Hellion Review

Hellion is a film, which explores the relationship between two young boys, Jacob (Josh Wiggins) and Wes (Deke Garner) and their part time father, Hollis Wilson (Aaron Paul). A recent, tragic accident, which left the boys motherless, tore the family apart and forced Hollis into a depressive state. Throughout the film, Hollis struggles to get his act together, but is never really able to break his alcoholic tendencies.

Their father’s behavior is beginning to have a negative impact on Jacob, who is a 13 year old trouble maker, and Wes, who will follow his brother to the gates of Hell. Jacob’s bad behavior begins to take a toll, as he winds up getting into trouble with law enforcement. Of course, he drags his brother along, which causes Child Protective Services to take Wes into custody.

This is where Pam (Juliette Lewis) enters the picture, as she begins caring for the child. Her actions drives a wedge in her relationship with Hollis. Meanwhile, Jacob’s obsession with motocross drives him to enter an amateur tournament, which he believes will solve everything, if manages to win. At the same time, Hollis has a solution of his own, which is to finish construction on the dream home, which was purchased, before he lost his wife.

Jacob maintains a loyal friendship with the neighborhood boys, Lance (Dalton Sutton), Roger (Camron Owens) and Hyder (Dylan Cole). Of course, the boys find themselves in all types of trouble. Can his friends help him overcome his problems and win the motocross race? Or will Hollis finally get his act together and regain custody of Wes, before Pam Noonan can move him to Galveston, TX?


Hellion is a tale, which could hit close to home for many viewers. The movie is grim and bleak throughout. The writing perfectly built up to a dramatic conclusion, which might leave some viewers scratching their heads or stomping their feet. Still, it is hard not to feel emotions of some kind, when watching Hellion.

The kid actors in this movie were excellent, especially Josh Wiggins and Deke Garner. Despite some on and off Texan accents, Aaron Paul perfectly portrayed the father, who is lost without a cause. Of course, Juliette Lewis played a slightly different role than we’re used to seeing, but it was perfect. It was difficult not to sympathize with each of the characters, especially the boys and Lewis as Pam.

Overall, I enjoyed the film, despite the slow pace. If anything was a sore eye, it would have to be the ending. Hellion is a gripping, emotional tour of childhood in a small town, which deserves a 7 out of 10.

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