle, they discuss Jackie’s suspicions that the shooter was a student. Gary doesn’t believe it.

Hyde and Seek Emma Hamilton

Claire agrees with Gary’s assessment. They say their goodbyes, before Gary heads home. First though, he makes a stop at the morgue. There, he discovers another dead man, who was killed just like Erik. Afterwards, Gary meets up with Claire and learns that Erik’s passport was genuine. Claire reveals that the passport was issued by a senior official, Jemma (Trandi Wright). Gary receives a call from Tanya informing him that Linda Hansen (Vanessa Moltzen) called asking for him. Gary and Claire pay Linda a visit. She tells them about her interrogation. She is adamant she knew nothing about Erik’s other identity. She also insists she knew nothing about his New Zealand passport. Nonetheless, she reveals she was recently given a mysterious package, which contained passports for her and Erik.

Actress Vanessa Moltzen Hyde And Seek

Once Gary and Claire depart, they agree Linda is hiding something. Gary finally returns home. Gary discovers Angela Petrides (Stephanie Panozzo) in his house. She asks him to write an eulogy for Nick’s funeral. With a little encouragement from Sonya (Zoe Ventoura), Gary agrees. Next, Sonya and Gary go for a stroll. A phone call from Claire stops them in their tracks. Claire reveals Jemma did issue the passports and was also offered a new job just last month. Gary is stunned to discover Jemma has moved to Hong Kong. Gary and Sonya meet with Claire later that night. Sonya is formally introduced to Claire, before Gary and Claire fly to Hong Kong. It doesn’t take long for the pair to track down Jemma. Jemma is confronted after she drops her kids off at school.

Sonya Hyde and Seek Episode 2

Jemma agrees to chat with the couple. When confronted with the passports, Jemma makes up a story and pretends someone might’ve accessed her computer. She insists she moved, due to a recent divorce. Jemma denies knowing Erik. Gary explains how someone shoved a knife through Erik’s neck and into his brain. Claire offers to help the woman, but she refuses to cooperate. During this time, Jackie continues to interrogate Jamil. Despite being interrogated all night, Jamil has continued to maintain his innocence. Kevin (Tai Hara) interrupts. He reveals they’ve found the student, who shot the video. Jackie doesn’t like hearing that Jamil has been telling the truth all the while. Kevin also explains that one of Jamil’s roommates worked part-time for an internet installer.

claire and jemma hyde and seek

Back in Hong Kong, Claire learns that Jemma has received several payments. The couple heads to Jemma’s apartment and find it wrecked. They hear a disturbance nearby and Gary gives chase. Nonetheless, they’re able to find nothing of interest. During this time, Sonya gets a visit from Stuart. He inquires about Gary. Sonya makes up a story about Gary going fishing. Once Gary returns to Jemma’s apartment, a phone begins to ring nearby. Claire picks it up. Jemma is on the other end. She agrees to tell them the truth about the money and the passport. She admits she was approached a few years ago, by someone needing passports. She also reveals she met with Erik personally. Jemma insists Erik threatened to expose her several weeks ago, if she didn’t create new passports.

Tandi Wright Hyde & seek

Jemma agrees to meet the couple at the same location as before. When Claire and Gary arrive, they discover Jemma’s dead body. They speaks with a local investigator, who shows them a slip of paper Jemma had on her. Claire takes a picture of the paper. Later, she admits to Gary that they were passport numbers. They wind up arguing and Gary leaves on his own. Claire returns to the school and picks up Jemma’s children. She agrees to take them to their father. Claire returns to her workplace and speaks with her boss. She demands to know everything about Jemma. During this time, Gary gives the eulogy. He receives a lot of thanks from his family members and friends. Then, he speaks with Stuart, who admits the terrorist angle has gotten political.

Gary Hyde & Seek Episode 2

After speaking with his wife, Gary receives a call from Claire. She tells Gary about a text on the night Jemma died. Actually, she reveals the call took place after Jemma died. She gives Gary the Australian number. He quickly identifies it as belonging to Linda Hansen. Gary rushes to reach Linda. He catches her in the car park and saves her from being run over. Linda is taken back to the station and questioned by Tanya and Gary. She admits she recently came in contact with a bad man, thanks to her connect with Erik. Linda gives the man’s name. After the interview, Gary speaks with Andrew Mills (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) and Jackie. Jackie reveals they’ve established a new immigration taskforce to deal with potential terrorists. Gary is invited to join the group.

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Claire joins the group seconds later. Gary asks about Jamil. Jackie admits they eventually agreed with Gary’s assessment that the boy was set up. Before the episode ends, Linda helps the group put together a composite of the bad man.


Hyde & Seek Review

While the second episode of Hyde & Seek had far fewer gimmicky scenes, it had plenty of cheesy dialogue. During the first episode, Claire was made into somewhat of a superhero. She was super smart and managed to save Gary. In the second episode, she was caught making dumb statements, such as questioning whether Linda could’ve been hiding something from them. It feels like the writers aren’t entirely sure what they want from their characters.

The interviews with Jamil were very intense. Nable and Romahn could’ve been a very dynamic duo. The series has been so rushed that it is difficult to sympathize with Gary’s desire to capture Nick’s killer. We knew Nick for less than 3 minutes, so the emotional connection simply isn’t there. Nonetheless, the acting is topnotch. Just a shame the writing isn’t on par with the tremendous performances from the cast.

A 6 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Hyde & Seek now.

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