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House Husbands S5 Episode 7 Recap

At the beginning of the 7th episode, Miss Looby (Louise Siversen) tasks Lewis (Gary Sweet) with caring for the class bunny, Jeffrey. After Looby leaves, Nick (Hugh Sheridan) arrives and Jeffrey gets away from Lewis. Nick’s drum goes flying through the air and it lands directly on top of Jeffrey. Afterwards, Nick heads over to Justin’s (Firass Dirani) place and helps him assemble a trampoline. They also discuss Nick’s relationship with Rachel (Jane Allsop). During this time, Rachel visits the clinic on her own. She learns the something could be wrong with the baby’s heartbeat. On the way out, Abi (Natalie Saleeba) speaks with Rachel. She remains mum and says nothing about the potential problem. Nick meets Rachel at home. He confesses he wanted to drive her to the scan. Rachel remains standoffish and winds up shutting the door in Nick’s face.

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Lewis returns home with Jeffrey in a plastic bag. He quickly tells Mark (Rhys Muldoon) about the problem. Mark explains that all of the kids look at Jeffrey like a member of the family. Mark manages to convince Lewis to give the bunny a proper burial. When he heads inside, he gets ambushed by Tilda (Madison Torres-Davy) and Gemma (Julia Morris). He pretends that Jeffrey is at the vet for some minor condition. Then, he sneaks outside and buries the rabbit. In order to buy time to find a replacement, Lewis heads to the school and tells Looby that the farm will not be completed for a few more days. That night, the guys are forced to unbury the bunny, so they can get a picture. The bunny is dug up, Justin opens the bag and Lewis snaps a picture on his phone.

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Then, Lewis and Mark call several pet stores in hopes of finding a near identical replacement. They’re unable to do so. Moments later, Atticus (Jagger Serafin) finds his mother crying. She doesn’t tell him the truth. Atticus visits Lewis’ place with Justin’s boys. Atticus tells Nick about his mother and insists she wants to be left alone. Nick marches the boy home, where he is ridiculed by his mother. Meanwhile, Abi and Mark speak about Poppy’s (Lily Jones) upcoming human development class. Outside of the school, the men speak about the class, as well as the hunt for a replacement bunny. Looby interrupts and asks about Jeffrey. Lewis quickly makes an excuse for his absence. Seconds later, Looby explains to Nick that some of the parents have complained about him. There is also a petition going around. When he returns to his class, he finds half of the students missing.

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Nick blames Lewis. He confronts him outside and they wind up arguing about the demise of Jeffrey. Looby arrives seconds later and agrees to let the children help with the construction of the animal houses. Looby also reveals that the human development class is on the verge of being cancelled. Abi and Gemma are brought in to cover for the missing teacher. Abi turns the class into a complete disaster. During the chaos, Atticus discovers that his mother is pregnant. Looby takes Gemma and Abi to her office and belittles both. She also arranges for them to return the following day to fix things. Rachel learns about the news and confronts Abi. They quickly get to the bottom of the problem and learn that Rachel is worried she may lose the baby. Gemma encourages Rachel to get Nick involved.

Louise Siversen House Husbands

Nick meets up with the others seconds later. He informs them that he plans to take a job elsewhere and leave. Later that night, Nick visits Rachel’s house and speaks with Atticus. Once Rachel finds out, she sends Atticus upstairs. Rachel clams up and refuses to speak with Nick about the baby. Once Nick leaves, Rachel speaks with Atticus through the door. She tells him about her past and slipping notes under the door to her mother. Mark learns about Abi’s disaster. Gemma forces Lewis to tell her the truth about the bunny. They agree to spend whatever is necessary to fix the problem. In the morning, Lewis finds Rachel slamming Nick’s guitar in her trashcan. They speak briefly and Lewis discovers that Rachel still cares for Nick. He returns home seconds later. He speaks with Nick, while also showing off his new bunny.

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Nick learns about Rachel’s true feelings. Next, Rachel visits the hospital and tells Gemma she has been spotting. She is prepped for tests almost immediately. Mark and Abi reteach the class. They’re also asked about Nick’s potential departure. After discovering that Lewis has finished the construction of the animal farm, Looby reveals they’re going to be on the front page of the newspaper. Angie (Allegra Volange) lets Jeffrey out of his cage and the chase begins. Nick manages to catch the animal. Gemma returns to Rachel and tells her that everything is fine. Seconds later, everyone begins arriving to the school for the farm unveiling. However, several of the kids are missing. They find the kids at home locked behind a door. They pass notes under the door and demand to speak with Nick. Thankfully, he arrives just in time.

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Nick agrees to get the kids pizza and chocolate. However, he admits he cannot stay, since the other parents want him gone. As the event begins, the children arrive and begin protesting Nick’s departure. He gives a speech and decides to stick around. He also expresses his feelings for Rachel. It seems the other parents agree to give Nick another chance. At the end of the episode, Looby learns the truth about Jeffrey. She reveals that the bunny is pregnant and therefore cannot be Jeffrey. Also, Nick and Rachel get an ultrasound together. They find out that everything is going well.


House Husbands Review

The 7th episode of House Husbands’ 5th season was definitely cheesy with the rabbit storyline. Nonetheless, all of the animals were adorable. The episode also moved things along with Rachel, Nick and the pregnancy. While Looby found out about the rabbit, she didn’t seem too angry. Also, it seems that Nick has finally managed to win over Rachel and the other parents. The episode was fun and cheerful. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of House Husbands now.

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