Hiding Review EP2

James Stewart Hiding

The episode starts with Lincoln Swift (James Stewart) freaking out, while retrieving his morning paper and mail. Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson) arrives and attempts to bring Lincoln to his senses, before the pair disappear inside. Mitch and Tara attempt to memorize their new background and identities, before they receive a knock at the door. After an initial scare, it turns out to be Detective Pinder (Stephen Curry), who brings them all new phones and a list of contacts. Pinder inquires about Tara’s upcoming birthday. Lincoln and Rebecca seem to have completely forgot about it.

Stephen Curry Hiding

Rebecca and Lincoln insist they need access to their bank accounts and money. Pinder says he is working on it. After he leaves, Rebecca says she doesn’t trust Pinder. Rebecca takes Mitch and Tara to school, with the black van following them all the way. Meanwhile, Chisel (Dave Eastgate) attempts to escape the police. While trying to break into a car, Nils Vandenberg (Marcus Graham) shows up and catches him. Rebecca finally gets Mitch and Tara to school. Nils questions Bobby Chisel regarding his diet and relationship with the cops. Chisel swears he hasn’t said anything to the cops, before Nils questions him about Quigg. Nils shoots Chisel, when he doesn’t give the correct answer.

Hiding Chisel

Pinder is notified of the situation, while Lincoln heads to his first day at work. Meanwhile, Mitch and Tara introduce themselves at the school. Lincoln is introduced to another teacher and tells her about his speciality, criminal psychology. Rebecca signs the papers for her kids, before returning outside and retrieving a note from her car’s windshield. Lincoln argues with Jackie regarding criminality. He insists it is common sense that criminals are generally sociable. Rebecca informs Lincoln of the mixup at school. She tells him about the wreck, but doesn’t mention the note left on the car.

Mitch Hiding

At the school, Tara is grilled by the other students. Mitch is required to sing, but he refuses. Eventually, he is forced into it and everyone laughs at him. The police discover Chisel’s body. Rebecca calls and attempts to sort out of the crash, before going through the mail. She calls Lincoln and tells him that the electricity and gas is on the verge of getting cut off. Rebecca attempts to pawn some family jewelry for money, but heads to the bank instead. At the bar, Lincoln watches a news report regarding Robert Chisel’s murder. At the bank, the teller receives a strange error, which startles Rebecca. She rushes out, before being confronts by the principal from the school.

Hiding Rebecca Swift

At the school, Tara (Olivia DeJonge) speaks to Alisha, before being ridiculed and left feeling like an outsider. Lincoln rushes home and discovers Rebecca sobbing. She tells him about her trip to the bank and their paperwork, which suggests they don’t exist. He discovers that Rebecca ran into a judge’s vehicle. Tara catches up with Mitch at the school and insists the word around the school is that Mitch is a good singer. Tara prevents Mitch from contacting his girlfriend. They discover that the news is suggesting Tara and Mitch were killed in their past life.

Hiding Tara Swift

Lincoln and Rebecca argue at home, before he tells her about Chisel. Lincoln suggests getting out of there immediately. Mitch tells Tara that everything was a mistake and their father did nothing, before they’re called to the office. Lincoln and Rebecca whisk them from the school, as the family attempts to flee. They remove the batteries from their phones, as they continue heading west. Pinder shows up at the house and discovers everyone gone. The family stops at a park and Lincoln and Rebecca attempt to plan their next move. Lincoln finally comes to the conclusion to contact Pinder.

Mitch Tara Swift Hiding

Lincoln sets up a meeting with Pinder at the university. The pair end up fighting, before Pinder questions him about Chisel. In the meantime, the rest of the family enjoy a tiny dinner on Mitch’s money. Lincoln questions Pinder how they got to Chisel. Pinder asks for more information, but Lincoln is reluctant to give anything up. Pinder insists he is keeping Lincoln and his family alive, until they mess it up. Lincoln confirms he doesn’t know the man in the picture.

Olivia DeJonge Hiding

With Pinder waiting, Lincoln enters the market and selects a bunch of food and a birthday present for Tara. He comes rushing out of the store and forces Pinder to make the getaway. At home, Rebecca gives Tara the family necklace, before Lincoln shows up and gives her a phone, which Mitch runs away with. With that, the family finally enjoys a good dinner together. Pinder pays the family a visit and speaks to Lincoln in private. Pinder insists the case against Nils is stalled and they’re not going to charge him. He apologizes, before Lincoln returns inside to cut Tara’s birthday cake. During the party, Lincoln remembers the man, who Pinder was inquiring about. It appears through a flashback that Lincoln strangled him in the past.


I enjoyed the episode, although there could be some improvement. The premise of a family in hiding is terrific, but it is the family drama, which drives the show. Some of the moments are totally bleak, but in between, it is possible to find some uplifting segments. With the possibility of Nils lingering free, it leaves one to wonder, whether the family’s move was all for naught. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens in the next few episodes. I enjoyed the episode and would give it a 6.5 out of 10.

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