How to Get Away with Murder Finale Review: It’s All My Fault

Sam Keating

When the episode opens, the kids are completely paranoid and tripping out. Wes (Alfred Enoch) admits Sam might’ve been innocent. Annalise (Viola Davis) enters the bathroom, with Rebecca, and slams the door. She insists they’re going to clear everything up. Anna apologizes, before Rebecca (Katie Findlay) begins to scream. Next, Sam is shown on the 29th. He receives a call from Lila, who insists he is a liar. She confirms she isn’t having the abortion. Lila threatens to tell Annalise, before the call ends. Rebecca is taken to Anna’s house, where she is questioned again. Frank (Charlie Weber) calls Bonnie (Liza Weil), who ignores his call, since she is shacked up with Asher (Matt McGorry).

Annalise remembers her arguments, with Sam. She returns the students and insists they hold a mock trial to give Rebecca her day in court. The show flashes back and shows Annalise speaking to Sam on the night of the murder. Bonnie answers the door and is confronted, by Lila, who requests to speak to Annalise. Bonnie threatens her and convinces her to leave. Each of the students is given their chance to speak against Rebecca. When it is Wes’s turn, he says he doesn’t have anything. Annalise belittles the students for their shorty work.

Wes and Rebecca

Bonnie answers the door to Emily Sinclair, who is the new prosecutor on Nate’s case. Anna sends her away and agrees to meet her, within an hour. She is interviewed by the prosecutor, with Bonnie, by her side. Annalise makes up several lies about the situation. Next, Sam calls Lila, who is already on the roof. She tells him about walking in on Griffin having sex, with Rebecca, before Griffin enters and looks for Lila. Rebecca attempts to convince Connor not to trust Wes.

Rudy Walters and Rebecca

Out of nowhere, Asher attempts to enter the house, but Frank tries to stop him. Of course, Asher enters, but everyone hides. Bonnie and Asher speak outside. During the mess, Rebecca was able to send a text “EGGS 911 Lawyers house” to someone. In another flashback, Sam makes it to the rooftop, where he speaks to Lila. When questioned, Sam admits he doesn’t love Anna anymore and insists he loves Lila. Laurel continues watching Rebecca’s psych evaluation. The pair argue, after Laurel request Frank deal with Rebecca, if she tries to squeal. Michaela meets with her fiancé’s mother.

During the conversation, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) breaks the news that Aiden is gay or bisexual. She says she is done, before leaving. Afterwards, Annalise speaks with Rebecca. Anna questions Rebecca ability to love anyone, before insisting Wes loves her. Annalise pleads with Rebecca to tell her what happened, but she admits to killing Lila. She insists it would be easier for Anna, if sam did it. Eventually, it is clear she is playing game. Anna tries to snap Wes out of it and force him to get Rebecca to tell the truth.

Nate Lahey Billy Brown

Wes confronts Rebecca in the basement. She blames Wes for her current situation. Rebecca finally admits to giving Rudy PCP. She insists she gave his something else too, Purple X. The drug made him go insane. Finally, she admits she was wet, because of the water tank. Wes tells everyone else that Rebecca hid in the water tank, in order to hide from the others on the roof. Annalise insists nobody has been able to come up with enough evidence to convince her Rebecca is guilty and ends the mock trial. She meets with Nate, who confronts her about the statement she made. Nate says he understands that Anna is trying to win his case. She admits she is doing everything she can to help him.

Annalise Wes HTGAWM

When Anna returns, Michaela and the others suggest blaming Sam’s murder on Rebecca. Anna insists it is a bad idea and they have to set Rebecca free.  While Bonnie ridicules the students for their behavior, Anna checks on Rebecca and finds that someone let her go. Afterwards, Wes insists he didn’t let her go. He also suggests everything is all his fault. The pair cry together, while we see a flashback of Sam confessing his love to Lila. Anna continues to insist Sam killed Lila. Nate finally calls the phone number, which Anna gave him.

HTGAWM Lila Murdered

Emily Sinclair pays a visit to Asher and questions him about Annalise. Flashbacks show Rebecca looking for Lila on the rooftop. At the bar, Laurel gives Michaela her ring back and insists she gave it to her, in order to keep her quiet. On the rooftop, Rebecca finds Lila’s phone. Connor speaks to Oliver, who reveals he tested positive. Rebecca finds Lila in the water tank. The show goes back a bit and shows Sam and Lila on the roof. After making out, Sam insists he is going to leave to tell Anna. He leaves and places a call to tell somebody to do what they talked about, before Lila is strangled to death.

HGTAWM Frank Murderer

We see Frank strangling Lila. Anna and Wes continue insisting Sam killed Lila. Annalise tells Wes not to worry about Rebecca, since they’ll find her. Annalise returns to the basement and questions Frank, if it was him, but he denies it. Frank questions, “now what?”, while the camera shows Rebecca’s dead body.

HTGAWM Rebecca Dead


Man, what a good episode. The build up was excellent. The flashbacks were done in an effective manner, which kept everything tight knit and understandable. The mock trial was definitely clever. Sadly, the conclusion felt a little bit rushed and played out in a somewhat generic, Scream-like manner. Up until that point, everything was great, but Frank being the killed all along felt cheesy. And Rebecca also being killed didn’t help the matter.

The surprise ending felt like a poor attempt to deliver a big shock. While it may have been somewhat effective, it generally felt cliche and kind of threw the entire premises out of the window. On a side note, poor Rosie Larsen just can’t seem to live past a first season! Otherwise, the episode was good and deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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