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House Husbands Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

When the 6th episode gets underway, Gemma (Julia Morris) prepares for work. She seems a little worried about meeting Dr. Ryan Zanguard (John Adam). Once she arrives, she manages to wig her way into Zanguard’s presentation. At home, Nick (Hugh Sheridan) tells Rachel (Jane Allsop) he is having second thoughts about moving in. He comes up with a few excuses and still keeps this gambling a secret. Once Nick arrives at the school, he is scolded by Lewis (Gary Sweet) and Mark (Rhys Muldoon). The guys insist they’re finished with the Jam Pit. They also demand their money back. Next, Lewis speaks with Miss Looby (Louise Siversen). Miss Looby tries to convince Lewis to do something about his bad temper. He retaliates by letting it slip that Nick has a gambling problem.

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The doctor’s presentation continues. After it ends, Gemma tells Abi (Natalie Saleeba) and Nurse Toni (Denise Scott) about the doctor’s skills. The other women seem fascinated with him as well. Mark meets with Rachel and tries his best to keep Nick’s secret. He manages to do so, but just barely. Mark winds up telling Rachel that she might be too good for Nick. Meanwhile, Miss Looby visits Nick’s classroom and watches him teach. After class, Justin (Firass Dirani) meets with Nick and offers to help him move to Rachel’s. Nick reveals they’ve decided to hold off on the move at this point. Nick is forced to admit he hasn’t told Rachel the truth yet. Back at the hospital, Gemma manages to get the doctor’s attention. That night, Lewis calls Gemma and asks whether or not he is a control freak.

doctor rayn zanguard house husbands

Gemma reveals she will be home late, since she is going to the club with the interns and the doctor. Shortly afterwards, Gemma manages to get the doctor’s attention. He buys her a drink and they chat for a little while. They also confirm that they’re both married. That night, Gemma returns home and asks Lewis how he would feel about moving to San Diego for six weeks. She reveals she wants to go there to study alongside the doctor. Lewis isn’t given the opportunity to answer the question. In the morning, Mark tells Abi about begin forced to listen to Rachel and her horrible relationships. He receives a call from her moments later and is forced to leave. After a conversation with Tilda (Madison Torres-Davy), Lewis finally comes to the conclusion that he has anger and control issues.

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Lewis heads to the clinic, which was recommended by Looby. He leaves, without seeing a doctor. On his way out, he runs into Nick and returns. Rachel tracks down Mark and tries to fix his pretend illness with drugs. She reveals she is inviting several prospective clients to her house that night. Back at the hospital, Abi is introduced to Rayn Zanguard. With the other doctor out, Gemma offers to assist Zanguard. She does and manages to do a great job. After the surgery ends, Zanguard flirts with Gemma. She is forced to put a stop to his advances. That night, Nick tries to visit Rachel and tell her the truth. However, the potential clients begin arriving and stop him. Lewis and Justin watch the kids. They eventually leave them to attend Rachel’s presentation. During Rachel’s speech, she praises Mark and speaks about their new relationship.

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Afterwards, Gemma tells Lewis about Zanguard’s behavior. When Lewis and Gemma return home, they find the house wrecked. Lewis manages to control his temper. Again, Nick tries to tell Rachel the truth. He is stopped, when she reveals that she is pregnant. They agree to keep the news secret for the time being. Later that night, Tilda and Atticus (Jagger Serafin) make a mess in Rachel’s house. Tilda is brought home and Lewis quickly reverts to his old ways. He forces Tilda to clean up the mess. In the morning, the guys help Nick move into Rachel’s place. They stop when he admits he still hasn’t mentioned his gambling addiction. In the moment, he winds up telling them about the baby. At work, Gemma speaks with Zanguard. They agree to pretend like nothing happened. However, Zanguard gets his revenge on her by making her look like a fool in front of the others.

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Gemma tells Abi about the experience. Abi tries to convince Gemma to take action. Back at home, Atticus brings in the iPad with the gambling site up. Nick is finally forced to tell Rachel the truth. Gemma speaks with Rudi (Rohan Mirchandaney) and learns more about Zanguard’s terrible behavior. Mark meets with Rachel and learns she and Nick are trying to make things work. He admits he hopes they can still be best friends. Rachel doesn’t seem interested. Later, Nick is forced to remove his belongings from Rachel’s place. Justin helps him move out. Later that night, Gemma meets with Zanguard.

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She tells the doctor that she has filed a complaint against him. They argue briefly, before Gemma leaves with Lewis. Next, Nick is shown running down the street. Tilda tells Gemma and Lewis her thoughts about being an adult.


House Husbands Review

The 6th episode of House Husbands’ 5th season attempted to ramp up the drama and it did a good job. Gemma experienced harassment at work and decided to take action about Doctor Zanguard. Nick was finally forced to confront his gambling problems. Unfortunately, his secretive nature has potentially ruined his relationship with Rachel. Will he be able to make things right again? Will Mark and Rachel be able to have a successful business together? With only a few episodes left, we should know soon enough. This episode is given a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of House Husbands now.

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