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House Husbands Recap S4 E2

As soon as this episode of House Husbands begins, Kane (Gyton Grantley) is shown preparing his sharpest kitchen knives. He arrives at the school and gives Eve (Justine Clarke) a big surprise. Kane insists he will help Eve prepare, so she can take a pregnancy test. Of course, they don’t necessarily see eye to eye. Afterwards, Rodney (Nicholas Coghlan) visits Justin (Firass Dirani). The pair argue a little, before Rodney steals Angie’s (Allegre Volange) hairbrush and flees. Rachel (Jane Allsop) has a confrontation with her new neighbors, Gemma (Julia Morris) and Lewis (Gary Sweet).

House Husbands Recap

Lewis reclaims the trash bin, by painting his number on it. In retaliation, Rachel throws her dog’s poo inside and rushes off. Justin meets up with the others at the school and hands over paperwork, which will end their business partnership. He insists Rodney’s actions will lead to the paternity test being revealed. Kane returns to the canteen and argues with Eve. At work, Rachel ridicules Mark (Rhys Muldoon) even more. Mark attempts to take up for Lewis, but ends up making matters even worse. Tash (Indiana Evans) arrives at Justin’s house and reveals she has run away from Rodney.

House Husbands Season 4 Episode 2

Justin insists Tash cannot stay at his place. He eventually caves in and agrees to help her find a place to stay. At the school, Kane grows even angrier, when Eve refuses to take the pregnant test. In an act of stupidity, Kane slices his finger off with one of his shiny, new knives. The pair hunt for the finger and eventually discover it, before Eve transports Kane to the hospital. At the hospital, Dr. Saxon (Akos Armont) attempts to persuade Abi (Natalie Saleeba) into allowing him to speak to the health minister (Christopher Stollery) on behalf of the hospital.

TV Show House Husbands

They argue over the specifics, before Kane is rushed in. Thanks to Eve’s quick thinking, Abi believes the finger can easily be reattached. Justin hauls Tash over to Lewis and Gemma’s place, where he shamelessly bums a room for his new lady friend. Lewis calls Mark and tells him to speak to his boss, who is trying to stop the renovation project. Gemma receives a call from Kane and learns about his finger. She is also asked to watch over Kane’s children, if he doesn’t make it through. Abi overhears the conversation and immediately grows jealous.

House Husbands Eve

Everyone rushes to the hospital and arrives just in time to hear Kane expose Eve’s tadpole snatching. A drugged up Kane also admits he wishes Eve was pregnant, so they could have their own big happy family. While Kane is in surgery, Abi speaks to Eve and admits Kane never lies. She also encourages Eve to wait, before rushing into having a child. Mark arrives and is quickly confronted by Lewis and his renovation problem. Kane’s finger is rapidly reattached. Gemma agrees to pick up the kids from school and receives high praise from Kane, which only makes Abi even more envious.

Indiana Evans

Abi attempts to win Kane over, by buttering him up. Lewis tells Justin he thinks hooking up with Tash could be a bad idea. After everyone has left the hospital, Eve checks in on Kane and admits having a baby together could be a good idea. Back at work, Rachel belittles Mark for failing to answer the phone. He explains the situation, which she refers to as an excuse. Mark finally unloads and calls Rachel a sociopath. His rant leaves her in tears. Alex (Darren McMullen) joins Kane and Eve at the hospital. After a short discussion, the group agrees to try once again to get Eve pregnant.

House Husbands Rhys Muldoon

Abi enters and questions, whether or not the decision is a smart one. Kane reassures her that he is making the right choice. Gemma’s house certainly doesn’t have the best smart lock in the world, because Rodney shows up and lets himself in. He confronts Tash, they argue and Gemma threatens to call the police. Rodney leaves without further trouble. Justin finds Rodney at the bar and learns that he is indeed Angie’s father. Rodney agrees to leave Justin’s family in peace, as long as he drops Tash.

House Husbands Series 4

Kane, Eve and Alex have one more argument to settle. They can’t decide whose sperm to use. At work, Mark attempts to make up with Rachel and ends up learning about her son’s decision to stay with her husband. She insists Lewis stealing her house is causing her to lose her son. Meanwhile, Abi continues trying to impress Kane. He learns about her jealously, but he calms her nerves. He tells her that she is simply too busy to look after anyone else, at the moment. When she goes home, Mark proves this even further.

Alex and Eve House Husbands

The next day, Kane is chosen at the sperm donor and Abi helps them get fitted into the schedule. Tash prepares to leave Lewis and Gemma’s house. Alex and Abi wait for Kane to finish the deed, when Dr. Saxon and the health minister arrives. Abi interrupts and answers questions that Dr. Saxon cannot. After a bit, Eve arrives and insists she cannot follow through with the deal. She informs the pair that she cannot have a baby. After a little encouragement, Alex and Eve come up with a new plan. They attempt to coax Kane into asking Abi to carry their baby.

Indiana Evans House Husbands

Justin and Tash visit Rodney’s house, in order to collect Tash’s belongings. Unfortunately, Rodney arrives, before she can escape. A confrontation occurs and Tash learns about the paternity test. She agrees to stay with Rodney, if he leaves Justin and his family alone. He agrees and hands over the paternity test to Justin. Justin and Tash head out to the garage to unload the belongs, before Justin tells Tash to drive off and she does. Justin tells Rodney that he is Angie’s father, before throwing down the test and leaving.

Gary Sweet

At the part, Lewis fills in for Justin and coaches the kids. Rachel arrives and her son joins in on the fun. Justin finally shows up and takes over coaching duties.


House Husbands Review

The second episode of the fourth season was funny and sad at the same time. It offered a combination of emotions and delivered an uplifting moment at the end. Of course, it setup a major conflict, which will play out in the next episode. Will Kane really ask Abi to be the couple’s surrogate mother? How will she answer? The next episode should be a great one. A 7 out of 10 is deserved here.

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